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    TV Ingersoll Bühl
    Trainer: Ruben Wolochin (ARG)
    Setters: Mc Ilvaine (USA, Ball State/USA), Cléro
    Opposites: Buchegger (AUT)
    Middles: Mote (AUS), Mayaula (COD), Schramm
    Outsides: P. Russell (USA, Penn State/USA), Tublin (USA, Stanford/USA), Sossenheimer, Sandmeier
    Liberos: Molnar (HUN)

    SVG Lüneburg
    Trainer: Stefan Hübner
    Setters: Sabaté (ESP), A. Kocian (Coburg)
    Opposites: Steinke, Pörner
    Middles: Kervorken (USA), Schlien, Kruse
    Outsides: Del Bianco (CAN, Trinity Western/CAN), Marshall (CAN, Bydgoszcz/POL), Marks, Bahlburg, Köhler
    Liberos: Mattson (CAN)

    SWD powervolleys Düren
    Trainer: Anton Brams
    Setters: West (USA, Pepperdine/USA), Shibo Yu (CHN, Liaoning/CHN)
    Opposites: Gevert (CHI), Prolingheuer
    Middles: Verhoeff (CAN, Ajaccio/FRA), Zachrich, Klingner, Meder
    Outsides: Sedore (CAN, Univ. Hawaii/USA), Pompe, JP Marks, Barthel
    Liberos: Bann (CAN)

    Berlin Recycling Volleys
    Trainer: Roberto Serniotti (ITA)
    Setters: Zhukouski (CRO, Zahra/LEB), Kühner
    Opposites: Carroll (AUS), Baroti (HUN, Citta di Castello/ITA)
    Middles: Le Goff (FRA, Montpellier/FRA), Kmet (SVK), Fischer
    Outsides: Kromm, Lotman (USA, Jastrzebski Wegiel/POL), De Marchi (ITA), Schott (CV Mitteldeutschland)
    Liberos: E. Shoji (USA)

    VfB Friedrichshafen
    Trainer: Stelian Moculescu
    Setters: Tischer, T. Kocian (Düren)
    Opposites: Gontariu (ROM), Finger (CZE)
    Middles: Gauna (ARG), Nalobin (RUS, Kemerovo/RUS), Honore (TRI, Benfica Lissabon/POR), J. Günthör (VYS Friedrichshafen)
    Outsides: Geiler (FRA), Andrae (Kemerovo/RUS), Aciobanitei (ROM, Tomis Constanta/ROM), Venceslau (BRA, Matera/ITA)
    Liberos: Perry (AUS, Rovaniemi/FIN), Späth

    As the transfer period in Germany is slowly coming to an end, I will try to summarize the rosters of all teams, one after the other.
    In German VBL transfers are allowed until 31st of January, but new hires between mid of September and December are very rare.

    I will note nationality and club of newly transferred players next to the name.
    For German players, no nationality is stated.
    Transfers not yet confirmed are written in italic letters.

    Comments are welcome.

    Have fun.

    Muserskiy and Mikhailov are ultimate elite players on their positions (MB/OP). I highly doubt that they can reach that level on OP/OH and I don't think that moving both of them out of position would have a positive impact.

    Except for possibly winning an olympic gold medal ... :box:

    VfB Friedrichshafen [...]
    At the moment, VfB only has Baptiste Geiler for OH position. Are there still any good OHs on the market who could suit VfBs team? Compared to Berlin, their roster doesn't look very impressive so far, so they should better make a good transfer for OH....

    Rumors say that they are in contact with Björn Andrae, who does not want to return to Russia.
    Funny thing is that Andrae is a Berlin native.

    Overview on transfer activities in the league so far: http://www.volleyball-bundesli…eler/1blm_transfers.xhtml

    In this list i still miss Paul Sprung (OP/MB, Netzhoppers) and Magloire Mayaula (MB, Bühl). Both are fine players and i wonder where they will play next season.

    Magloire was already announced by Bühl to stay.

    Netzhoppers KW are said to keep their team together +/- 1or two people. One they lost is Escher ...
    I believe they will hire some players from VCO Berlin team. KW is a suburb of Berlin.


    As it wasn't mentioned here so far [...]

    ... they also hired
    Jan Kahlenbach, former Co-Trainer of CV Mitteldeutschland and scout of Volleyball Team Germany
    Fons Vranken, athletic trainer of Volleyball Team Germany

    But the roster seems far from complete, so I am curious about what they have in stock next.


    Does anyone by chance have a HD link for SRB-ITA ?

    PS: I only have a low quality link from Brazilian TV. At least it's complete.

    German clubs are usually not very open towards their overall budget.

    You don't even know HOW RIGHT you are ;-)

    SVG Lüneburg (0,3 mill)
    I assume, all the rest of the teams (Netzhoppers, Coburg/Grub, Mitteldeutschland, Herrsching) more or less worked around the predefined minimum budget of 200.000 Euro.

    Well, one can start now to discuss, which costs are in a budget and which not.
    In Germany it is possible to hide so many positions, that most of the club's budgets are simply not compareable.
    Even the German League refuses to publicise that numbers, exactly because of that fact.

    If 10 Players are emploed by the club and another 2 are employed by a sponsor, do they count for the budget, or not ?
    If your gym normally costs some money but you can use it without charge because you are the local club, do you have to value that ?
    Sponsored flats or cars for the players that the club does not have to pay. Budget or not ?
    And so on ...

    But I can assure you that the numbers for Lüneburg and Herrsching are much higher, even officially.


    Tsukouski was simply GREAT when in Haching.
    Losing the semis against Friedrichshafen was not his fault.
    I never understood why he left Molfetta, but now you guys delivered the answer - thanks.

    The Croatian federation already confirmed this transfer.

    In my opinion Tsima in good shape is (far) better than Kawika Shoji.
    Better serve (but very tight), better (more inspired) setting, better attack (on second ball), better block. Only in defense i rate Kawika a little higher.

    Berlin is putting together a REAL strong team - let's wait and see what comes next. :cheesy:


    [...]I especially wonder where the young prospects Karlitzek and Adam Kocian will land. I hope they will find a good club, where they can play and learn a lot.
    And it is still silent in Friedrichshafen.

    Only rumors:
    Moritz Karlitzek in Rottenburg.
    Luke Perry (Libero AUS natl. team) in Friedrichshafen.

    Nicolas LeGoff (middle, FRA, Motpellier) in Berlin.