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    And Bundesliga news : [...]

    More Bundesliga:
    Promoted team TG Rüsselsheim announces Michael Warm (natl. coach of Austria) as new head coach.…teiger-41134906.bild.html

    In this article they also confirm transfers of Jan Zimmermann (setter from VfB Friedrichshafen) and Christian Dünnes (opposite from Berlin Recycling).

    Rumors say, they also are close to sign Lukas Bauer (middle from St. Nazaire) and Moritz Reichert (outside from VfB Friedrichshafen).


    Nothing more but what president Grodecki said a week ago, I mean that the main partner of the club, due to its very difficult financial situation (which affects the whole Polish mining industry) has reduced its contribution to the budget of the club by more than 40% (and the decision about radical reduction through the promotion, the club management has shifted for 2016 - then will reduce the share of over 60%). Anyway, Grodecki claims, they're looking for other sponsors and what's more - a coach. There are many people saying big words that "the club will fall" but it just CAN'T BE. They won't close the club, for heavens, that's only Poles always overdramatizing. For sure the club will be looking after the youngsters from Talent Academy and introduce them to senior team, that's one solution for money trouble. Jastrzębie has very promising young people.

    Hmm. Mark Lebedew - now ex-coach of Berlin - is free. He once worked there and his wife is from there, I think.
    Just a thought ...


    Suddeutsche Zeitung claims that Lukas Bauer (German, 26-year-old, MB, Saint-Nazaire) is very close to signing with TSV Herrsching. They have already gathered a serious team over there.

    Yes, but that information is old.
    Meanwhile Lukas Bauer is in negotiations with Rüsselsheim (promoted team with obviously BIG budget - at least in German dimensions).
    It is also rumored that Rüsselsheim made contracts with Jan Zimmermann, Christian Dünnes, Moritz Reichert.
    (Cannot prove that - as I said: rumors)

    And yes, Herrsching also building a strong team heading towards ranks between 3-6.
    Patrick Steuerwald, Ferdinand Tille, Philipp Trenkler (1st time in natl. team) and - according to their facebook page - there is more to come.

    Greets. :wavy:

    <sarcasm on>I know why the draw was just perfectly fair: the teams with the injuries had to be in one group to have equal pre-conditions and one can save money on travel cost for doctors :lol:<sarcasm off>

    There is no need for a Phase 3. Would we have complained if the top 4 teams from each group advanced to a quarterfinals? I really doubt it. Imagine what the matches would have been: Brazil vs. USA, France vs. Canada, Germany vs. Poland and Russia vs. Iran.

    Totally agree.

    FIFA - which is far from being a club of saints - found a formula that is both interesting and fair. OK, one has to admit that in soccer the depth of quality (number of good teams) is bigger.
    But FIVB ? Every tournament there is a new formula.

    Why is the Olympic formula so easy ? Because it's done by the IOC, not the FIVB.
    Why is the Olympic qualification such a mess ? Because it's done by FIVB, not the IOC.

    @all: remember, how often Berruto already did those "tactical" losses. He did it in WC 2010, in OG 2012 and also now. He is always taking full risk, but at the end mostly it worked for them. I am not sure, what the plan is this time (perhaps only to kick USA ?), but I am quite sure, that there is a plan. This was on purpose ...

    Bulgaria might've got trouble [...]

    Yavor, I bet you know: why did Bulgaria eliminate the Bratoev brothers ?
    OK, for Valentin, I understand. He is not good for team climate and his performance is not so overwhelming to compensate for. But his brother Georgi, the setter, in my opinion is better than Zhekov.
    Is this (again) some "political" issue or just sort of a statement of Konstantinov as the new coach ?

    I don't think so! [...]these changes were not intentional to a large portion as they were caused by different circumstances.

    You are perfectly right, YavorD !

    It was the first tournament this season, where Generali Haching had all its players on board.
    If you see how many options they tried (Skladany <-> Steuerwald, Dünnes <-> Hirsch, Strohbach and Hirsch as outsides) and connect it with the results, then this was an outstanding performance !
    OK, Fenerbahce was missing it's first setter and the other teams were trying some options as well.
    But I do not remember any German team performing this well among european class teams since about 2007 (the best year of Friedrichshafen).

    Konstantin Shumov (Finnish NT, MB, 27-year-old, Acqua Paradiso Monza) confirmed to have joined Generali Unterhaching. This comes as a follow-up of the releases of Max Gunthor, Freddy Cedeno and Thiago de Oliveira Carvalho.


    And another central for Haching : Theodore Brunner (USA, MB, 27 years, from CMC Ravenna). Generali Unterhaching is probably still looking for a replacement for Denys Kaliberda (German NT), who will join Vibo Valentia for the next season.


    This qualification process is a real mess ... ?(
    Anyway, as an information, the teams participating in the European qualification tournament seem to be the ones below.
    If the CEV uses their normal seeding scheme, the groups should look like this:
    Group A

    Group B

    After many unlucky drawings, this looks like the best possible pool for Germany.
    But to go to the Olympics one has to WIN this tournament ... :wacko:

    I appeciate these opinions.
    I would like o add some additional info.

    Friedrichshafen looks much weaker than in recent years, but Moculescu is a cunning coach and i don't write them off yet ...

    They are in fact weaker than in the last years.
    I cannot see how this team will improve dramatically but on the transfer market.
    But it is rumored that they cannot afford that many high class players this year.

    I still hope for Berlin to improve. Three good teams fighting for the title would be very good for the league and its marketing.

    A strong Berlin team would be very good for the league. At the moment they have 13 good players, but no team.
    This team can't win while having four OH of which three can't pass and one can't hit. :wall:
    They aleady tried to correct this by terminating Bengolea's contract and re-engaging Scott Touzinsky, whose season in Puerto Rico is over.

    Special words for Sebastian Pruesener and his work in defence. Now the chance he was given by Paduretu instead of Tille pays him back [...] Still it would be good for Tille to earn more playing time because it sucks to be the best libero at the WCH and to be without a club after that.

    Pruesener was hired by Unterhaching as a replacement for Tille, who ended his contract and wanted to change to Italy.
    Tille did not find a club until the beginning of November. Now he has a contract in Séte.
    BTW: It's a shame that Pruesener was not nominated for the NT.

    Unterhaching is the clear favourite for champion if they manage to keep their pace for the playoffs and not be exhausted like last year.
    Bump, set, kill.