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    I'm shocked that after almost 4 matches are ONLY 3 comments where 1st with only result, 2nd will be strip in front of camera- hope after 11 pm, and 3rd will drunk to unconsciousness.

    I think it is because of the changes on the site and in the passwords. Takes a while till all sort it out.

    I am more shocked that on you can not have any matches from the continental Championships, not even the final4 or the finals. I am a bit shocked that the Fivb wants to promote volleyball and do all for worldwide international events but the more local events they care so few about. Even though they could reach much more people and country like that as not all countries who play at the continental events qualify to worldwide competitions. And the goal should be to grow the popularity of the sport at a wider range to have your own heroes from your own nation who might motivate many youngsters to get familiar with the sport and maybe chose it over Football, Basketball and likes.

    Yes thats right. But I don't know how Fans of Erfurt feal. And I don't know what it will mean for the youth. I think the biggest talents of Thüringen (especially Erfurt) have gone to Dresden in the past. But will this change with the new concept? Will fans of Erfurt really be interested in this team that is made in Suhl? Ok, it is good to give two top matches to Erfurt, so maybe it works. But if these matches will have only few visitors they have a big problem. We will see.

    The 2nd league team in Erfurt is going to play as well I think so why would it be a problem? There is not such big distance between the two cities specially since the tunnel is built it takes nothing by car. And I think is great as the young players will get chance to play in the 2nd league and if they prove they are ready then they can move to first league without waiting for their team to qualify or without moving to the other side of the country. In Erfurt they either way have good options for young players to study and to play at the same time. Great decision.

    By the way I agree in Germany's chances to win against Russia. In nutshell Germany can have a chance just if Russia won't have their best day today but Germany plays it's best. Otherwise I see 3 sets KO or max 4 set with a 3rd set lost by Russia, but winning the match. Definately if Germany can pull it till 5 set they have maybe good chance as I did not see till now how the younger players in Russia perfomr under pressure, but Germany had a few matches with this lineup where they could close the match in 5th set.

    All in all I wish Germany would win as I want to see a long match and a great battle.

    Galatasaray for their football team applied to some sort of a court so that their EU citizen players can play as local players. Today in the news I saw that Turkish foreign minister support that decision and claimed that EU citizens should be allowed to play as local ones in Turkey. I guess sooner or later they will make a decision on that. My question is, are there any cases of such in Europe or world when it comes to volleyball? Because I guess such a decision won't be applied only to football. :whistling:

    Good luck with that. They can not be local players as that would cause problems with regulations on national team level as well with players playing at an other countries national team etc...

    In Football, countries already have some own regulation on what counts as own player. For example in the Premier league a home grown player counts as home player even though he is foreigner but he qualifies for the certain rules (get to the club before certain age, spent their certain years etc) So I can imagine Turkey might try to qualify for something like this with a few players but I can not see yet any sport federation changing these rules. That would have too much consequences on other rules and regulations.

    i do think part of Brazil's win today is due to a good scouting report. The players' defensive positions are spot on. I think they scouted the Americans so well and that's a key factor in their performance.

    Yeah meanwhile USA's was a nightmare as they seamed to stand always in the cover of the block and seamed that they never get the ball directly... Brazil was hard on executing the offense so those balls are hard to defend from an unstable position. I have to agree, Brazil made USA look like an average team today...


    "You totally missed my point here. I never used it as an excuse. Why would I, when even Stevie Wonder would've noticed our team is just poor right now.

    One or two flops can happen anywhere, but doing such things on purpose will never be okay for me. It's frustrating, you know. When it comes to volley, Poland is a country with highest organizational standards. Both CEV's and FIVB's requirements towards us grow more and more, often reaching the level of ridiculous. And yet when we go abroad and something's not right, we can't even complain because no one gives a shit. Not getting quality meal at the hotel (and that was just us, the French had a whole different menu) means having to look for some restaurant on your own, and that means wasting both time and energy. And having to pay extra in order to get some decent beds to sleep is just absurd."

    I understand that it is frustrating but you can not compare the standards what you have to achieve when you want to organize let's say the Finals of the European Championship or when you have a weekends match in the World League group stages. As to the World League teams are qualified based on their Volleyball performance and financial background not by the quality of their organisation skills and quality.

    I agree though that there should be a standard which has to be met and if it does not then there should be consequences towards that country's federation, but if the standards are poorly set and no retorsion applied when those standars are not met then obviously nobody will give a sh*t to please everybody. France has not applied since years to organize any big event's finals as far as I know. Max qualification rounds... So you are not comparing the same things to each other.

    And I do not know why you say it was on purpose, just because somebody has the idea that they did it deliberately to cause hard time for the Polish players... We should hear the other team's opinions who will play or played in France during this World League for example the Bulgarian team. Who I am sure had the same conditions and still they hammered down the French team with their young squad 3:2 and 3:0. Maybe those players expectations are not that high to await gourmet dinner and a 10star luxury hotel...

    The hotel's obviously planning a meal to spend the least on a portion as they get head quota from the organizer so they get better profit. If the hotel get intructions about the wishes of the French team then they might have cooked them that. I think there is room for negotiation concerning the meals and if the wishes are too extreem then they have to pay the extra cost. That is normal I think.

    The beds... Well I am sure not much hotel has 2meter long beds in every room specially 2 beds of such in each room. I don't think that was on prupose either, max they did not take that into consideration.

    Ah an I did not lose the point totally as you have just started your comment with :

    "The French have their own little way of winning matches, I see"

    So you think this was the reason they won.

    The French have their own little way of winning matches, I see:…francja.html#.Ucabg5ybbk0

    No translator, not enough calories in meals provided (deliberately!), one double bed in players' rooms... :down: And of course FIVB doing nothing. I realize it's not that uncommon, but this doesn't automatically make it any less embarrassing. And I wouldn't expect such difficulties in France, to be honest.

    LOL such an excuse for losing a match... From short bed and a smaller protion meal a team will not underperform in 1 day. Of course has to be regulations by the FIVB but to tell this is the reason to lose... sorry but this is patetic like many thing with Poland when they are not on the winning streak.

    I have been to many countries and competed many different competitions and I can tell there are no two countries with the same standards. And afterall this is not a holiday to enjoy but 2-3 days to compete. If they are not satisfied with the meals then they can report it to the FIVB and spend their own money to get extra fruit. I guess they can afford to buy an apple per day from their salaries...

    Lol the worst excuse I ever heared in my life

    I have asked around and get to know from my friends who will play on this tournament that both the women's and the men's competition will be played this summer to test the new rules. So both competition is till 21 points, one technical timeout per set, 10second rule applies as well.

    I have asked around and get to know from my friends who will play on this tournament that both the women's and the men's competition will be played this summer to test the new rules. So both competition is till 21 points, one technical timeout, 10second rule applies as well. In case somebody did not know.

    Well football is a working sport, everybody loves it, millions watch it on tv and live, it has TV coverage and can be planned on tv, as they know it will be 90 minutes plus 15 minutes half time break and maybe around 5 minutes extra time (this is the only thing which can change). So the matches are always planned to be 110-120 minutes long and the rest they can tweek with the commentator talking more/giving live reports, or delay the next program with a few minutes.

    It can happen to play extra time in case the match can not finish with draw, or they decide with penalties but those matches are just in the finals or Semi final stages in big competitions where millions are watching so this unsecure broadcasting time can not cause the match not being on the screen.

    So why they would change on something what is working. I am sure they would think on rule changes if the sport would struggle for publicity and tv appearance - which at this stage seams impossible.

    In Volleyball instead depending on the teams a match can finish in 60 minutes or in 150 minutes. So it is impossible to plan ahead with broadcasting time, and this is why it is so limited chance for volleyball to be on screen except the really big events and top 4, or finals. But they are also not on main channels. Unfortunaltely. I guess this is why they want to make new rules, but I do not think that these changes would give the desired result.

    (In the history of volleyball there have been several big changes, like the set were played till 15 points, and you could get a point just from your own service, also in the USA in the university championship they have played a few years ago till 30 points each set. So if you think about this the 21 point is not such a big change. I am wondering though how the 10 second rule will effect the quality of the game)