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    Ok, so they have qualified for the Olympics... for many team this would be the highlight of the last 4 years... why is it then that they are leaving the NT? I would understand if they would have now one week or two week rest, but I would assume if a player fought to get the ticket to the Olympics he would want to participate their as well... Or is it such a big thing and honour just for me?

    This edition of EL is simply tragic and shameful. I've never seen lower level of volleyball, most of teams r looking like total amateurs and one of these teams will get chance to fight for WL next year. I know some teams have problems with absences but watching WL is like some1 is spitting in ur face

    I agree about the low level. In both male and female this year... Do you know which team will host the final four? I hope at least there we will see some good matches... :aww:

    I think they all have respect for Brazil as polish players as many other were watching them in many international events meanwhile they grew up :) But on the other hand if you want to win against a team you have to stop thinking about them as : the gods... too much respect would just make them believe unconsously that they are not good enough to beat the other team. :rolll:

    It's the Football Euro 2012 month, forget about other sports at all in the next month when talking about Germany and/or German television. I would trust laola1, it says 15:00 CET for Czech Rep. - India and 18:00 CET for Germany - Cuba. They stream both games after all, I think their schedule is the one we can trust for the time being.

    Sp it is 16:00 and 19:00 our time, right? as far as I know CEST =CET+1

    Anybody knows when will be the matches today as for the India v Czech Republic the german federation's website tells 15:00 (local time) and for the Germany v Cuba match 17:00 (local time), the FIVB's webiste tells for the same matches 17:00 and 20:00 local time.


    So now when can I see the matches?

    Is there any german TV channel giving these matches? Or I can see them just on Laola1?

    Anybody knows how the Czech Republic will solve the European League round this weekend when they also have to play in Germany against Cuba, India and Germany for the Olympic Qualification? Are they going to the qualification with the team they have played the first week in the European League and then send the rest of the players who were named on the 26name list to the Euroleague round? Quite a chance for Austria to get important points in the group...

    I think the coordination with the highly depends from the age when that kid started to make any kind of sport activity and how is the countries education system organized (how important is phisical education for them). Of course it is also an ability which born with the person itself but can be largly altered in most cases by starting sport in early age. And now I do not mean professional volleyball but any kind of ball games for example.

    I also agree with the fact that till for some countries' players it is a way to have a better level of life and can live from that money what they earn so many player consider it as a goal and do not share their energy with studying and sport untill the other countries where the level of the life is maybe a little bit higher and professional sport does not give a pro athleet lifestyle options, the players will prioritaise studies and so less time for sports. I think this can largly effect the efficiency of that countries sport on international level.

    Also we know differences between for example a sweedish and a russian/serbian school...

    This part of europe also "lucky" to have rich history (many nations were leading these area - German/Austrian/Hungarian/Russian/Turkish and so on I could write many more) so it is not so usual anywhere else to have such a variety of genes which also can help in having good abilities in sport genetically.

    Serbia also has very good genetic for volleyball, maybe the best in the world. I dont think there is many places with taller people than in Balkan, and most important, many of them are athletic built at the same time, which not always is the case of course.

    Well I think Russia and Netherlands are still leading with the height... :) I never felt myself before such an average person when I was walking on the streets of some dutch cities. Was quite a strange feeling.

    Its true, I dont really understand it either as Canter said, its strange this teams players rarely improves much or even goes back in level. It must be some problem for sure in their developing program, lack of resources, something. I think they probably dont have even a ambition to create a strong NT in volleyball.

    The lack of resources are always a reason...They would need to start with the junior teams and give them regular international competitions and training camps following them till can get their spot at the main nat team, but as no money, even though there are talented players somehow they do not improve that much as hey could/should after the junior national selections. To have a week or two together before a qualification tournament is nothing. This European League would be a good chance to play together much and improve as a team, gives chance for young players to compete in int level. But now main players injured (Horvath/Filipovics/Sandor/Degi), setter is really young and unexperienced in international level etc. So if we just see the players who are there at the moment then you can see it is a totally new team, maybe one or two players are there from the last european champion qualification.These all can add up and result in "no visible improvement". They need time.

    I watched the last set and wondered how Czechs gave that lost set to Israel?

    I think Israel played quite a good match and the Czech team seamed to be sleeping. Maybe lack of practice matches, or they have just underestimated the opponent.For me they seamed quite tired in the first set... then from the 3rd set it was not visible anymore (or it was more understandable after 2 sets). Their defence was not really working out... waiting and watching for each other...

    More important question is why Dora Horvath is not playing :whistle:

    Also Czech team is missing Plchotova, Why?

    Both are recovering from inury. Filipovics had torn cross ligaments in the middle of the season, Horvath struggled with some smaller injury in the end of the season. I guess this is why they are not playing.