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    That leads me to another point I forgot: if you look at Serbia's post match celebration, you would never guess that they just qualified for Olympics after a hard-fought 5 set match. Of course there was some celebration, but nowhere nearly as ecstatic as you would expect after such an important victory...

    Yeah as Serbia has so much money to buy a match and Japan is keen for money so much that they would sell it. Get over it. You will never know.

    That is the point. no power for federation to loby for the sport and better media appearance. What is quite strange as in France you have to record every match by the home team and it has to be uploaded to a central system so all the teams can see all the matches in the league. It would not need a big step from here to produce better recording quality and secure some broadcasting time...

    France NT ? ;(
    A long story ... A rather good Men team but a Women one who doesn't succeed to reach a higher level.
    The Junior team is still in the European championships. But we need to be patient to have a top level team.
    No audience (except in Cannes and Mulhouse) no media ; and most of best young players choose the University and not professional sport.
    Following the Italian model ... maybe the solution ...
    For the present, Faesch, Rybascewski, Bauer, Lozancic, ... not bad ... but against Turkey ...

    When I played in France 3 years ago we had in avarage 800 spectators on the matches and I did not play in the above mentioned teams... so I think Volleyball is quite a loved sport in France, maybe lacks some marketing though...

    France & Spain doing great in all sports but volleyball, hope they will build better NT

    I think France let it slip away when they let too many foreign players to their leagues. As 10 years ago I remember they had really good junior national team. But I know also in their national team they have players who took French nationality. They have really good middle blocker system, I think they lack one or two big player on outside positions...

    And Spain... well here the money dictates everything. The level of the national league dropped significantly since clubs can't pay much, so most teams are filled with young players. The best ones are going to other countries to earn money. Not bad though to let the youngers play, maybe in a few years there will have a talented young nat team again.

    That is what lacks in France I think. Except Bauer I can not mention any player which get to the top leagues in the last two years or any young talent which would be on the way...

    Just saw this :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: No secret weapon, unless you count Ciara Michel (MB from Aachen) :lol: :lol:

    The problem is simple: no money. Hopefully the Olympics will bring in sponsorship/support, I would love to I see them in the Euro League too.

    I would rather blame the missing traditions of this sport there not the money issue. They have working on the national teams mainly just since it came clear they will host the Olympics. Maybe this event will help to get bigger popularity in the UK as well for this sport.

    :drink: :thumbsup:

    That is the other thing. As a player and as a team you should never let other team's match results decide your "future"=qualification. And to get the quota was not depending just on that particular match they could have nicked at least one more point against Japan/Korea/Russia.

    Even though I can feel with them, as it is really hard to accept you did not qualify because of set ratio...when you were so close.

    I see none of you really played volleyball professionally...

    For Japan after getting the points they needed the rest was not a matter, they played the rest of the match but it is different focus when the result does not really count anymore (for them). Players or even the coach does not make tactic like: look girls we have to fight now to win so we help Thailand to qualify/ or ok now let's loose the match so we help Serbia for Olympic spot...

    Honestly for Japan it would have been much better if Thailand would qualify because there is a bigger chance they get an easier match on the Olympics. Serbia will be a tough opponent when the now injured players will hopefully be be able to play in London.

    Anybody has any news about Austrian team? I am curious of their level this year as Turkey and Romania does not play with main players so I am wondering if they will be able to make a surprise or not. :dance6: Would be great if they could make some turn in the game as now the level of the matches are not really top...Any news about rosters or preparation?

    2+1 rule affected the mens' voleyball more ,comparing with women.
    our opposite (Serhat Coşkun) is out of the best shape.But we could play better than this.We also need new talents.the interest in men's volleyball is limited.We werent able to benefit from the opportunity of being host of EcH in 20??....if we had had a better conclusions things may have been different ...

    addition: we are playing without our main setters such as Arslan (Fb's setter) and Ulaş ( Gs's setter) or Selçuk ( Halkbank's setter)
    we are playing with a very young setter Berkan Bozan.

    Sorry but what you mean under 2+1 rule?

    How dumb they are man, it should have been "the best asian plus the best team excluding that one" That way they could have avoided any kind of controversy in the final match bacause that way it's always the top two who qualify (everyone knows that Serbia is the only non asian with chances to make it to the top two).

    I am nut sure but I think it is on purpose so it gives more chance for the Asian teams to qualify as Serbia have more chances (in the number of qualification events) to get a quota.

    According to my inside informatior, if Bulgaria doesn't get the quota on the upcoming tournament from 8 to 10 June, then Sofia will host a third OGCT on which Bulgaria is gonna compete with Uganda, Eritrea and Bahrain for a specially established 13th extra Olympic ticket!!! In case we miss once again the chance to qualify, there are ongoing negotiations between FIVB and the International Olympic Committee to be made a little exception to the rule and the olympic volleyball tournament to be held in Sofia instead of London - as a second host Bulgaria will qualify ex officio, so the number of teams participating will increase to 14 :roll:

    Not that I want to be mean but I hope you are just joking. :mad:

    Serbia will have two teams and both are supposed to be a mix of good and not so good players, but with all their injury problems I'm really curious to see how they will manage it.

    Ahh cheers, I thought If they are qualified to compete in the Grand Prix then they can not play as well in the European League. Thanks for the info!


    Can somebody tell me how it is possible that Serbia is playing in World Grand Prix and European League as well when they are on the same weekends mainly? Are they having two teams? I though if somebody goes to the world competition then does not participate in the european one....

    Sorry if this came up at an other topic already, but I have not found anything about it.

    Oh come on can we finish this converstaion about why or why not Bulgaria is the best? They have lost 3:0. That tells enough from their level at the moment. Mental balance and self confidance (based on performance and not on self-esteem) is a big percent of given performance at that moment when they play. This lacks for Bulgaria at the moment but I am sure they will give better performance in next rounds...

    Only two pools?
    So the top two teams of each pool will qualify for the final, right?

    The first from each group will qualify for sure, then the rest depends on the position where the organiser team (of the Final) will finish in it's group. If they are in top two then from both groups the top 2 teams will qualify, if they are not in top two then first from both groups+organiser+best second team will make it to the final 4.…tition.aspx?ID=565&PID=-1