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    I heared that the dutch coach made the players chose if they want to play in the national team or they go and play abroad. Specially with the young players. So some of them was scared to go abroad as they might lose their spot in the NT. Some player went to earn money and had left out. Of course the older ones can not be missed based on their quality and for them it is ok...

    I have a question
    in the Match Stats Sheet what is "Vote" mean?

    The Vote means an overall evaluation for a player. The biggest the number is the player was more helpfull for the team , was more effective. As sometimes a player scores the most points but does not mean always that she was the best as the number of the mistakes might be high as well. So it rates an overall performance based on all statistic figure they have.

    Sorry I wanted to write Kurek

    Kuerk as an FIVB Hero? I have to laugh... If you accept to have such an honour to get this title you should live with the consequences as well... So you should know how to set an example.

    I would understand the complain and being angry if it would have been the last point (not the 4th set at 13:14) or if it would not be the only point in that match but a tendency to help the opponent, but still that case would not have been an excuse for such a behaviour. Kurek can be ashamed of himself that is for sure, and all the bunch who acted so badly. They should rather concentrate on the rest of the set/match and show that they are better (as I am sure they think they are), or accept that they are not the best team that day and concentrate on the next one. I think that is a normal attitude from an athlete... I was cheering for them in the Champions League final, but now Hajra Gyuri!!! Hajra Rzeszow

    And that is just absurd that the referee won't get a match next year because of this... This camera system can not show everything either. It is good for obvious mistakes when the ball is too fast so the chance to make a mistake is bigger by 'judge'ing it...

    Basically it is true but not for the examples you quoted :D I don't think Hanke ever had a serious injury, Hippe really had some injury in 2009 but I think the reason she missed Junior WCH rather was her mental problems. But there are enough other examples of German Junior players with serious injuries. Patricia Grohmann was part of the Youth NT that won ECH 2007 but she had to stop playing afterwards because of injury, luckily now she is back. Kira Walkenhorst suffered a serious knee injury in Junior ECH 2008 when she had just recovered from a previous injury, she was a great talent but she switched to beach volleyball. Her younger sister Pia Walkenhorst (1993) also is a very talented player but she hardly could play in the last year due to shoulder and knee injuries. Ana Capote (1992, daughter of Cuban legend Josefina Capote) also had to stop playing volleyball now because of a knee injury. Germany Junior NT coach Han Abbing says that the problem is that the young girls play too many matches in young ages and they are not physically prepared for that strain, thus so many injuries :S

    Well then if they know what is the problem why they do not change anything? Most of the girls are playing together the whole season, so basically the same coach is making them play so many matches who complains about the effects. Without criticising anybody in Germany it is quite often happens there as well that coaches make players overload...I mean not because of the matches but because of the trainings, not enough time for regeneration, too much jumping (twice a day every day), lack of prevention exercises to strengthen knees and back and shoulders....just a few coach knows and keeps in mind also those points and plan the practices based on the individual/ position needs. After this of course there are bad luck sometimes when somebody twist the ankle , jumps on the other's foot etc, unfortunately not much to do against them but I am sure with the strengthening of the main parts of the body- as I mentioned before - would make the seriousness of the injuries smaller and of course would make the recovery time shorter.

    I just don't feel this format fair as one day any team can have a bad day, so one match to decide about the title does not really give every the time the true result. And you mentioned how frustrating it can be for the fans ... can you imagine how frustrating can it be for the players? They have trained the whole year and maybe even though thay have beaten everybody in the whole season if they have a bad day they can lose the title... I do not think it is fair. At least a bets of 3 would be fair.. also in the playoff first round...hopefully next year they find out something better.

    Coach of Resovia said once, that even if Grozer is playing bad he won't change him for another player, 'cause Grozer has a big power on serve and can score a point by it in every moment :lol: Yeah, very good thinking. Unfortunately, when Grozer stops play - team stop play, too. Yesterday, it was seen in 4th set - Grozer made 3 errors in row, then 2 erros and Resovia was in despair. Kowal was looking at them with so sad eyes... But he didn't change Grozer, because why?

    Because of that:

    Asseco Resovia Rzeszów - ZAK SA Kędzierzyn-Koźloe 3:0 (24, 21, 17) MVP: Gyorgy Grozer stats

    So we have final Skra-Resovia. For 5th place will have match Delecta - Tytan

    Sorry but In Resovia Grozer is the main player, yes I know not the only one with great skills, but definately nobody is on the bench who would be surely better then giving a chance for him, as he can change his game from one set to another and then just K.O. for the opponent. Hajra Gyuri!!!

    Amazing match between Cuneo and Piacenza!!!!!!!!! :super: :obey: :obey:

    I think Piacenza would have deserved to get to the top 4. They made an amazing run in the second half of the season. Of course Cuneo is a good team but if Piacenza would have a day to rest as well between the two matches... maybe today other teams would be in the semis.

    I just read the morning news, Ivan Zaytsev is suspended for one game and cannot play today versus Trentino. Is it true indeed and if yes, then why? Anyone knows something more? The source is Legavolley.

    with google translator 8)

    "Ivan Zaytsev (M.Roma Volleyball) disqualification for a day for the sum of penalty, already warned in the previous race (4 penalties)." So I guess he was warned during the match and get 4 penalties and I guess that was the max amount of penalties... I am not sure though.

    No draw before the tournament !
    Monday 16th : you will read the draw for the qualifications
    and in the evening you will know the ... main draw ! :roll:

    Thanks for the info!

    I just thought that as at the men's (17th) and women's (15th) open they will have a Country quota round as well that they might publish which team plays against which and when. I will check then the webiste for fresh info on the morning of the first day. Thanks again!

    Is there any source where I can find the specific program for each day, and which team gonna play against which team at what time? As on the FIVB's website I just see the teams and link for the results but nothing about the draw. Any info? Or they will be up just on that day?