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    Sorry, I am correcting myself:….asp?No=38940&Language=en

    According to this article the FIVB World Tour consist of all GrandSlam events plus the World Championship, but for the World Ranking the points earned on FIVB Opens also counts.

    "The 2013 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour is comprised of 10 Grand Slam events and the 2013 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships. Not part of the World Tour but still counting towards the FIVB World Rankings, the FIVB yearly calendar also includes eight Open events."

    I really hope this is the final version :)

    FIVB is considering another rule change: sets will be played only until 21 points, with only one technical time-out when the first team has 12 points. Each team will still have two normal time-outs. The rule will be tested in this year's European League.
    (source: German volleyball federation)

    Hi, Can you link in the source please as I can not find this artickle on the German Federation's webiste. Thank you :)

    I am might be wrong but I think the FIVB World Tour 2013 officially consist just the Grand Slams. The Opens are under the event named FIVB Open 2013. So maybe this is why the Open's are not streamed meanwhile the Grand Slams are on the program. My opinion is based on the FIVB's website where they list the FIVB Worl Tour separately from the FIVB Opens.

    The South American qualification starts with the 2013 CSV Championship. The top 2 teams from that tournament qualify for 2014 World Championships directly. If Brazil is not one of those two teams, I would be shocked.

    There is another round for the remaining teams for 1 additional qualification slot.

    Yeah, but my question was if they have already qualifyed as last World Champions, or they still have to play matches. I do not doubt that they will qualify through the qualification round either way if they have to go that way, but because of other events it is important if they still have to focus on qualifications or they can focus on something else as the World Championship quota is already fix for them.

    I have read in some article that just the host is automatically qualified but before the previous World title holder get a free spot as well to the World Championship without qualifying rounds.

    So this year which version is on? Will Brazil have to play qualification rounds?

    I am not fom Munster but at every team have tickets for the match on the sceen as well. Except maybe the Cup Final tickets what you have to book prior, but the league matches are not going with full house usually in any gym... As far as I remember in Munster either...

    Hi all, I am thinking about visiting Munster-Dresden in 2 weeks, bcoz I want to see my Dutch heroes. :super:

    Question: can I just buy a ticket on the spot in Munster, or do I need to arrange stuff in advance?

    (I'm not from Germany but from Netherlands). Gracias!

    How does it worth for a club to give free advertisement? To show a fake sponsor? For sure they've got a promise for money even if they did not sign an agreement with the company...just in the end the sponsor backed out as no written agreement have been made. The gentlemen's agreement (based on given word) is not really working anymore this world.

    I am sorry for the players. I have been in this situation...This time of the season is really hard to find a good club which has budget for a new player... And I am not even sure in Italy they have insurance to get their missing salary back as we got it in France a few years ago.

    to Datch Modena asked just to use their logo on the T shirts and on the bus, just some free publicity and then only in January, maybe, they would have given something to the club. it was basically a false sponsor, but it wasn't told to the players! (this is what I understood!)

    Thanks for the translation :drink: I understand the written italian more or less but he was just too fast for me to get anything LOL

    Well let's see what today holds for them...

    in the first part he's congratulating the team, the coach and everybody for the results...they're third and they said that more than that in their conditions was basically impossible! in the second part he says that he keeps on hoping until the last second, he won't say it is over until it is really over because everything can still happen! so he waits until tuesday in order to see if someone can help them, but he would like to go on and think about all the other matches they have and focus also on winning the league because the team has the potential to win it!

    Based on the interview they gave it won't...…d5QXio& I do not understand too much from what he says to be honest so maybe somebody can translate it :)

    I could not watch the match yesterday but as I see the statistics I do not see Horvath on the list. Does anybody knows why? The 10 days "off" ended almost a week ago. Is she back to Modena?

    poor Modena, they won against Conegliano, they're third in the league but they'll probably close! this is a SHAME, I'm sorry for the girls and their effort, they were completely disrespected!

    Sorry about the question as it might be an obvious one for many of you but what is the league formula? Two round of matches against everybody and final ranking based on the points earned here, or have a playoff phase after the two main rounds? If yest then is it a 8 team playoff? Thanks a lot!

    Well, I guess Messi could not win matches alone either if he would have an injured leg...But true that Trentino is not showing that secure top form as we anticipated... Though they made the same at the Club World Championship, and then in the end they still won when it was really needed... Let's see. Hope Veres can recover till next week (doubt it though that even if he does he would be in top form) and we can see an interesting match.

    So we can see if they really have the heart of a champion. :P
    It was interesting to see how useless Juantorena is when he can't' attack properly. Almost a liability in the field. So much for being the Messi of the volleyball :down: :down:
    Both Kurek and Kruglov were fantastic.