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    Loko Novosibirsk qualifies automatically for the F4 tournament as host, whereas the other 3 semifinalists will be determined by the eliminations. This is the reason for the Round 12 and Round 6 later on, three teams (to be decided) will accompany the host Novosibirsk in Omsk.

    Thanks for the answer. It seams a bit unfair that you can buy yourself to the final 4... I never understood why they are not giving the host to one of the teams who get to the final 4 by qualification and whichever team is offering a better option for hosting. Or maybe give to a 5th city so nobody would have the home advantage...and the place would be neutral for every team the same way...Strange


    Sorry about the question but I got a bit confused on who is qualifying to the final 4... Now it is the Final 12, but the final 4 will be organized by Lokomotive Novosibirsk. Does it mean they have a free seat in the final 4? Or the 4 team can enter just from the Qualification process?

    I have just realised that if there is 28 teams in the group stage then even if somebody is 2nd in their group is not in safety to qualify as they let just 12 to the next stage. So now the 7 first ranked teams plus the 5 best 2nd qualifies?

    Does anybody know how serious is the injury of Veres and Kurek? I was unable to see the match last week and the result surprised me, so when I have checked the stats I saw Veres was in at the second set as a substitute and just received... so I have no idea how big is the problem... Will he be able to play today? Or they rather rest him and concentrate on other matches at the group? I think either way they gonna end up in the second place of the group so then they might give more time for the players to recover... Strange to see the russian team strugling...

    Alnd I know Kurek had injuries before with long recovery, but does he has a new injury now or he still did not recover yet?

    Sorry I did not find anything about this in the media page so I thought I try it here. Maybe I will be lucky and a swiss member can help me if any matches of Volero Zurich (in champions league or also in the Swiss league) would be on Swiss TV live this season. It would be great if you could help me. Thanks in advance!

    Sorry guys but I do not find anything about Austrian Tv Channels at the Multimedia page so I hope somebody from Austria might be able to help me. Is any Austrian Tv Channel giving live any match which is played by Hypo Tirol Innsbruck in the Champions League?

    Also I would be curious for the German men's teams as Friedrichshafen, Haching or Berlin Recycling. Maybe Matthias will be able to help me. Are their international matches on any regional TV live ? I know there is no chance they would show any volleyball match in Germany on a big sport channel like ORF Sport but maybe some regional Tv makes it possible to show the international matches for the local teams.

    Hi guys,

    anybody can tell me if this match supposed to be today or will be tomorrow? I have checked a few websites and some of them shows the same match for both days and the rest shows today, but I can find no link for the match and not even any part result...

    Also all links I have found for the other matches are just terrible, freezes after 15 second...then just blackout :(

    Maybe they just had a 30 minute "window" :) LOL... This match would not really be too exciting

    I will check it this afternoon though.

    On lshunter and Stopstream, today's match Dresden-Potsdam (17.30 CET) is in the schedule for live streaming :what: I can't find any hint anywhere that this match will actually be broadcasted, so I guess it's a mistake, and either way I won't be home to check it, but maybe someone wants to give it a try...

    Next saturday, will broadcast Stuttgart-Wiesbaden :thumbsup:

    When they sign with foreigner players they have to pay transfer fee to the federation of origin (of the player) and to the international federation as well. After these payments have been made both federations will sign the transfer documents, so the players can officially play in that club. Untill this paperwork is done they are not allowed to step on the court on any official event. And I guess they also need to register these players -after they have received the transfer papers- with the french federation as well (which is an other amount). So I guess they do/did not have enough money in time or just did not start the transfer procedure in time...

    That is known that the budget of the team is smaller then the previous years. Maybe this is the reason for the Brasilian OH's departure to Greece, maybe she has other reasons.

    So nobody knows when they will finally have all paperwork done and can play with full squad. As till the previous match none of the foreigners could have played, I do not know if they will have them this weekend or not. For sure in this situation for them it is great to have a french player but as far as I heard after the championship started if a player -which has played in a club/was member of a club already- transfers to an other french club then she can play just from the second round of the championship in the new team. So I do not know then about Turiaf from Le Cannet, but if this rule still applies then it would be stupid from Istres to get an other player who they are unable to use at the moment.

    Whom are they trying to get the license from? I checked their roster and they have 6 foreigners signed and none of them have the completed paperwork to play? Something doesn't sound right.

    Also, Brazilian outside hitter, Simone Souza will no longer be playing for Istres but for Iraklis Kifissias in Greece.

    He made some sets which were really great, like give a one leg ball on the head with his forarm. It was funny to see the face of the italian middle - you could read something like: who the hell thought he can pass the middle from this :) great match!

    SADA's opposite and setter have better understanding than most married couples :lol:

    Yes I know it is limited but as they always say the disadvantage of volleyball compared to handball/basketball etc is that you never know how long it will be. Take this match for example, 5 sets very close, if they use all their challenges then it is 6 challanges at least in each set, too much time extra... but I agree that it is better to have a decision based on the reality then to make a bad decision , specially in such cases when one point can decide a set/match.

    I watched the final set of the match because I'm waiting for Rabita, and I have to say the challenge system worked out really well. There were 3 questionable balls towards the end of the match, and one of them would indeed have been a wrong decision without the challenge. Volleystella, the numbers of challenges are limited, so they can't question "every single ball", but I agree that it might easily be abused to get some extra time in some situations...but teams are aware they lose an opportunity if the challenge proves to be wrong, so I'm sure they won't overuse it.

    What a match... I really thought Sada will get this one... This challenge system is really good but when they are questioning every single ball on a match then it is a nit anoying and time consuming. Sure though it is better to make decision on the reality then get a point because somebody saw it wrong...still strange for me how 2 line referee can be sure it was out when it is in on the video. Good luck to the referees to trust in their line ref's decisions...

    He will play for Trentino the whole season. (you never know the future for sure, but he signed for an other year with Trentino). He changed his mind quite late, as far as I remember.

    Guys, sorry my ignorance first of all, I don't follow men's volleyball that much. I saw Juantorena playing for Trentino, what happened? Isn't he going to leave Trentino this season? Is he just playing this tournament or he will Stay all season in the italian team?

    it is quite strange that the number of spectators are so low... I know it is in Doha so not so many fan's will follow their teams there, but they could do as the Asian teams are doing, to take out schools or in Russia police/soldiers to watch the match... At least it would not seem like nobody is interested in this event...

    uhmmm does anybody has info why the Trentino v Tigres match did not start yet? they wrote on official webiste for 17:00 local time so it should have started more then 15 minutes ago, but still nothing. And by the way I am upset that they can not manage to give all matches on Laola1...

    Well with 193cm (6.4) it is not so easy to find somebody who is also taller and also the person you are searching for. I guess for you it is strange but for tall women it is quite normal as they are used to be taller then 99% of the population... And I guess she is also wearing her heels and she loves to wear high heels even though she is really tall without them as well. Gamova is taller then her husband as well still nobody talked about Gamova being his mother...

    Grow up!