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    I usually try the if it is not on Laola1 and most of the time they have it, just click on volleyball at the top of the page and then on the match, it gives you options of different links. I am not sure if it works from an other continent though, but from Europe it should be ok.

    Ahh terrible results yesterday. Since the federation's website is not working maybe some of you will be happy for the results.

    Evreux v Le Cannet 3:0

    Istres v Stade France 0:3

    Venelles v Beziers 0:3 - this result is found nowhere so I am not 100% sure. Let me know if it is not correct

    Albi v Hainaut 0:3

    Mulhouse v Calais 3:2

    Istres still could not manage to get the licence for the foreigner players so lost another chance to win against a team which they could have beat with full team.

    Do you think Istres could sort out the transfers finally so they can play with full squad this weekend? If not then they are giving points away on this administrative mistake, which can cost them quite much in the end... not the first case that it happened in french volleyball though...

    What you think how the new grouping will effect the final ranking? I know financially for some teams this serpentine system means much more expense, but does this mean so much that it would effect the results of the matches as well? I do not really know how much as they are traveling hughe distances (even though I guess it happens at least the day before the match if not earlier)...

    Also this year the point system is same, right? 3points for victory 3:0/3:1, 2p for 3:2, 1p for 2:3 and 0p for 1:3/0:3, right? There are some leagues where they are still not using this system... :s

    Well I am surprised nobody came up with the Chernobyl theory :) I am over 1,90 and I seriously got that many times that maybe next to the good genes I might have some effect from it as well. As the radioactive cloud was blown over our country as well a few days after the accident and obviously by that time they kept it as secret so as nobody knew it we celebrated the 1st of may outside (me as two year old). LOL

    Well she could have put a better face on. But maybe just the two short videos shows her negative... In every team a new arrival comes with media interest, so she should not be surprised as I don't think this is the first case they want to make a video report with her or take some pictures... :aww: Everybody is there to play volleyball but the sponsors are paying to get good and positive publicity not to have a player who does not give a s**t for media/sponsor events. It is part of the job... she did not make a very good impression in me with these videos. Luckily it was not my first impression.

    Can you link it in for me please? I do not find it.

    Thank you!

    What does she say correctly now ? The atmosphere in NT was not good and some experienced players had problems to accept younger players in roster ?

    edit: Ive seen the translation from Togutt on the other topic. SO sad to read what happened behind closed curtains.

    I have read the article but I do not agree with everthing in it.

    For example the foreigner limit is introduced in every country in order to prevent teams buying the best forgeiner players, so the competition should be a bit more balanced and also it will give chance for the own (in this case turkish) players to play more in their league and get a chance. This will not have result in a year though. Will take a few years untill you see any result from it. So to explain the decision with the London Olympics are just simply stupid but maybe by Rio or by 2020 it will give some more new players.

    In the other points there are definatly something strange... :S

    Are you sure? In this link they have the updated teams for 2012/2013 and they state Montes Carlos (with question marks) as team and do not state Funvic/Midia Fone at all... so now which team is in the lague in which not?

    Many players took maternity break and dont sign with any club. That's what I mean unprofessional. If she is pregnant now, of course she should choose the baby. g

    Well I guess she did not know she is pregnant before she signed the contract... This is why I do not understand whay you say unprofessional. The club can be happy that they know it before the season and can find an other player, rather then know it after the transfer period finished.

    Congratulations to her.

    But, I'm sorry for Azerrail. You can blame me, but isn't it unprofessional?
    Maybe, Azerrail will continue with Grbac, but they still need another setter till Oksana recovers fully. Now, it is hard to find good setter and it will take time her to adapt to Azerrail.

    When you will be older you will understand that after a while the family comes first and volleyball second. Every person has different "value ranking" (sorry I do not know the exact english expression for this). What I mean is for some player the choice would be to lose the baby and play. For other to keep the baby and lose the team.

    For me her decision sounds good and normal. But maybe 10 years ago if it would have happened that a teammate of mine would have done the same I might have thought she had betrayed us... As times goes by that reaction seams more and more shamefull on myself.

    Congratulations to her. And good luck for the team for replacement.

    In the link you posted it is written that both the athlete and the society decided to broke the contract. She will be ready to play in some months and they hope she will play there... Nothing more

    If that is the case then it is not really fair from a club to cut contract and then let the player go, I mean they have signed her with knowing the pre-history medically, and for sure they had made medical check with her before they would sign and start the preparation. (I am sure they did already start as otherwise they would not say thank you for her hard work in the last month). So if they want her to play then why do they not keep her and rehabilitate her so she can play in a few month.

    It sounds for me rather something what they tell to be polite...

    It's hard to be an athleete...

    They have $ problems

    I did not remeber who but obe of them left because she did not pass the medical check


    It says they cut contract with mutual agreement but also states that Filipovics would not be ready to play for a few months. They thank you for her hard work though, and in the top they say I have no idea if it is a new injury or the old one is still not better, as before I read some articles where she told her knee is all ok now and that she is ready for the new season...

    Maybe somebody who speaks a better italian then me can put some light on the matter.

    "TV and new media commission president Peter Diamond talked about the extraordinary TV success that was the London Olympic Games. Volleyball was one of the most popular sports during that prestigious event."-quoted from the FIVB's site….asp?No=36822&Language=en

    Well I hope they will put more effort into having coverage time in main sport channels both on beach- and in indoor volleyball as the sport definately needs spectators to survive and so the events can be "products" which could be sold for many sponsors securing the growth and financial safety of this sport. It would hopefully also generate an interest in individual countries as well to broadcast matches from their leagues and cups...

    Fingers crossed XX