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    I have some questions regarding Brazilian League, and hope you can kindly give me the answer

    1. What's the relationship between Rexona and Unilever? I know they are the same team, but what happened to this change. Only change the name or the sponsor changed.
    2. How many Final Race that Regis attended as starting six. And how many champainship Unilever got when Regis is in the starting six.
    3. What do you think of Regis. Not in Unilever only, but in all Brazilian League.

    Thanks for the answers you may give in advance

    Really, of course. They said it in public several times.
    Some because of injury and most of all because of coach!!!

    Now, they end their sport life like this. And I blame our coach for this.
    They can still play for 2-3 years, maybe not go to Rio.
    But they decided to leave, because our coach.
    He take Shan Danna just because they come from same place. If China win a medal, he can benefit from bringing Shan Danna to OG.
    We won't have a decent libero, a decent setter and this coach will still be in NT.

    I can't agree with you more