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    Seyma with 0% in attack :white:

    Wow! Just wow! I know she is a pure OH2, that her main responsability is to receive in THY scheme, but to be honest, she isnt even superb in that element in order to "compensate" her low numbers in attack.

    my soul hurts while I read this, but it is so true. I pray for some youngesters (Perovic, Veselinovic) to step up this year otherwise, Serbia is doomed after Maja's retirement.

    Btw, sorry for the offtopic, this is something which was mentioned so pages before. Is Drca already out of the picture? Or she could come back for this season?

    Because if Mirkovic will be the main setter after Maja retiremenet, alarms must be turn on in Serbia NT.

    Poulter, you should have set to Stevanovic way way before, there were at least two times, instead of trying to do the tandem with Gray.

    Mirkovic's serve is the one Gray has suffered the most to receive. Never a proper reception

    Block party by Busto. This is the first time I have seen a setter giving 7 straight unhitable balls to her spikers at this level.

    Atrocious. Really. Why doesnt Motta do a change? At least to give her some oxygen and organise her ideas.

    I think this is the match where I have seen Boskovic more blocked or not confortable for spiking. Even her tips are defended or blocked.

    I think she is below 50% now (which isnt bad at all, but for her standards, just slightly not expected).

    Even Ecza libero knows the proper height when she has to set Boskovic. Mirkovic has not found the connection yet.

    I think that they made 5-6 service errors only in 3rd set, for now. They made way easier life for Busto in start.

    Yes sure, because Ecza is really forcing the serve, it worked so well during the second set, this is why serve mistakes are expected. But some of them (like the Yasemin one) were just unwatchable.

    Ecza started really really well, with the same good serving strategy, but some atrocious sets to Boskovic and Saliha in 3 key counter attactks let Busto wakes up. Some sets to Boskovic were really unhitable.

    Ecza serving strategy is working 100% since the beginning of the second set. Poulter is trying her to best in order to let her magic confuse Ecza MBs, but the defense is super well positioned, this is why Busto pins get frustated, try to play block out, but they spike so many balls out (tbh, way too many).

    Ecza forcing way more the serve, breaking Busto reception + playing Boskovic-ball now. Keep this level and they could put even more pressure on the Italian side. So far the only one who could defene Boskovic bombs is Poulter, the other ones only see the ball pass

    I know there is currently a lack of options but gosh is Mirkovic still distributing and setting mediocre as ever :gone:

    Edit: mediocre is an overstatement tho XD

    That's what I meant. Mirkovic has to just play one step more than just mediocre + an inspired Boskovic in order to challenge and even defeat Busto. I am not understimating Busto at all, they are playing like vball should be played, as a team, but they still present weakness which can be well exposed by Ecza, despite of the absents. Plus, they have Boskovic.

    Btw, just offtopic, aside Maja and Drca, the following option in Serbian NT is Mirkovic?

    Chiaka is injured as well, this is the reason why Yasemin is a starter. Eczca would need Tica to play at 70% + and a decent Mirkovic to overcome this well oiled Busto.

    Btw, there wasnt a Cuban MB in Busto?

    I consider the key of the match is on Mirkovic hands. If she performance at least in a decent level, not superb, despite of all the absents, Ecza could win this match.

    Busto has been playing really great during the last matches, but in the other side of the court you have a player who can win a match by her own.