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    Vargas is the top scorer with 38 points and 60% of exc! She was just a machine!

    Fatma finished 13 points and 63 % exce. Meanwhile, Bricio scored 14 points but just 36% of exc.

    If TVF doesnt help Vargas to get the turkish citenzhip, maybe another federation will try it in the future.

    Vakifbank did a block festival! 22 blocking points! It is insane! Every single player (except Sloetjes) scored a block point. In the other hand, Fener only got 6 :white: and 3 were made by Eda.

    Congrats Fenerbahce! And congrats Vakifbank too! The last two sets were just a class of high level volleyball!

    Vargas, Vargas and Vargas! Fener almost won that set (and the match in 4 sets) thanks to her amazing serves! They were 16-20 and they almost clinched it! Of course she got blocked a lot of times, but her performance for her age is just wow. She got blocked, but then she asks Ana to get the next ball. But there is still room for improvement.

    Fatma had an outstanding match too, I didnt expect she would get sets in the clutch moments. But she delivered well.

    There arent words for describe Eda Erdem performance. Hope to see her in Tokyo.

    I think Cansu choices killed her team in the key moments. Ebrar played good too. I love passionate players, but there is a small red line between being passionate and behave like an arsehole. She is very young and she will learn with the time, that is more than sure. She has such a role model player like Zhu next to her. She should look inside the court instead on the bench..because Gui's attitude :down:

    How could people ask for big achievements to a young girl who is just 19 and doesnt play in a competitive NT? We shouldnt forget she plays for SWEDEN! :teach:

    As someone already pointed out, she was already chosen MVP of a regular season in Serie A. Currently, she is in the top 5 of almost every single ranking in the italian league (scorer, spiker, server, spike per set, scorer per set). And she is the only OP/OH who is in the ranking of best blockers. The other players are all MBs.

    Of course, she still has to prove more in international tournments. But now, in this Champions, she is in the top 3 of best scorers and best spikers.

    Where else could she show her talent or achieve big things?

    Good job Eczacibasi! I know Boskovic was a monster, but I enjoyed so much Larson and KYK performance! Most of all Larson at the end of the second set.

    It was a 3-0 but it wasnt easy, come on! Eczacibasi had to come from behind twice in order to close the last two sets. How come could this be easy? :lol:

    Ezgi > Gamze. I know Ezgi had some bad sets to the pins, specially to Boskovic, but in general, she showed she deserved to play in the starting six.

    Poor Moki, she had to cover so much space in the reception...Danesi should have come earlier. We already know that Eczacibasi MBs were almost a decoration...and nor Folie nor Robin were able to close the diagonal.

    at least 2-3 carries werent called and 2 challenges couldnt be showned i hope cev takes this issue with conegliano u can t cheat your way forward

    Unfortunately, I dont think CEV will do nothing :(

    Unbelievable nasty wrong calls have happened in the past in Azerbaijan and Turkey and CEV hasnt moved a finger.

    Maja, Fetisova and Goncharova were the best players of their team. Fetisova's block in the tie-break were just superb and helped a lot in order to get the come back. As well as Goncharova spikes throught the match.

    However, I would choose Maja as the best player of the match. She played in a high level, even though the pass was broken, the OHs werent so reliable, she tried her best in order to make all play. Her one hand set to Bogacheva and Fetisova were just amazing.

    I really didnt expect Moscow would be challenging so much Vakifbank. Moscow's reception has been its biggest burden, but having a world class setter like Maja, just makes your life much easier. Like someone already pointed out, she is trying her best in order to make Vakif's block move. Indeed, Moscow's MBs are a lot of times involved in the game.

    Vakif key problem is that Zhu isnt playing like she knows how. If she wakes up, we might see a tie-break by the turkish side.

    Despite of the last mistake, Sloetjes is by far the best Vakif player.