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    Yeah, besides it doesn’t seem like Mazzanti will dare call older players, it’s just Moki and Lucia. Fahr is pretty amazing, when she‘s in front Italy gets stronger which gives Italy such a luxury problem since both Chirichella and Danesi are really good too. Oh wait, Lubian would hate me if I exclude her :white: I also like Rapah Folie but honestly I don’t realistically see her spot in NT.

    Moki, Lucia and Sorokaite.

    Btw, I miss Sara Bonifacio. Hope to see her again playing for NT again. She is young too, same age than Malinov.

    I was in my way to ask if the Mendez guy is Marcelo's son, but like a joke, but for me it would be the only reason why he is starter. But then it was true :huh:

    Yes, Danani, indeed, has improved quite a lot in comparison to last VNL edition. Last year he was a hole in reception and quite disorganized in defese. Maybe he was considered the fourth option for libero? Now, he is playing more solid.

    Btw, since last week I am still wondering why Pereyra is back to the NT. I thought his days there were way over.

    I would like to see Bruno Lima playing more. And is such a pity Matias Sanchez is so small:( I just love his technique, even more than De Cecco's one. He is one of the best young setters nowaydays, as his dad, Yeyo, said.

    I am quite surprised for a statement like this. Of course, everyone has its own opinion and there should be respected.

    I studied 5 years in Italy and it is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been and I have ever visited (and thanks my parents, I have visited several ones).

    Italy is much more than what media says (soccer and good food). Italy is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites, someone could find history, art, etc in almost every single (small) city, even corner. So many city-museums, one of the richest histories, so many contribution to the world in sciences + mesmerizing landscapes.

    Yes, unfortunately in last years the uprising of the anger has let more and more bigots do not feel ashamed to express hate speech (well do not only in Italy), corruption and a lot of "provincialismo". Something is visiting, another living.

    Like Emil said, I have also met a lot of young guys feeling ashamed of Italy, not feeling italian, etc. It is such a pity young italians do not feel proud (or do not know) the legacy of an unique country, when abroad it is so famous and respected because of that.

    Like I read somewhere: "when a young italian goes to bed, he imagines he would wake up being british or american. Being british would be much easier, but how could we get dressed?, what could he eat? Terribile! says the young italian. He takes away from his thoughts such a nightmare and keep sleeping. Buon notte".

    Sorry for the offtopic :offtopic:

    Congrats to Turkey! It was a fun match to watch!

    Well getting a point in such a tough pool isnt such a bad business for Poland. They still depends only on themselves in order to grab a ticket to the Nanjing. I know it should bother to get one point when you were 0-2, but beating this Turkey in straight sets wasnt on their plans.

    The matches against DOM and Japan are the key ones :box:

    when is pan am cup? and what is the point of it? does it qualify for anything?

    Panamerican Cup will be played in the first week of July. We shouldnt confused it with the Panamerican Games (which are held every 4 years).

    The Panamerican Cup does not qualify to anything and it does not give points. It used to work like a qualifier to the Grand Prix, but with the change of format and the born of the VNL, now it is an useless tournment.

    However, last year it worked as the qualifier to the Panamerican Games.

    USA usually sent a mixed team, B team or even just graduated players. I dont recall when was the last time they sent their best squad.

    What about Babeshina (former Sheshenina)?

    Did she refuse the NT calling or she wasnt called at all? I know she is not younger anymore, but I think she has been the best russian setter in the last 2 seasons. I mean, only about setting skills. Starstseva is a more complete player since she is a good blocker and server.

    Mazzanti doesn't like change players in important matches. Always loyal with the same starting six. Imho with Sorokaite and Fahr in certain rotation Italy would have won the match.

    Yes, I have noticed the same. He is doing an excellente job since he was named head coach. I do think he has exceed the expectations in results. I am sure that even the hardest fan of Italian NT didnt expect for a final in the last WCH (and most of all, how well the team played) before the tournment started. To be in the final 6 after such a difficult pool stage was already a good achievement.

    I could understand that he doesnt make change if he did not have alternatives, but Italy has a good bench. Maybe it is team spirit? Who knows.

    In the WCH, I remember few changes, usually Cambi for the serve and then just a rotation and Parrochiale for Sylla for reception.

    At least, Pietrini is playing more and more now. Like I said, it is better to be killed by aces, monster blocked, defended now, than in the clutch tournments.

    Dont know if you think the same, but I would have loved to see Fahr against China, at least one set or a full rotation.

    Sometimes I still wonder why she did not play any single minute against Serbia in the WCH final, when Chirichella's performance was below average.

    I know she still young and doesnt have the experience for this kind of matches, but we saw how Lang Ping trusted on (had the guts) Li YingYing and it almost paid off the risk.

    Anyway, hope to see Fahr playing against the best teams now. At last, it is just the VNL, better to get experience here, to do all the mistakes here and learn, than do them in the ECH or, worse, in the Olympic qualifier.

    I guess three contracts on her own in Italy (Bolzano, Busto, Pomi) don't count?

    Yes, sure, that counts a lot! But we saw how in this last season she was again signed with two other dominican players (her sister and Gonzalez). This is because she didnt have such a great season in Pomi.

    For me, after her good season in Aydin and her good performance so far in the VNL, she could get a contract again by her own. That is what I meant to say, I forgot the "again". :aww:

    As far as I remember this was the only season that they played together overseas, before they always played in different teams.

    You are right, this was the first season that they played together overseas.

    Dominican players usually player together. This is more a thing related to the fact they share the same agent (a well known chubby guy in the FIVB) than a family matter.

    Just the superlatives - good dominican players get a contract by her own. For example, BLC and Castillo and now Pena.

    We have cases like Pena (when she was younger and not such a good hitter like now) + Rivera in the disappeared Bursa, Marte + Jiniery in France some seasons ago, the three dominicans in Aydin, Niverka + Eve, Peralta + Eve and Fersola + Sidarka, Pena + Arias in Peruvian league, etc.

    Brayelin is slowly slowly making her own name in the international stage, so I am sure she will get a contract by her own soon :teach:

    They pronounce Fecky here

    Yes sure! When I wrote /KEE/, I meant in English phonics, like "see", "sheep", "weed", etc.

    I remember a video where her teammates and trainer called her "Fehckee", "Feckee", "Fauhkee".

    I also hope Ezgi plays as a starter next season. I know Vakifbank means $ and be trained by one of the best coaches, but I do think Ezgi should keep showing her skills as main setter. It would also help to increase the competitiveness for the setter position in turkish NT.

    Btw, someone knows sth about Yanelis Santos? Will she stay in PTT?

    I miss her super canon serves :super:

    There will be South America qualification. but I couldn't find any details.

    So far, this is the situation: Last year Peru hosted the Southamerican Qualifier (Chile, Venezuela and Colombia) and the Finals. Now, they will only host the Finals.

    Any other Southamerican country showed interest for hosting the qualifiers. So, FIVB decided to send Argentina (best ranked southamerican team after Brazil).

    It was supposed there should be a play off with an african team, but there is no time.

    Sometimes I do not understand this forum.

    Nobody is praising KYK for her performance in the VNL/being the top scorer of South Korea when she was in.

    I just wrote the facts of her performance so far. I havent given any personal opinion yet. Why? Because she has only played 5 sets of 30, so it is so brief to be judged (at least for me). That's all.

    What could be judged is the performance of South Korea NT as a whole during this tournment. They have been playing with a B because of 4-5 players are injured/under surgery, and so on. Because of that, I do consider the balance isnt so bad.

    Shook She was top scorer for Korea.

    KYK had bad season, Larson is always on high level and you can say samething about KYK. I don’t talk about only attack but reception and defence too, hard to replace Larson in this parts.

    I havent said a word about KYK performance in the league season. I only pointed out her performance in this VNL.

    Now, if you would like to discuss how was her season in TL, I would say it was average. She had gread moments, in the CL, when she alone won sets, but also bad ones when she couldnt kill any single ball.

    I havent mentioned Larson because I was only talking about KYK and South Korea :teach:

    If I am not wrong, KYK has only played 3 matches in this VNL, from this 3 matches, she only played one full match (against Germany) and she was the top scorer for South Korea. Against USA she only played the first set, where she was the main scorer with 5 points. Then she was changed. Against Brazil, she also played only one set.

    South Korea is also missing other players (4-5). It is written in their NT thread. Taking that on count, I dont think they are doing so bad.