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    Argentina will play these friendly games with players from the B team.

    The only "knowns" are Morena Martinez (former libero and also played in Rio 2016), Erika Mercado (opposite) and Anahi Tosi.

    What a pity for Pietrini! She is such a gifted player! But it is her decision. There could be so many reasons why she has taken this choice. It is always easy to judge from outside.

    We shouldnt forget Matt Anderson also took a "pause" from volleyball.

    Not all the human beings responds to the stress in the same way. Of course, just because she is very young, the first thing someone could think is because she is lazy, she want to be more time with friends of bf, go to the beach, etc. But it isnt always like this. We dont have any idea what could be going on in her mind.

    For example, Gabi Candido refused the NT calling for suffering panic disorder. She had to explain because she suffered tons of critics. After some months, now she has accepted it.

    I've never paid attention to the OGs. Don't really care about them. So I just looked them up and it's weird, Europe hasn't done very well there --in women's volleyball, at least. I was under the mistaken impression they were big winners, best in the world ?(

    Europe hasnt won the golden medal since 1988 :!::!::!:

    URSS was the last country which won it. Actualy, it is the ONLY european country which has gotten it.

    Is this Victoria, Mayer? If yes, i totally agree with you, Maria Alejandra deserved so much more... Bethania made a master class of a game today and deserved the prize, but Coneo should be there instead of Brayelin

    It is quite strange because Brayelin played like opposite. Bethania and Rivera were the OH. Actually, Brayelin didnt play all the matches. She was rested in the match against Peru and Canada. We know she has had a good club season, but Coneo could have been awarded too.

    I don't understand the language, can someone tell me what is being said in this interview and why Stephen Boyer put it on his Instagram story?

    He basically said something that has been discussed 10000 times here: how unfair is the qualification system for the european teams.

    He said that in Tokyo there will be teams that would not even be in the top 8 of an European Championship.

    Not only talking about Serbia, but also about Italy, France or Poland (well, now they qualified).

    What a blazing start for Bulgaria. This almost feels like a dream.

    I won't mind it really. Brazil can easily win the southern american qualification with Minas club.

    I think the same. Brazil is one of my fav teams (eventhough it has been harder and harder to support them because of the coach and some players), but for them would be just a training to get the ticket for Tokyo in the southamerican qualifier. Even more now, because Argentina is already qualified.

    I am just wondering who will replace Rivera once she retires. She will be 35 in some months. Well, she also belongs to the unknown age club.

    No counting Castillo, Rivera is the only reliable receiver in all the team. Yonkaira, Brayelin, Bethania are great spikers, but not enough good receivers. Guillen looks like a good prospect, but as spiker. Natalia Martinez the same.

    Brazil could have won 3-1, not 3-0. Brazil got trashed 25-14 in the third set.

    They were leading 17-12 and then 21-17, but COL was just too focused and played with a lot of heart. Way too many sets to Lorenne in that part of set, when she was clearly not jumping as before decided the match.

    Btw, I guess so far nobody has pointed it out, but colombian libero, Camila Gomez, has been pretty solid throughout all the competition.

    Tainara has more projection than Maira and Lana together. That is more than enough.

    And I agree there are better players in the U20 team. For example, the young Kisy. For me, she has more quality to shine in the future than Bergmann and Tainara. But she is too unexperienced.

    Btw, in this Brazilian team, I liked Natinha. She digged quite well during almost all the matches.

    So Argentina beat again Brazil, which means getting its first medal in these competition. In two matches, Argentina got 6 sets, Brazil 0 :what:

    I know this is a B/C team, but which could be frustrating, is the way how Brazil ended without a medal. Last time was in Santo Domingo 2003, but they sent a junior there back then.

    Brazil was just one point for getting at least the silver, yesterday against Colombia. Now, nothing.

    Again, I could have understood it if Brazil had started with Tainara or Bergamann..but not. The few times Tainara came into, she left a good impression.

    Huge respect for what Ze has done for brazilian vball and world vball, but he is slowly erasing what he has done. It seems he doesnt care about what could happen to Brazil after Tokyo.

    Btw, I dont want to sound disrepectful against Argentina, Colombia or even DOM, but these games are the lowest in quality in the last 20 years.

    From epic finals, like BRA x CUB in Rio 2007, also that rematch in Guadalajara (another 5 set thriller match, when Cuba was still a reliable team, before crumbling), to low level matches.

    Well actually in Croatian/Serbian it's Columbia, so no need to jump on his neck

    Sorry for the offtopic, but it was just a mere correction. I guess we are all here for learning too. I have been corrected thousand of times and learn many words, and I thank that. My intention wasnt to correct in a mean way. I apologize if it was understood like this.

    I know that in german it is Kolumbien. Why? Because I have corrected a german user here too.

    That's all :win:

    Colombia, Colombia.

    Columbia is a river in the US. Actually is the name of many natural features or cities/regions in North America.

    This is because Columbia is the national personification, an allegory of USA.

    In the other hand, Colombia is the southamerican country.

    sloth, when did BRA lose to ARG? that’s like when JPN upset CHN in london... if BRA plays ARG 100 times, they win 99!!!!

    Brazil lost against Argentina in the preliminary round of these Pan American Games. It was 3-0.

    If we count when was the last time that Brazil A team lost against another southamerican, probably it was during the 90s (early one) against Peru.

    The last time Brazil A lost a set in their region was in 2009. It was the World Championship Qualification tournment. There were Sheilla, Fabiana, Fabì, Thaisa and so on. I remember that after losing that set, Brazil just slaugthered Argentina the next one (25-9 or 10).

    Last time Brazil A lost 2 sets, it was against Peru in South American Championship in 1999.

    Since more than 20 years ago, Southamerican Championship is just training for the brazilians. However, they have almost always sent their main squad.

    For the other tournments, as Panamerican Cup, they usually send B teams, C teams or even junior ones. Or they even dont participate :D

    Ze should have changed Lorenne in the second half of the 4th set. I dont understand why he was so stubborn. It was more than obvious Lorenne wasnt jumping like before.

    Colombia has just taken its golden chance to get their first ever medal in volleyball. It is a reward for a planned organization and long process. What a pity Montano wasnt able to play in this team. They took advantage of the mess that Peru and Argentina have been in the last years.

    Congrats to them! They bet all their money with a great coach like Rizzola is.

    Would it be the first time COL beat BRA in any tournment?

    BRA was leading during almost all the set, but Colombia is playing with a lot of heart. They play like a team, in all the meaning of the word.

    Sometimes they do silly mistakes, but it is normal. They dont have so much experience.