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    Italian league is just so entertaining! So much competitiveness!

    I just love it is so unpredictable once the second half starts. Also the atmosphere in the arenas is so nice.

    Is Pietrini injured? Or she has just been sent to the bench? I dont know when was the last time she was a starter.

    I miss so much Fabiana playing in NT competitions. She is just a fire when she is on. Saudade dela...

    Fe Garay had a regular match in reception (it was quite shaky), but she had to cover a lot of Rosamaria's zone. However, once again she showed she is the best brazilian OH. She delivered so well in the clutch moments.

    Someone knows when Drusylla will come back? Pena was quite disappointing today.

    To be honest, Italy wasnt with their best line-up either. We should measure every single team in the same way.

    From the top10 teams, just USA, Turkey and Dominican Republic were with their best line up. The other team missed a player or had injured ones.

    Italy was missing Folie. Ok, she is very far from being an Akinradewo, Thaisa (in her best days) or Rasic, but she is a more reliable (in attack) than Danesi, Fahr and Lubian. Also, Bonifacio would have been a huge help, even coming from the bench. She is better than the two rookies mentioned before.

    We could even count C.Bosetti, who, as we already know, wasnt called because of she was injured. She and Folie were starters in the WGP and ECH 2017.

    So, I think it is quit unfair to say that this young italian team was lucky to get the silver medal in the last WCH. They really overachieved and went above every single expectation. Not even the most craziest italian vball fan would have bet Italy would lost just two matches in the competition and it was against the current best team in the world. And the final ended 3-2, not 3-0.
    Sorry for the offtopic.

    Garay was a nightmare with the NT this summer.

    Yes sure, as almost every single player in the team. Nobody will contest that. Brazilian NT was almost an hospital, with 7 players just out of an injury and/or keeping one.

    Fe Garay was (PAST) out of rhythm. But now we can see her real level. As well as the end of last year season.

    Currently, IMHO, she is the best brazilian OH. When Natalia is on her peak, nobody can match her, but as I already mentioned, I prefer Fe Garay cuz she is more stable.

    Now I understand why Baranowicz is the second setter in Italian NT. Ok, he isnt a top setter, but he is miles better than Spirito.

    I know Spirito is younger. But sometimes he plays like an amateur.

    On the paper, Casalmaggiore looks like a well balanced team, however their performance is so disappointing. It is their first match I watch, and now I have just understood it all: the main problem is the setter!

    I think even Club Italia setters are much better than Pincerato. Rachele Morello >>>> Pincerato.

    And in another 5th set match, and also on over time, Chieri beat Club Italia 19-17.

    I think it is the first win of Chiere, isnt it?

    It is such a Pity Gyselle Silva is wasted in that team. I missed ther powerful serves and her little scream before doing it.

    And Brescia has just beat Conegliano. Another surprise! 19-17 last set.

    I dont understand why Di Iulio didnt set Pietersen earlier. She kept setting and setting to Nicoletti who wasnt able to score the match point.

    Two sets to Pietersen adn she just closed it.

    So, finally, Novara loses for the first time in the regular season.

    Carlini sets in the last two points...just :down:

    Cruz is such a superb player at her age! Her reception skill is just wow!

    And Novara is still undefeated! I didnt think Nizetich could have changed the match, but she came into a positive way. She isnt a superb passer, but at least she helps much more in that skill that Plak.

    Egonu was well defended throughtout almsot all the match, but she scored the clutch points in the 4th set and tie-break.

    It is such a pity Bonifacio didnt go to the last WCH. If Im not wrong, she had a minor injury. Even though Danesi had an amazing tournment, I consider Bonifacio a better MB (much better attach and block). But Danesi is a better server.

    Wallace used to be one of my fav players from Brazil since London 2012. However, he has been a big disappointment this year. Most of all because of his behaviour. First, in the WCH, when he and other players mixed politics with sport.

    And then, with this gross attitude...has he always been like this? What happened with him? For me he was such an example of player in and outside the court.

    Congrats to Schewrin! What a match! They played in such an well organized way. Adams was very sharp in the key moments.

    Eventhough Sylla had an almost golden performance in the last WCH, I really doubted she could keep that level throughtout the club season. She peaked and overachieved in the WCH. But she is one of the most emotionally) unstable players I have ever seen. And that was the reason of my doubt. In the italian NT she has a good support from Mazzanti and the older players, in Conegliano not. I still remember how nervous she was in the match againt Japan and how much she cried after that win. Same story against Serbia.

    Once she overcomes that issue, she will rock as she did in almost all the matches in the WCH.

    I remember that the users who doubted she could keep her WCH level were called "racists"...I dont see any reason for that...