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    Western world and Western media will be victim of their own hypocrisy, own double standards and false politically correct behaviour. They are behaving and becoming into what they so much proclaim to fight against with: facists.

    Embarassing. Cancel culture is such a cancer.

    It is like supporting in some extent Putin's game: dividing Europeans.

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky — 'It is better to be unhappy and know the worst, than to be happy in a fool's paradise.'

    PS: I really cant believe it is so difficult to be coherent in the so called "developed countries". Once again: violence, aggression, violation against human rights MUST be condemned wherever they come from. Victims, casualties, wounded and lost souls arent worthier than others just becasue they come from a country which is more similar to mine, culture similar to mine, skin colour or political preferences.

    I do really hope to see the same union against any violation of HR from any government regardless all the factors above mentioned, otherwise,it would be HYPROCRISY.

    It is great to see the international support around the world for Ukraine. I wonder why people didn't bother when USA invaded other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Not saying to justify Russia's terrible actions but I hate hypocricy of western world. They can take totally different stands depending on who makes the evil actions. Reactions change drastically if it is Russia or USA or China

    100% agree.

    First of all, as almost every person with common sense I am against the violent, cruel and unjustified Russian (Putin) invasion. The situation in the Donbass (which has more aspects than what we could imagine) could have been solved in so different ways, nothing justify the invasion of whole Ukraine.

    But as you said, the hypocrisy of western world (and western media) is just <X For USA, there is always an excuse. We could write endless pages of thousand conflicts, invasions and coup d'etat which were orchestred by US without any proper justification, just the mere politic and econominic ambition by that bloody govenment policy.

    Unfortunately people from those countries invaded are considered citizens of second class, even our history is not taught, cuz of "eurocentrism". When we talk about 9/11, most of people only remember one event on that date. I remember two: WTC attack and the beginning of one of the most cruel dictatorships in my region thanks to US policy.

    And all these intervations in our countries are not for centuries agos, they all are recent histoy too.

    Violence, aggression, crimes against human rights must be all condemned, regardless which country is behind them, regardless the skin colour, political preference or the culture behind it.

    Is Sylla still injured? She should have come into way earlier than Plummer, who is struggling in every single deparment today.

    Way different than against Fener.

    Btw, pls Minas, stop those silly serving mistakes. I could understand if they are risky or even targeting someone in specific, but most of them seem without a proper direction. Especially Cuttino's one

    The gap between the current leader of Superliga and the current Italian one is just HUGE. Conegliano did not even sweat at all :white:

    The Veneto team only did what it's necessary, not even pushed more. Loved Moki defences, especially digging and digging Brayelin.

    In the other hand, Buijs has improved a lot with her backrow skills.

    Italian league quality never disappoints :rose:

    Novara still looks a bit rusty. I do really hope they will improve in the following matches and challenge Conegliamo much more than in the previous season. They do really have the human resource for not only being a threat, but also defeating the current champions.

    Congrats Columbia! What an upset:white:

    I really like their OH Amanda, which club does she play ? I’m pretty sure she can perform well in Brazilian league.

    My only thought on Brazil is Ze should really have sent a mixed team here and rested the main players who played the whole VNL & OG already. All of them were out of form and most of them aren’t young anymore, it’s just unnecessary to overuse them in such tournament.

    Amanda Coneo plays in the French League. She has already played two seasons there. Just think she started her international career playing in a poor Peruvian club, one from the outskirts of Lima, training in cement courts, not with the proper teraflex court for vball. What a way to go!

    Ps: It is Colombia, not Columbia. Columbia is a river in USA, as well as the poetic way to call the Americas or some natural features in North America.

    Amazing display by Colombia. To bad that they lost by Peru.

    I didnt watch that match, but for me it was really totally unexpected Colombia lost against Peru. Not only cuz of Peru was without Leyva and Zoila La Rosa (best Peruvian setter nowadays), but also cuz Peru brought many youngsters who are super "green" and not proper for international level. At the same time, Colombia had already defeated Peru a lot of times in the last years (in this same competetion, Panamerican Cups, Panamerican Games in Lima, etc, etc, etc). It was indeed shocking.

    Plus, cuz of Peruvian coach (who is Spaniard) is just :gone: Just check how his players serve and the non existant block.

    Congrats Colombia! This is indeed HISTORIC. Unbelievable. Inacreditavel. Last time Brazil lost a match in this competition was in 1993 :!:

    When they lost the final against Peru. It was 28 years ago. Really, unbelievable. Wow! Just wow! Like Fabi is saying, just 2 years ago, it was just crazy to think Colombia could defeat Brazil.

    Totally deserved the ticket for the next WCH :super: