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    BRA needs to find an OH2 to play alongside Lucarelli.

    We just need to pray for Bruninho and Thales improve because their positions on NT are locked.

    Many people like the superation story of short players. And of course, Honorato has improved a lot during the last years, even going beyond his limits. But I dont think he is starting NT material for a team with the ambitious of Brazil.

    More than improve, Bruninho should find his former shape. That would be enough. He has been setting so many "jacas" during this tournament. While Thales sometimes have good matches as tonight, but others he is hole in defence.

    Renan should (MUST) try as many OHs during the VNL. Regarding Douglas, he can continue his path as influencer. It is almost impossible he will come back.

    Italy is playing really bad till now.

    Even Bruninho bad sets are not enough to help Italy

    Bruno performance during the whole summer has been shaky, but during this OQT :gone: I havent seen him setting so bad to the pins in years, even from Beijing times.

    Regarding Brazil in general, I dont know if not earning a direct ticket to Paris would be a cons...cuz I highly doubt Renan will be changed if they get it today.

    It is really so sad to see so many teams and players completely all burned out and drained. Physically and psychologically. I remember that some years ago some famous players criticised FIVB for the calendar, but so far, the calendar is even worse. Pre-Olympic years are always super demanding, but I dont remember any like this. Some players are training/playing almost non stop since May :(

    And the club season is just around the corner...

    Sure, kudos to Germany and Canada (both surprises to some extend, especially Germany). For the top teams, sometimes they looked as they were playing to avoid injuries. Cuz at it was already said, they know they'll qualify anyway. And sometimes it is difficult to find motivation when you are already exhausted.

    So after long 16 years, Poland is back to the Olympics! Congratulations! They have missed so many times to give the next step (even when they missed two WCH in a row), but they finally did it.

    Hat off and CHAPEAU for Wolosz. She has been (rightfully) criticised for trying to play Conegliano style with Polish NT, but it isnt that she cant, sometimes she simply doesnt want and that's the key- Today we saw how she slowed down the pace a bit and Poland started to play as a well oiled engine. Her reverse sets were a pleasure to watch, as well as how she fooled Italian MBs + one hand sets. A delight.

    Kudos for the whole team in general.

    For be honest, this is "chronice of announced" death. After what what happened post VNL, the meeting between Mazzanti and Egonu previous the ECH and the unsolved problems (Tokyo 2020 + after SF lost against Brazil, the real drama started + the issue why Egonu has not been forgiven even though she apologised), the only path to disaster is this one. Not podium in the last ECH and missing the direct berth to Paris. Pity for the players who dont have any relation here, especially the youngers. As it was pointed out, Italy current problem goes FAR beyond that just the sport atmosphere, it goes beyond Mazzanti stubborness.

    They need is Ana C and a backup libero, Julia B and Diana to be better next year

    More than this, I would add an OPP. As many have already pointed it out, Brazil lacks of a decent+ OPP since Sheilla retired. Tandara was okish from time to time, but Brazilian's play game has never been one-player based. They rely a lot in the distrubition to all their attackers (Does someone remember a Brazilian player being the top scorer of a tournament? Usually not).

    Even if Julia B and Diana improves, the abscence of an OPP will haunt them. Especially in the vball which is played now.

    Brazil x Japan never ever disappointed. In a current vball era where we only see strong serves, one dimensional play game and smashes, it is so so joyful and pleasant to see these two teams playing. Especially when in one side there Is Gabi, one of the few all around OH nowadays + the exquisite Japanese defence.

    Congrats Brazil! It was a rollecoaster, despite of the missing players, the low hope from their own fans and the tragic Wal's new, they got their berth to Paris. They still need to improve MILES for being a candidate, but this a team that always surprise. In the last 8 editions, they have only skipped one SF. Impressive. A historic team.

    The Dominicans are really going to qualify, aren't they? No way NL is gonna beat them as long as the holy trinity Castillo-Brayelin-Gonzalez is this fired up :white:

    Dominican Republic is TOO unpredictable. It is their trademark. Just in this tournament they lost against CZE, and now they are in the verge to beat not only the current WCH champ and runner up in ECH, but also the hosts. More than Castillo-Brayeling and Gonzalez, the axis is Marte. If she has a decent day, DOM can beat anyone. But when she is subpar (unfortunately, this happens is VERY OFTEN), it doesnt matter if Castillo is in goddess mode or Brayeling-Gonzales in Artamonova/Godina - Gamova/Sheilla mode on.

    So Pool B, Winner of Japan-Brazil gets the ticket.

    Can Japan overcome Brazil's height?

    Well, Brazil, as well as USA, have the golden chance of being qualified to Paris regardless the outcome of this tournament. More Brazil, because they simply do not have competition at all in their respective confederation. Likewise, whatever it happens in the next VNL (unless some MASSIVE/MAMMOTH surprises), they cant be overcome by other Southamerican team in the rankings. Hence, they have the golden chance to not face next VNL as a must-getting rankings points, as for example, the European team which wont qualify in the OQT.

    Let's see if they can use this advantage in order to figure out their best starting 6. Cuz so far, I only see 3 positions locked. They are struggling so much for finding an OPP (It is surprising that post Sheilla, they have not had any player who is at least the 25% of what this vball icon was). Nevertheless, Brazil is a team which cant be considered out, till it is REALLY out. We should only remember their 2011 campaign (World Cup and Pan Games) and preliminary round in London 2012, as well as how they reached the Olympic final last time when they were not favourites at all. Some people call it "tradition".

    well damn we might as well cancel our program then and send them all home if that’s the case.

    I strongly beleive you are over reacting a bit. Serbia has one of the best VB programms around the world, at least in the top 5. In the last decade, your has won multiple ECH, as well other medals and you are the current WCH two-time champions. Despite of a reducd population, Serbia has accomplished and achieved way more than many other teams with more resources €, investments, help grom the gov, etc, etc. But it is sports, it is impossible to be always in the top. We can se how Brazil is struggling nowaadays, as well as China, when they have been Olympic champions/medalists in the recent past. It happened to Russia too. Look how much time Italy took in order to come back to the top-top. Sure, it bothers when u are in the top and then u fall some steps down. But this is life. (of course, for neutral fans, let's hope any team repeat the Cuba story. They are deeply missed).

    mazzanti really sees Egonu as third option :lol::lol::lol:

    btw, this is a stupid decision but firstly in Vakıfbank and now in the Italian national team, Egonu is tried to be excluded from the team. Obviously Egonu is also a bit problemetic.

    Interviewer: the combo setter-opposite wasnt bad against Romania, could u tell me which one will be the combo against Switzerland?

    Mazzanti: No, I am not supertitious, but I will stick to this one. Antropova will be the first choice for the first phase of the ECH. It will be a process, training by training, etc. From the start of the year, this is a process that could evolve and might change.

    Interviewer: The process has already been established with Egonu in Firenze. She told us that you both have already chatted regarding this and that it wasnt surprise for her to find herself in the bench

    Mazzanti: The process isnt established, it is discovered throughout the time, in each moment. Against Switzerland, it will be a new story

    Interviewer: And how did you explain this to her?

    Mazzanti: We both chatted, exchanged opinions. I told her my idea and she told me hers...

    Interviewer: and which is hers?

    Mazzanti: To be a determinant factor in the team. I explained her what I see now and what I expected from her in the future

    Mazzanti also said that if you change "persons" in the squad, it is a complex system, that it changes the dynamics of the team. And he thinks that they are trusting in the talent and "weakness" of each one. And when you are ready to do this, it is easier to face and confront what we are. And if you confront in this way, it is easier to give a name to what you are living. In this moment: growth.

    In another interview he said that he will stick to the process he has chosen and that it could change, but they continue to stick to that plan. But the results in the field will tell him how to continue. Also he said it "surely it is difficult for Paola to start/be on the bench: We already chatted about this before the end of the trainings (before the ECH). But I think each new situations, for the ones who are talented (of substnce), can help them to find new resources.

    And to finish:…uperata-per-la-nazionale/

    This is a very clear article written about Pasini about what is going in this squad. More than articile, I would say he isnt writing solely as a journalist, but also as a italian vball fan. It is more an appeal to the federation. It is very long for be translated, but for me, the summary is this one:

    "It is more than obvious that Paola cant do it by herself (to be saved). It is needed to help her. In the past she has done mistakes, but she shouldnt be condemn for life cuz of this. Much more cuz she was so young when it happened. The risk of losing Paola when Paris is only around the corner is a big resposability not only of the HC, but also from the whole FIPAV. Paola doesnt represent only herself, but also a system that has let FIPAV to discover and develop different talents around Italy in the last 20 years and bring them to the senior team through Club Italia. To lose Paola, regardless her mistakes in the past, would be a defeat of the whole system".

    And well, I do agree in most of what Pasini has written. And I highly doubt that Paola will play the OQT for Paris in some weeks. And if this happens, I would be highly surprised if she plays again if Mazzanti is on the bench. If they would want to "save" her, they would have called Moki, who is the one who supported her the most during all the hate she suffered in the last years. But Moki isnt there and her absence wasnt cuz of underperforming...

    This is why when I read racist comments towards her in this forum (questioning her identity as Italian), even though her case was already explained 1001 times, much more because of the current atmosphere that Italy is living now (she was again attacked in the media, in a book released by a current general from the Italian army some days ago), I only think: Gosh...I dont remember any vball player, female or male, who is carrying so much weight on their shoulders. People should read ot try to think twice before writing. All this goes further and beyond vball and the Italian users here know it.

    Wow, I have just noticed that Patricia Aranda is still playin for Spain :white: And she is 44. She might be the oldest player in the whole competition. Btw, NED x ESP was a match between two teams with 3 setters by side.

    It is a pity to see such a beautiful venue almost empty :( I know, it is only a EST x SVK, but sometimes I think federations could do much more (if they are interested or care) in order to avoid this. In countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina or Peru, when they have hosted tournaments (from continental championships, youth or junior category), they find a way to at least fill the main seats, so it doesnt look so empty. They usually invite girls/boys from local vball academies, school (or the ones who are in summer camps), etc for free in order to cheer for the teams and make the atmosphere friendlier.

    Nigeria needs Egonu, Omoruyi and Nwakalor trio:roll:

    Once again, such a stupid and lame comparison. For comments like this, Egonu suffered a break down during the last ECH. Even though it was said multiple times, their cases are totally different. These three players were born in Italy, raised up in Italy, learnt how to play this sport in Italy and fruit of the organised Italian vball system + hunting. Paola even speaks with a typic Veneto accent from Cittadella, while Sylvia with a Lombard one. These three players speak Italian much better than many other Italians. The fact their origins are African dont make them less Italian. And...why nobody mention/mentioned Malinov or Fahr, whose origins arent "Italians" either? Perhaps cuz they are white? We all know the answer: RACISM.

    Carutasu case is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. If you want to troll back, at least get straight well the facts. Her case is comparable (in a way) to Aguero and, much more, Costagrande. Even today we had a similar (not identical) case in front of us: Antropova. But not, in the narrow-minded view: attacking the players with black background...

    Egonu won't play. She's on bench. Piccinini on TV didn't go open, but made everyone understand she's by Paola's side and talked about Mazzanti's weird choices.

    For the ones who know about what is going on, Francesca was very clear. It was not a subtle message. But for the ones who arent into vball, it was not that clear. I am surprised because Rai commentators didnt say anything, actually they nodded.

    Btw: L'Arena è sempre fantastica, tanta nostalgia :love: What a marvelous court.

    Racism, racism as way to defend, stereotypes, answers that not even my cousin who is 5yo in the kindergarden would dare to reply, common phrases...:thumbdown:

    Antropova has been added to Italy's roster on CEV site, so it seems like she'll definitely play.

    Regarding this, Im still surprised there is any official statement from CEV. According to what I read, it isnt still 100% sure that Antropova could play this ECH. As it was already stated, she wasnt included in the first list. But Italy has appealed to one article of the regulation of the tournment for her enrolling. I'm wondering which one :/

    In the other hand, Volleyworld social networks has not lost the chance to continue to communicate in a way to only get likes thanks to generating controversy. A post which was shared by Moki later...

    Colombia look so bad… I don’t know what happened to them

    I read that Colombian players + Rizzola (HC) have a serious argument against their federation. He spoke out some weeks ago that this year his players and him have suffered more than the last year, as well as many problems in logistics and organization. Likewise, the team was not complete (the professional staff) at the beginning of the season, the infrastructure wasnt ready either, etc, so they had to travel from one city to another in Colombia. Plus, Rizzola denounced that the come back trip after the Challenger Cup was a total odyssey: their federation has cut down the budget for trips, so they had to sleep at the airport (from 15h to 9h of the following day). They didnt even have money for the lunch and dinner, the players had to pay for it themselves and well, we all know how tall the players are, it was super uncomfortable to sleep there. At the last: their best player (Marin, the setter) is severe injured since some months, but she had to play cuz there was anyone who could replace her.

    After the death of the former president (Lloreda, during the pandemic cuz of COVID), Colombian Volleyball federation has totally lost the north. They have even not presented a squad for the youth/junior South American championships some times. And this is why he said there is no replacement. There is a big gap between their "golden" generation and the rest.

    TV Host: After De Gennaro and Chirichella, Caterinna Bosetti is out too. Strong reactions in the social networks, but the HC defends his choices.

    Mazzanti: There are many players that I left out who deserve to be in the NT. Not only Monica, but also Cristina, Alessia, Sarah. Im not the one who decides who is right or wrong (in or out). (:/) But then when you choose, it looks like politics: "denying" a player, but it isnt what the HC of NT does.

    I honestly dont think Mazzanti will ever cut Egonu off. According to all what I have read in Italian presss, forums, articles, etc; at max what Mazzanti could do is to provoke Egonu decides to quit from the NT. As it was already pointed out, Egonu is the kind of player who takes time in order to get in rhythm, because she is still error-prone. But with all the due respect towards Nwakalor, we would see how many points down Mazzanti will wait in order to play Egonuball...and if Paola is still cold, well, she will probably miss and be exposed once again towards the poisonus Italian media...and we all know what could happen later.

    It so (unnecessary) dramatic. So Italian.