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    I think he's talking about Artamonova going to London.

    AFAIK she went to London with a injury and didn't play a single match. She also went to Beijing after being already retired...wasn't playing well in years at least in terms of NT

    When I mentioned Artamonova case, I wanted to point out she went to the Olympics more than one when she wasnt part of the whole process, the whole Olympic cycle. She came back more than one time in order to get the so desired gold medal. She wasnt great like during the 90s and early 00s, but she was called cuz she was quite solid in reception.

    She did almost all the dirty job in the IOQT in Japan in 2012, where Russia finished undefeated and she was starter.

    She went injured to Athens 2004. I really dont remember her playing any match. I remember her always in the bench. Actually, praying in the epic SF match against Brazil.

    In London 2012, she played some matches as starter. Like it was pointed out, she did a great job with Kryuchkova in reception. But on the main matches, she was benched by Sokolova.

    Oh gosh. Even though I do love Piccinini, I do consider she is a symbol of not only Italian vball, but of world vball, I really dont think she will be an asset for her NT. Her skills could still have a good impact, but I am not sure if it will be good for the lockeroom spirit.

    I think she is better now than 4 years. She could have gone to Rio, but she stepped down. Which were her reasons back then?

    This story remembers a little bit what happened with Artamonova-Estes.

    Hande was by far the best outside of whole tournament and could be named as MVP as well but I understand Meryem was outstanding when it mattered most

    Another undeserved title for Wolosz:down: Naz or hanke should have been rewarded, I agree with the rest

    I agree on Hande. She was, by far, the most balanced OH during the whole tournment. She had some blackouts in reception, but beyond that, she was super solid.

    I strongly disagree about Naz. She was a key player in the SF against Poland. But not thanks to her setting skills, but cuz of her leadership along Eda. She defended well, she always supported and cheer up her team, blocked or covered well, etc. But if we strictly judge her setting, well, some choices were just tragic, as well as her sets to the MBs. Sometimes even U-18 mistakes. A player as Naz doesnt have to show anything to the public in order we know she is great, but she was far from her best days in this tournment. We know the reasons.

    In the other hand, Hanke was the most solid one for me. Even though her MBs arent great, she manage to involve them in the game, as well as her OOS balls to Lippmann and Orthmann and fast balls to Geerties. She collapsed with her team in the Final, when it mattered the most, but she wasnt off since the first point, she tried her best.

    About Wolosz, well, I have already given my points a lot of time. She is a great setter in system, out of it, not. And she has a lot of responsability for that 4th set lost.

    Naz >>>>>>>>>>>>> Cansu

    You cant train experience. That's the summary of this match.

    Congrats Turkey! But most of all, CONGRATS EDA! She really deserves this qualification. Even though Italy is one of fav teams, it was heartbreaking watching Eda crying after the 2016 final in Ankara, really. After such a mistakes by Ferhat and so on.

    This qualifier was just a bloodbath. It is really a pity that teams like Poland, Netherlands and even Germany with their nerves, are out.

    We shouldnt forget that Turkey was just 1 point away from watching the Olympics via TV. So it shows us how balanced was this tournment. They were the fav as well as NED, but they worked their ass for this ticket. So happy for Eda!

    Oh Germany! You make a lot of us dream after such a flawless performance yesterday. But this is sport. Not only tecnique, also MIND. Germany never came to the match. Their heads were always in the hotel. It is a pity because the match could have been way more enterteining (sorry for the Turkish fans, I know you loved it was an east 3-0, maybe your hearts couldnt deal with another nail-bitting match after yesterday :D).

    Germany hasnt come into the court yet. Their minds are still in the hotel or lockerroom.

    Turkey is playing its usual and well known game. Not underperforming as yesterday, but not over the standards. But again, it isnt Turkish fault that the biggest problem of Germany now is themselves.

    Volleyball is also a mental game guys, as almost all the sport. We shouldnt forget that guys. You could have trained a lot, you could have amazing skills, such a high jump, be well known cuz of your poisonous serves, etc but when the head isnt on the court, you just arent there.

    Turkish girls really know how to cope with it. I know they are a young team too, but having players as Eda and Naz, two warriors of 1001 battles, it helps a lot. And some girls have already played a lot of VNL matches, clutch matches in TL and so on. And sure, just check who is on the bench.

    It isnt Turkey fault that Germany is so so so shaky and it isnt able to show their well organized game. Matches like this we have watched so so so many (Slovenia in both ECH final, Cuba in 2010 WCH, etc, etc).

    Sure, the germans still have some time to wake up, but it is set 2 already. As neutral fan, I would like to watch a tighter match.

    Pogany is underperforming in such a bad way. Not only in reception (Turkey is serving way better than in the last matches), but most of all, in defense, which was her biggest strength during all the tournment, Miscommunication, missing tips, interrumpting Hanke, etc. Calm down girl!

    In the other hand, Naz LOVES to play this kind of matches. She has fire on her eyes.

    GER just looks so so so tense. You could see that in their faces. Barely smiling. Their transition is just a mess, not so well organized as in the previous matches. Balls that were well defended, now fall easily. But Turkey is serving well too.

    GER was way the underod in this tournment, They were in a dream through almost all the tournment. They have just woke up today and notice that they are just one match away from Tokyo, the almost impossible goal some weeks ago. There is also the fear to win. Sometimes it happens.

    Love all the team spirit that Eda is giving now. You need this kind of players in this kind of matches.

    Congrats South Korea! Congrats Lavarini and KYK! Well deserved ticket.

    It is such a pity for Thailand, after those two heart breaking elimination in the last 8 years. At least this wasnt so tragic like the previous two.

    End of one generation again.

    I know I am really late with this, but Congrats Turkey! What a match! Not the best vball, but the half and end of fourth set paid it off! I would not have liked to be Turk or Pole during the end of that match.

    Turkey, once again, as almost all the good teams when they are against the strings, show that plus, that fighting spirit. In Spanish it is called: "suerte del campeòn", or like "champion's luck". It wasnt luck at all, but Turkey knew how to manage the nerves in the 4th set.

    Even though Cansu has been playing better and she is the starter, you DO need Naz experience in this kind of matches. I know she had TERRIBLE sets to her MBs, specially Eda, but she adds block, defense and EXPERIENCE. I dont want to sound mean towards Poland, but Turkey underperformed a bit. With just a little more contribution from the MBs, we wouldnt have watched a tie-break. And the pass wasnt so tragic, some times Naz had a perfect pass and her sets to the MBs were unwatchable. Germany is a team which doesnt do so many silly mistakes as Poland.

    In the other hand....oh Polska! The same script of the last years. At least, you know how to deal with it. From missing two WCH in a row to be in the VNL final 6, back to SF in ECh and just one point away for fighting for the last ticket to Tokyo. You should be proud of that!

    For me, even though Smarzek didnt show all her potential and she was well controlled by Turkey, the weakest link was Wolosz. She is a great setter, as I said it so many times before, but still missing the little ingredient. This is sth that has happened since day one in this tournment: setting to Stysiak thinking she is Hill or Sylla. Setting to her MBs thinking they are Folie or Robin. Some times you just need a high ball to position 4 and wait in defense, instead of trying to make so much magic. Less is more. Like Lo Bianco once said: setters are like waiters. If the client (spiker) asks us for a Pepsi, despite of I think Coca Cola is better, I shall give him a Pepsi.

    In those free balls in match point at the end of 4th set, she could have just set to Alagierska. Nobody was waiting for her. Smarzek was in backrow, blocked and defended many times by Akoz, who was alwayas waiting for her. She could have even ended with a second touch. By true legends, as Venturini, Maja, etc would have had the balls to do it.

    Anyway, this kind of matches are decided by details.

    The curse continues... So far none of the host qualified, I think Dom has the best shot breaking the curse.

    It would be a SHOCK if DOM doesnt qualify. Really. CAN without Bailey isnt the same. It is such a pity she got injured in the VNL qualifier. With her, Canada beat 3-0 DOM at home.

    First of all, congrats Germany! What a display! Really! Almost flawless! Germany played the pure vball style: AS A TEAM! It is a 6-player sport. They played in that way in all the extension of the word. Sure that Lippmann is their main weapon, but Orthmann really helped her a lot, as well as the MBs, even though they were bashed, they did more than what it was expected. Loved how Geerties and Pogany were always ready to cover the spikes of Orthmann and Lippmann in the OOS balls. German transition and counter attacks were really nice to appreciate.

    Pogany has been great, but I do still think that Duhr would have been a bigger asset.

    What a pity for NED. We always know that in the ECH qualifier, we will see A LOT of tears. It is the most balanced one. NED didnt have a good summer, I still think they should have pointed more in the World Cup. This tournment gives the same points than Olympics and it wasnt so clear if they would have been in Tokyo, like it happened now.

    We have just watched the end of an generation now.