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    When will Egonu (Nigerian origin) or Antropova (naturalized) play for italian NT?

    For comments like this one, the subtle racism players like Egonu has to experience is still latent. Even if we want to troll back meaningless users (when the best would be to simple ignore, cuz we know those users are only looking for attention they dont get at home), we shall get our facts straight, gosh, seriously.

    Vargas is completelely not comparable to Egonu, 0%, at all. Costagrande and Aguero cases are the ones who could be used instead.

    Likewise, Antropova is not comparable. Her case is like Sorokaite's one. These are 3 totally different scenarios.

    As someone alread wrote: it is like comparing orange with apples.

    why do you care about erdogan's money? tvf has like 30 sponsors.

    and why this is even allowed? this is political. when i wrote political, it got deleted.

    I do agree. If we all want to avoid endless discussion, it should also be warned to keep highlighting "Erdogan's money". It is also political. As it was pointed out, TVF has many other fundings, many other sources.

    I could understand the surprise (and anger) by Serbian users here, practically the same what Netherlands experienced one Olympic cycle ago, but at the end I strongly believe TVF should not be the only one to "blame" or call out. There is also a part who agreed, nobody threated Santarelli to accept this new offer.

    We all know (in different sports, as well as vball) examples of many players and coaches who refused exorbitant offer$ cuz they valued other aspects, not only money. Likewise, at the end it is a matter of "ethics". Santarelli didnt do anything "illegal"...but unethical (for me). At the end ethics is "relative".

    What Paola says in this video? she looks happier

    She is saying: "It was beautiful, it was really beautiful. Not even the regret that remains. It was beautiful to share this with the girls (the other teammates), the staff. Especially for the journey we have done, since I am in the NT.

    "For me, this is a seconday thing" (sorry I cant listen the question from the journalist, too low). I am very proud of my teammates, without them, I would not be anyone. So, I am grateful to have them, who understands me, who supports me. At the end I can be a child, I am young, sometimes I could have my down moments, but they support me".

    She was asked regarding the phrases she received before and after the match, as which is the "truth", she replied: "we could also ask to the one who said that".

    She was asked if she will continue in the NT team. She answered: "For the moment I am happy for this bronze. For the moment, I dont know. We will see for the next season".

    She was asked if she had the chance to change sth in this WCH, beyond the SF against Brazil, what would she changed. Paola: Absoutely nothing. The most beautiful moment for her in thiw WCH was winning today match despite of the adversities, she is proud of her team.

    As I said before, there is a world outside the court. One could like or not Egonu as a player, even for fun she could be called "Erronu", etc but what she has living since some years ago is just too much for anyone, not only her.

    For the ones who really know her story (all what she had to face and fight while she lived in Veneto, starting her vball career there, all the unprononceable slurs she has been receiving since she was U13, it is simply too much.

    Being the face of this new (and talented) Italian NT also brings huge responsability, much more after the success in the last WCH (not even the most fervent Italian fan expected a medal in that tournament). Great part of the Italian media, as well as fans and occasional fans pointed her out as the main responsible from the Tokyo debacle, when this is a team sport. I already shared what she was living in that tournament, plus the huge weight of the media in order to finally grab a medal (Italy has never got one in the Olympucs, let's remember that). Likewise, in a way she wanted to be used as an example of the "new Italy": an Italy made of sons and daugthers from migrants, from different backgrounds, ethnicities,but at the end all "azzurre", representing it. That integration is possible. For the ones who have watched the match on Rai Tv, this was very often mentioned during the tv broadcasts. Again, it was a heavy weight (political and social one) on her shoulders. If we add her being a woman (Zaytsev for example has not faced this in this extreme, nor Travica, Lasko, Baranowicz, etc), being LGBT (she has also talked this with super naturality) and black, of course it is the perfect combination for being the centre of attack of the right wing. Many people wait from her debacle in order to state integration is not possible, that she doesnt perform well, she doesnt "sweat the Italian jersey" cuz she isnt enough Italian... It is just gross, disrespectful and a pity. Paola speaks Italian with a strong Venetian accent (at least some years ago), her grammar and vocabulary is way better than many Italians who criticise her and she behaves as any Italian girl/woman of her age.

    Let's remember that the current team has many players with non Italian background: Malinov, Lubian, Fahr. Maybe soon Antropova. But it is always remarked the presence of Sylla and Egonu (from both sides, left and wing).

    We like supports and fans, who know better this world, should always take in consideration which is the border between a critic, a joke and bullying and attacking a player, even if we dont like her for XYZ reasons.

    😩 Poor Egonu. I read somewhere she wanted to give up playing volleyball after Tokyo. I think this might be one of the reasons why. Now I feel like I just wanna hug her.

    Before and during Tokyo Olympics, Paola was living a very stressfull and private issue. She only made in public after the tournament. If I am not wrong, her grandfather passed away (or another close relative) and she was not able to tell him goodbye. She didnt try to excuse at all, but it was one factor of her poor performance.

    Sometimes I wonder why she receives so much hate from the "side" she should not, the one which should be proud of her. She is the daugther of migrants, LGBT+ and a woman. Unfortunately the attracks from the far-right (for example, Adinolfi comments <X) are expected.

    Likewise, it is good that she is clever enough to not be "used" nor "exploited" for propaganda.

    Sorry for :offtopic:

    Love Brazil compact and high volume game, they are working as a team now. So nice to see that. Some minor mistakes, but they are all IN. Hats off for Rosamaria, she is holding the pressure of being the main target of Italian services. Nevertheless, Orro is playing a huge role for Brazil :D Her decisions are more than questionables. Egonu seems still off, only Danesi and Moki are all in. Pity that Bosetti is nowhere close her season club form these last two matches, it would this SF way more interesting. Pietrini not even the half of her ECH form either.

    Carolana is just :flower: She is locked with her award as best MB. Regardless the outcome, for me she is also a serious candidate as MVP. Many will say Gabi (me too), but Carol has also had a huge impact for Brazil performance, her key blocks in key moments, as well as defending and, setting, which surprised me a lot.

    Congrats Brazil! Congrats Japan! But such a match like this...didnt deserve to end in that was epic how Japan saved 3 consecutive attacks and then spike on the net.

    Hats off from both team, especially Brazil, for overcoming two sets. They need to watch out against Italy...especially on reception (the key of their game).

    Respect for Japan..would have loved to see them in SF if they were in the other side of the tournament.

    Japan has tied 8-8 in such a fiercy way. I dont want any team to lose...but damn it...Japan levelled the score after tons of marvellous defences. They are in GODDESS defence mode on. Im speechless, it has been a while Japan doesnt excell in this department. At in the tie-break.

    Brazil has to be careful and dont is hard. And run the Carols as much as possible.