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    I too agree with Joana. Croatia not bad individually, but sucks as team. Not that rare in professional team sports, you know...

    Anyway, Italy still not showing anything noteworthy. :down: If Russians play to their standard level, they will crush them.

    People, we have only seen Netherland in 3 matches...I repeat THREE MATCHES! While they were excellent, lets wait before we all proclaim them the champions, yes? :aww:

    Correct. I was about to write something along those lines.

    If people are mainly referring to game against Italy, this level Italy would not give you a good benchmark to talk about. Netherlands should compete against other top teams in this tournament.
    And we really need to see how they play critical points when things do not go well and when you need mental toughness. Those are question marks right now.
    Of course nobody can deny Guidetti factor, but it really is too soon to have certain conclusions about Netherlands.

    Actually before ECH I was expecting a medal from Turkey. To be more precise, I was thinking of Serbia - Turkey final with high possibility.
    But nobody can underestimate Guidetti factor in Netherlands, things he couldn't do with German team are now perfectly doable with the Netherlands team.

    Turkey is just playing optimum volleyball considering early opponents, will surely lift their games for better opponents. And we all know that Turkey usually get into the flow on later stages. And after the big break for key players, that is just so normal. I guess everything will be fine for Turkey.

    Well, all those aspects should be taken care of by the coach, so he is basically the entire iceberg :lol:
    Anyway, I understand what you meant: the fact that he's not effective during the match is not the only weakness of this team. Yes, I agree, but in the end, despite all the other problems that you have listed (which are totally real), Fener has not been that far from Ecza and Vaki and probably with some better adjustments during the games by Abbondanza his team would have been in Poland today.

    Exactly this is all about coaching.

    Being in FF is an other matter;
    One should not forget that cause of the competition system, in any case only one team can be FF Finalist, so each year it can be either Vakif, Ecz or Fener. So we can't really be sure who makes the final, it is only decided by 2 games for playoffs, and one semi-final game between these teams. So all I can care is if these teams are managed to their full potentials.

    So here I think Fener is not managed properly to its full potentials, that is why we are discussing management and Abbondanza.

    And a note:
    These teams have an interesting statistics between each other in Tr league.

    Fener 2-0 against Ecz.
    Ecz 2-0 against Vakif.
    Vakif 2-0 against Fener.

    So this is very very interesting!

    Basically Eczacı, Vakif and Fener are roughly on similar levels. The biggest obstacle for Fener is the coach abbondanza. As a coach unlike Guidetti and Caprara, he has very limited effect on game in progress. When game strategy needs changes through out the game he fails badly in that department. This ability is on high levels in Guidetti and Caprara.

    Fener and Abbondanza should really part their ways.

    Bu still Fener managed to beat Eczacı in both matches in Turkish League.

    agee on that one. perhaps the worst performance they have this year yet was able to push through 5 sets. of course, big thumbs up for turkey for not succumbing to brazil and not being intimidated. all throughout the match, they never doubted their chance to beat brazil. totally well deserved win! :drink: both negative and positive side to this story is that brazil will definitely look out for them in their next match, if you know what i mean. :lol:

    brazil played really poorly. but on the other hand, i love it that ze roberto inserted Carol! that will certainly be a big confidence builder for her cuz she played really great! she definitely justified her presence here in WGP. :super: does this mean goodbye for adenizia? :roll: lastly, Gabi solidified herself as the 3rd OH. she can definitely take Jaq's or Garay's place if either one of them play bad in WCH.

    Not really, Brazil had bad games before but manage to win games at the end, this time Turkey made them pay for it.
    I think the bad look of the Brazil team is due to good servers and good blocking of Turkey team.
    And I should also mention that, after Brazil made it 2-2, the main distinction is that, Turkey team kept their coolness and motivation, unlike other teams Brazil faced.

    Exactly, that is the only way to win. Turkey treated Brazil as any other team.
    Generally being confident is the key. I for one sure that Turkish girls have got high confidence levels, which only few teams have.

    And basically that is because these girls with their clubs, won major club competitions, so that develops their winning attitude. At the end you begin to perform better in critical situations with less pressure.

    For ex, Kubra won European and World Championships with Turkey NT youth teams, these definitely help as player development.

    I won't be suprised a bit if Turkey wins gold in this grand prix.

    Baharazza Toksoj killing the brazilians by her serve :white: Brazil is so messy today, Garaj and Jacqueline very unstable in reception, Sheilla not able to end any balls... Now It's 6-1 :whistle:

    Baharazza Toksoj killing the brazilians by her serve :white: Brazil is so messy today, Garaj and Jacqueline very unstable in reception, Sheilla not able to end any balls... Now It's 6-1 :whistle:

    I think, the nearly perfect game of Turkey, do not let Brazilians play their own game.

    I sometimes think that you guys live on the Moon, seriously. The only encounter vs Turkey on the neutral pitch was for Germany. I have seen how Turkey "beat" their opponents in Ankara/Istanbul :). I do not see much of a talent in Turkish team, apart from the left-handed opp. (Do note that the key players are not in their teens.) I may be wrong, of course, let us wait so they can prove their stellar level that you insist on. So far Turkey has not won anything, despite of all blah-blah, you have to agree here.

    Now, there is no such thing as "top clubs" and "high ambitions" in female volleyball. It is an absolutely underfunded competition and the "top league" is not that hard to organize, Azerbaijan being a good example. (Look e.g. how much tougher it is to get a decent men volleyball league.) All but one Turkish players are employed in their home league, which gained the top status thanks to Italian financial issues rather than due to the progress of Turkish volleyball. I therefore do not see much of an ambition among the Turkish players, apart from No13 who traveled worldwide in search of the best options.

    Had Germany been doing worse in football, their home volleyball league would have had more attention (=more cash inflow.) In this case, they would be able to set a NT based of one of the home league clubs... and we would probably not debate these things here :). Same applies to USA, Russia etc where the money is being spent predominantly on other sports.

    I thought we were discussing Turkey NT and German NT performances, but looks like you have some other stuff in your mind and I am all against your opinions.
    Sorry but these are not rational enough for me to answer; such as "I have seen how Turkey "beat" their opponents in Ankara/Istanbul".
    By the way there were not any grand prix matches in Istanbul, so please check the matches you have watched, you might have watched something else, after seeing your comments on those matches.
    So which part of the moon are you from, I guess you should be from the 'Dark Side'.
    End of story for me.

    Well, Germany beat Turkey and their game vs Russia was very close. They should have played a better game vs Italy, no doubts here. I am sorry but noone can deserve anything by having "a stronger squad" elsewhere - we're talking about real actual teams not might-have-beens :).

    I would say they are pretty close. However, Turkey used to have a left-handed opp who was perhaps the only genuinely excellent player in their squad, with Kozuch not being an even match by far. In the middle, Germany is doing better as Turkey has never had the likes of Fuerst. I think the only was of answering who's better is watching them play each other, do we agree here?

    Are you fully aware of the results of this wgp. Turkey beat Russia, US, Japan, Italy and Serbia. without some key players, whereas if not mistaken Germany only able to beat Serbia. Actually you can not really compare talent and experience levels of these teams. Most of the players of Turkish team playing in Top Clubs with high ambitions, so the winning mentality is not something easily placed on teams. Even sub players in their respective clubs performing at this levels is only good for the future.

    Actually I feel that only magic with Germany is guidetti factor, I really do want to see how they perform with someone else. The only game they took from Turkey, is due to guidetti, he basically knowS every detail of every Turkish NT players. ( I mean even his wife is in there.) : )

    No disrespect to Barbolini but I really want to see how Turkey NT would be with Guidetti as Coach.