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    Does anyone knows if Milenkovic will be considered on the books a World Champion and be given a Gold Medal....or her name has been simply been ruled out as if she was never a member of the team?

    heartbreaking watching Egonu,Sylla,Malinov all crying together,

    Don't worry, Her name was mentioned after they gave Terzic gold medal. And I saw Pusic has two medals on her neck when the team was taking photo. So I think she'll receive her own gold medal and mascot.


    Is there any chance to support video embed?

    1. [img][/img]

    Although this bbcode works well for gif.

    The problem is, gif size could be very large. (in this case: 27.1 MB)

    While in mp4 format is only 3.53MB.

    I've try this code in "Source Code" mode, but this only works in editor. Preview and Post will remove the video.

    1. <video poster="//" preload="auto" autoplay="autoplay" muted="muted" loop="loop" webkit-playsinline="" style="width: 728px; height: 408px;"><br><source src="//" type="video/mp4"></video>

    By the way, Wikipedia (sort of reliable information) states that Serbia is already qualified to the final 6. Is it true? In this case Serbia could just play with the bench players and help Japan even more.

    Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source since anyone could edit the content.

    for future reference ... I right-clicked your link and "copy link location", then pasted that into "Open Network" in VLC. Is that what you mean? That's how I do it with the links (after harvesting them per your instructions) and it works


    1. Enter my link, you'll see many links inside

    2. choose one proper link you want (this is what you need to paste into player)

    Another question about streaming, this time about FIVB's platform. Has anyone subscribed to the FIVB TV? How and where exactly? Their website seems empty, no matter if you try to subscribe or sign in.

    I am considering it as an alternative to Sportdeutschland which seem to have problems with some streams (right now JPN-BEL is not present) and since Thursday only some games are available on demand.

    You can search keywords like "volleyball rotation 5-1" to learn the relationship of rotation and position. (5-1 means 5 attackers and 1 setter, most of the top teams use this line up)

    To know the rotation of receving team, I usually watch the setter's position first, then others will be easy to recognize.

    akiyaLai, you are a champion. I can't thank you enough for the solution to get the german streams. I'm going to give this a try. I've downloaded the program and am trying some proxies from free-proxy list. A few failures so far but I'll keep at it. I use Russia to watch them so I'm trying proxies from Russia.

    I think you need to make sure which country is able to watch that video first, then use proxy from that country to download

    Last year when I had to VPN as another country to watch FIVB videos I could then change the address from youtube -> youpak and actually download the video. That doesn't seem to be working this year.

    There are a few of the FIVB Full Match Replays I'd like to download because they have commentary, whereas the sportsdeuschland do not.

    I'm very appreciative that I can watch the matches using a VPN, but does anyone know of a solution for downloading them? I've tried a few googled solutions like putting "ss" in front of youtube and magic and a few others. Nothing has worked.

    I successfully downloaded some GEO blocked matches from CEV's youtube channel last year by using 4K Video Downloader. (Setup a proper proxy for this tool). I suppose it still work, you can try it.