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    Fact check, Italy is one of the first countries in the EU and the Schengen Area to suspend air traffic from China though, after Czech Republic and Greece.

    Italian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza has issued a ‘decree closing air traffic to and from China’, in a bid to prevent the virus from spreading in Italy.

    From 10:00 am Beijing local time on January 23, 2020, local authorities have suspended air connections from Wuhan city. Following the identification of two cases of coronaviruses in the country, the Italian authorities, on January 30, 2020, announced the suspension of air traffic to / from China,” a document published by the Embassy of Italy in China reads.

    You're right, but after that Italy didn't take other appropriate measures.

    5 million people left Wuhan before lockdown...

    Anybody would have understood that this post "accusing" you of bringing corona to his city was a joke. Whether a good or a bad one is up to one's humour, but in this context I support the term "snowflake".

    Hey man, I don't agree. Don't count me in OK?

    Im not sure this is really relevant. You don't need to kiss or hug someone to spread the infection. Normal distance during a conversation is already enough for virus to spread to other person via aerosols. Also it is known that most of the masks don't help at all unless they are specialized medical material and changed quite often.

    Also it is known that most of the masks don't help at all unless they are specialized medical material and changed quite often.

    It's not true. Educating the public on how to use a mask correctly is better than finding one hundred reasons why mask is ineffective due to the wrong use of it.As the Korean expert in the film said, if the mask is ineffective, why do medical staff need to wear it?

    ps. I misunderstood what you meant. Although most masks do not have the effect of blocking the virus, wearing a mask can also reduce the frequency of touching the nose and mouth, I'd say it still has its effect.

    “ 'If #COVID19 only kills people above 40, why should we close schools' Bolsonaro now (using a teleprompter) on national TV. Zero mentions of the 46 victims in Brazil. And attacks on press and governors."

    What you saw happen in Italy and what is still happening there and the whole world... it's going to happen here in Brazil, and it will be worse, much worse... Just wait and see... And for me, I'm trying to stay calm, God knows I'm trying, but I don't know how much I can handle, I don't know how long I can take it... I know you all get pretty agitated when we talk about politics and that a lot of people won't care about any of this.. But this parasite needs to fuck the hell off, or worst, because, if he doesn't, we will (continue to) suffer... we will die!

    So, after all that off my chest... In the end, when this is all over, please, never forget what happened, remember to empathize with each other, remember that your life is worthy, A LOT, but as much as anyone's life and vote for what's right, for good people who cares about people, not capitalism puppets. Please!

    What a typical COVIDIOT :white: Ignorant is fearless

    1. Death number is not only a number. It may be someone's parents, grandparents, friends. It's life!

    2. Dr. Li Wen-Liang I have mentioned before he was only 34 year old. Inaction will lead to exposuring medical workers in high-risk environments and healthcare system collapse.

    3. RNA virus mutates quickly, This COVID-19 is currently not fatal to young people, but who knows how it will be? Take a look at the Spanish flu.

    Deadly second wave

    The second wave of the 1918 pandemic was much deadlier than the first. The first wave had resembled typical flu epidemics; those most at risk were the sick and elderly, while younger, healthier people recovered easily. By August, when the second wave began in France, Sierra Leone, and the United States, the virus had mutated to a much deadlier form. October 1918 was the deadliest month of the whole pandemic.

    When spike backward form the setter, they usually use two feet as a mirror of right-handed A/B quick.

    Cause the movement of left-handed player to do "slide" is from "right to left". It's rare to see left-handed player run slide from left to right(Very hard to spike).

    Thanks to ossubtus sharing some article about how Taiwan fight against coronavirus early and quickly.

    Taiwan learned a painful lesson from the epidemic caused by a virus of the same coronavirus family as the COVID-19. The country reported its first SARS case on March 14, 2003, and the total number of cases rose to 346 out of the 8,096 worldwide, including 73 deaths.

    To see how SARS spread in East Asia 17 years ago. You may understand why Hong Kong, Taiwan took early alert of Wuhan coronavirus.

    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Do not trust CCP.

    CCP is a recidivist who falsifies numbers. They try to hide and cover it up until they couldn't.

    When CCP says "Don't worry, it is controllable. ".

    -> WCHO: ok. controllable!

    -> Taiwanese (doubting): Damn. There must be out of control!! The real number might be 100 times isn't it?

    btw China and Taiwan use similar language, we can get some information from common people through social media.

    Police also arrest 8 people(so called whistleblower) who was warning online in December/Early January that there is an unknown pneumonia spreading in Wuhan. Accuse them of spreading rumors. Ironically, all 8 people are medical related workers.

    Whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang was diagnosed with the coronavirus and has died in Feb 6.

    Dr Li Wenliang has died - this is the man who became a hero in China after trying to warn the medical community about the coronavirus. He was told to be quiet by the authorities - before weeks later being diagnosed with the virus himself. BBC Chinese reports that Dr Li was declared dead on Thursday evening.
    But there's this too. "The news of his death triggered a huge wave of popular reaction on Weibo - China’s equivalent of Twitter.
    Journalists and doctors at the scene who do not want their names used, told the BBC that officials then decided to control the flow of information by ordering the doctor to be put back on life support and to change all official media reports from death to in critical condition." That attempt to shut down the story, looks to have failed - and official Chinese media are now again reporting the death of Dr Li.

    SARS whistleblower Dr. Jiang still under house arrest in China.

    WCHO sucks.

    WCHO refused to provide assistance to Taiwan during SARS for political reasons. Till now we are still excluded from WCHO


    In an interview with Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun last month, Vice President Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁), an epidemiologist, said that the WHO refused to provide assistance to Taiwan during SARS for political reasons.

    Taiwan found itself unable to access the latest information regarding the outbreak in China. As it is excluded from the UN health body, the country had to acquire the SARS virus strain from the CDC in the U.S. instead.

    “Many lives could have been saved if the WHO had granted Taiwan access to the medical resources and information needed to counter the virus,” Chen lamented.

    And this time...

    Since the past three days we have +6/+8/+10 imported cases in Taiwan.

    Our government decide to take stricter border control today.

    Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Wednesday (March 18) announced that as confirmed cases of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to stream in, all foreign visitors will be barred from entering the country and all travelers arriving in Taiwan must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine, effective on Thursday (March 19).


    Thanks. I thought "running sets" were like, ya know, the setter was on the run to get the pass, and standing sets were when she got a good pass--so the stats seemed more suited to reception/passing quality. Interesting stats now that I know what they are :thumbup:

    Still don't get why the reception % is so low compared to what we see in the V.League, tho :/

    Excellent reception means very good reception, setter can run all spikers and play tips/dump if he/she is in front row.

    Reception can be good but not sufficient excellent standard.

    This is Data Volley's definition:BbPHUaD.png