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    When spike backward form the setter, they usually use two feet as a mirror of right-handed A/B quick.

    Cause the movement of left-handed player to do "slide" is from "right to left". It's rare to see left-handed player run slide from left to right(Very hard to spike).

    Thanks. I thought "running sets" were like, ya know, the setter was on the run to get the pass, and standing sets were when she got a good pass--so the stats seemed more suited to reception/passing quality. Interesting stats now that I know what they are :thumbup:

    Still don't get why the reception % is so low compared to what we see in the V.League, tho :/

    Excellent reception means very good reception, setter can run all spikers and play tips/dump if he/she is in front row.

    Reception can be good but not sufficient excellent standard.

    This is Data Volley's definition:BbPHUaD.png

    That thread is a joke.

    Lack of reality, Lack of evidence and Full of fantasy.

    Is there something related to Imoco's style? They are a typical fast team that has been playing like this for years, which explains why Imoco's players get injured more often than other teams? I don't believe they are cursed or whatever.

    I don't think so.

    If you look at ITA NT(2017-now) and Pomi Casalmaggiore(2014-15), both are coached by Mazzanti and play similar system. They don't have these kind of injury problems.

    Haha me too, I can't understand some of your contradictory ratio. :rolll:

    My ranking

    1. Reception

    2. Defense

    3. setting

    But I won't give my numbers.

    I'm one of them;(

    You can follow this video to install and use ffmpeg

    The download instraction is quite easy and simple

    1. ffmpeg -i "m3u8 url" -c copy "outputFileName.ts"

    outputFileName can also specify the path you are going to save. ex: "E:\temp\outputFileName.ts"

    If you want to save it as mp4 file, change outputFileName.ts to outputFileName.mp4

    Hi, is there any way we can download the matches?

    I would love to download some on my computer.

    Use ffmpeg.

    However ffmpeg is a command line tool, some people may think it's too hard to use. :|

    I did too, first 10 minutes worked and some matches work. But Moscow vs Fenerbahce doesnt :wall::wall::wall: they want us to pay for something that doesnt even work :wavy:

    Same problem happened to me after 10 minutes of Moscow vs Fenerbahce.

    I was somthing like "WTF, Are the engineers watching Insidevolley? How can they fix it so quick?":white:

    But everything went right later. I believe that's just a problem caused by their server.…ules_2017-2020-EN-v06.pdf


    19.1.3 The Libero on court is the Acting Libero. If there is another Libero, he/
    she is the second Libero for the team.
    Only one Libero may be on court at any time.

    19.3.2 Libero Replacements The regular replacement player may replace and be replaced by
    either Libero. The Acting Libero can only be replaced by the regular
    replacement player for that position or by the second Libero

    Does anyone knows if Milenkovic will be considered on the books a World Champion and be given a Gold Medal....or her name has been simply been ruled out as if she was never a member of the team?

    heartbreaking watching Egonu,Sylla,Malinov all crying together,

    Don't worry, Her name was mentioned after they gave Terzic gold medal. And I saw Pusic has two medals on her neck when the team was taking photo. So I think she'll receive her own gold medal and mascot.


    Is there any chance to support video embed?

    1. [img][/img]

    Although this bbcode works well for gif.

    The problem is, gif size could be very large. (in this case: 27.1 MB)

    While in mp4 format is only 3.53MB.

    I've try this code in "Source Code" mode, but this only works in editor. Preview and Post will remove the video.

    1. <video poster="//" preload="auto" autoplay="autoplay" muted="muted" loop="loop" webkit-playsinline="" style="width: 728px; height: 408px;"><br><source src="//" type="video/mp4"></video>

    By the way, Wikipedia (sort of reliable information) states that Serbia is already qualified to the final 6. Is it true? In this case Serbia could just play with the bench players and help Japan even more.

    Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source since anyone could edit the content.

    for future reference ... I right-clicked your link and "copy link location", then pasted that into "Open Network" in VLC. Is that what you mean? That's how I do it with the links (after harvesting them per your instructions) and it works


    1. Enter my link, you'll see many links inside

    2. choose one proper link you want (this is what you need to paste into player)