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    Fenerbahce is the one of best Clubs in the World not because of awards, 3 years in prism of 52 years is nothing, but because of Fans who say these words as mantra.
    Without Them Fenerbahce would be like Germany's Traktor Schwerin which was one time CL Champion in 1968.

    Whenever I read your posts it reminds me of a famous quote.


    don't argue with an idiot he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience

    That quote sums you up perfectly.

    Very good decision by CEV. If Someone thinks that big money in back gives rights to do everything without rules.. may watch CL only on TV.

    So if Fener would've reached the finals in Turkish league was CEV going to accept them regardless ?

    I doubt it's a case of not following rules and if so CEV never issued a warning, penalty or fine.
    And let's say Fener did violate the rules, then why is CEV accepting Fener in CEV CUP ?

    no it show as how weak Italian league is.

    I think you've mistaken rich for strong. Even so, I disagree.
    By your logic, all leagues are weak since even in the most famous leagues there are only a handful of big teams.
    Bergamo, Novara, Pesaro didn't even finish their league in the top 5. Villa, Bergamo, Novara, Pesaro yet Yamamay became the champions and won the CEV. That alone shows how rich the Italian league is. Sure they're not great at the moment and are going through ups and downs but it doesn't take away from their consistency even in bad times.

    Of course that's how I feel about it and I respect your opinion.

    She may play as OH, from rumors She may play in Brazil.

    Polish media writes that in Fenerbahce will be Gamova and Asian Gamova.

    True or not (I don't believe it, think Gamova will stay with Kazan) but I don't think having Gamova + Kim will be a good thing.
    I'd prefer if Fener would pursue an OH instead of an OPP to balance their D with their O. Having Gamova is great but will put a big load on your D and I don't think Fener has a squad that can fill in those voids. If Logan is gone they should focus on acquiring another type like Kim, Sokolova...all around complete players who can play the OPP as well as OH positions and defend well enough. That was their key success this year. They can switch Kim to OPP this way and acquire a complete high level OH (that does a lot of things well and one thing great kind of like Sokolova, Kim). Defensively no one can fill the void of Logan (and her serves are the best) but as long as that OH can defend well enough it'll be an upgrade since Logan was VERY weak offensively. That difference would make Fener a stronger team next year. Of course I'm assuming Kim and Sokolova stay...if they don't Fener won't be able to recover from that and their chances of repeating would be slim.

    May she rest in peace.

    But the reasons for her death are very suspicious. She was a strong player and her operation for her achilles tendon shouldn't result in death.

    Bergamo team was too weak during regular season in Serie A, they took 6th place. As a result they won't play in european cups.

    It's sad that a club with such history as Bergamo will not be in champions league.
    But it also shows how rich the league is in terms of candidates.