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    I'm sorry, but the analogy with corruption or terrorism doesn't apply here. The IOC has said that "the presumption of innocence of Russian athletes was being put seriously into question" after the report that came out last week. Doping in Russia it's a systemic problem and a scheme was planned and sponsored by the Russian government.

    Also, at least 8 positive doping results from Russian volleyball players had been hid in the last 4 years. So, of course we can't say for sure that Gamova, Startseva or whatever definitely was used doping, but speculate about it makes sense.

    Of course people will suspect about doping of any Russian athlete right now. To think this is some kind of prejudice is laughable.
    The Russian government is involved in all of this, for God's sake!

    Fully agree with you.

    In the doping report is written that 8 indoor and 2 beach players were doped between 2012-2015 but not caught because their samples were hidden (if I understood it right). FIVB requested the names of the guilty players from WADA (I think), so when they get them they'll know more. And if it was between 2012-2015, meldonium was not illegal, so the players must have taken something else.

    Yep! That's right.

    Also, the IOC will not allow any Russian athlete that already tested positive for doping in the past to be on Rio 2016, even if this athlete has faced previous punishments.

    It has nothing to do with Cold War paranoia.

    Since allegations were made about doping on the Russian track and field program, new accusations surfaced in other sports. The investigation is international but the allegations were made by Russian whistleblowers.
    Tomorrow, they'll disclose the results of the investigations about doping in Sochi 2014. Some insiders are saying that the investigation will show that doping in Russia is a systemic problem and a scheme was put together by members of the Russian Olympic Committee as well the Sports Ministry Office.

    If that's true, Russia's situation is really bad because the IOC already talked about zero-tolerance policy about doping.
    Maybe the IOC will ban Russia from the next Winter Games and won't from Rio 2016. But something should be done.

    Is Bernandinho for real? I mean you need to chill out and take a pill! If he continues like this in a few years, he might end in a mental hospital...

    Bernardinho behaves like that since the 90's, when he used to coach the Brazilian Women's NT.

    It's very Karpol-esque, but on pills. :lol:

    Not everyone is saying, but a lot of people have said that in the last page.

    Anyway, let's see how the team bounce back in the next rounds.

    About Servia, I loved the fighting spirit that they have played today. Brankica was on fire! Boskovic very reliable. They won more or less Russian style. Two hitters scoring like crazy. :obey:

    Brazil lost 2-3 for the USA in 2007 World Cup, after leading 2-0. They also have lost for Italy and Japan 3-0 on the same competition. So, not the first time that something like that happens. Making assumptions because just one game is kinda pointless.

    Brazil Men's played on a Thursday afternoon at 2pm. It was great that 4,000 people were there to see the game. And the men's team doesn't won any major competition in some years.

    Congrats to Serbia! Nice comeback from 0-2.

    But Brazil losses for 16-18 in the fifth against a top team, on a preliminary round and people here are like "Brazil is finished", "they'll never win again". Hahaha. C'mon! You're hilarious.

    Today, Zé took off Brait for Leia. In my opinion, he was trying to put pressure over Dani Lins and our pin hitters against a tall block, playing less the first ball because of a shanky pass. I liked the experience. Natália pulled it off. I'm sure he always think of China, USA and Russia when we are playing other teams before a huge competition. Our match against China next week will very important. Hope Lang Ping doesn't play Zé taking off the best players of China. :lol:

    I think Zé was putting pressure on Camila Brait. :teach:
    Brait was very shaky against Italy and Japan. Today he tried Leia and she was a lot more solid.
    Anyone who followed the last season of Brazilian League saw that Leia outperformed Brait. However, Brait has more international experience and probably will be the libero at the OG.

    There's a rumor out there saying that World Cup '19 won't qualify any teams to Tokyo 2020.

    FIVB is more willing to decrease the importance of the tournament instead of move the Cup outside Japan. :hit:

    Keeping it short: 1) Brazil lacks a solid OPP to sub in for Sheilla and Tandara. Ivna is a mess and I still would take Monique over her any day; Rosamaria could be a surprise, but she still delivers some uneven performances. 2) For OHs, Natália and Gabi are clearly the best, but I'm worried about reception as always - no one in the league is doing well passing other than Jaqueline. Suelle is alright-ish, but Pri Daroit is a big no imo. I'm interested in how Drussyla will develop with Bernardinho in Rio as I've liked her game whenever she entered in court. 3) Best options for MBs are obviously Bia and Carol, with possibly Mara, Roberta on bench (I like Fran from Pinheiros too). 4) Macris and Naiane are no-brainers for almost everyone, at least to be considered and tested.

    Well, I agree with almost everything you have said. I just wanna point out that Rosamaria was doing a superb season until she got injuried. She recovered in the end of the Superliga's Regular Season, but was clearly out of shape and played poorly in the playoffs.
    And I never would tought that this could come out my mouth, but I think Mari Paraiba deserve a chance too. Despite the last bad game against Rexona, she's doing a great Superliga in attack and as well in reception.

    Zé Roberto gave an interview last month saying that Brazil will organize a tournament between the end of August and the beginning of September. He stated: "It's not that easy to pull off, but the Netherlands is confirmed. We already sent invitations to Italy, Turkey, Russia, Poland and Bulgaria".

    I think that's great, but I don't know how this could happen simultaneously with the World Cup and the ECH. Maybe Zé got the schedule wrong. :sos: