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    I really like how many surprises we've seen already in this tournament,I mean many were expecting Turkey and the Netherlands to be the favorites,but (unless Azerbajan or Croatia pull some kind of an upset tomorrow) Poland and Germany will be the ones finishing top of their respective pools.I'm rooting for one of them to grab that ticket!!

    Same here! Hope to see both Germany and Poland in the final. :box:

    The best part in this drama is that she didn't want to leave. She wanted stay in Rzeszów. There was an interview in which she said some people wanted her to leave but she was hoping club management would renew her contract...

    I saw a rumor that she didn't have good relationships with Zaroślińska but I don't know wheather it's true.

    I lowkey hope none of them is gonna play for Kalisz as they have one more spot left and Werblińska will return playing for MKS as she lives there as far as I know. :rose:

    Netherlands - Italy 0:3

    China - Japan 3:1

    Italy - Japan 3:1

    China - Netherlands 3:0

    Japan - Netherlands 3:1

    China - Italy 2:3

    Brazil - Germany 3:1

    USA - South Korea 3:0

    South Korea - Brazil 1:3

    USA - Germany 3:1

    South Korea - Germany 3:2

    USA - Brazil 3:1

    Turkey - Dominican Republic 3:2

    Thailand - Bulgaria 3:2

    Turkey - Bulgaria 3:0

    Thailand - Dominican Republic 2:3

    Dominican Republic - Bulgaria 3:1

    Thailand - Turkey 2:3

    Serbia - Poland 1:3

    Belgium - Russia 1:3

    Serbia - Russia 1:3

    Belgium - Poland 1:3

    Poland - Russia 3:2

    Belgium - Serbia 3:2

    USA - Serbia 3:1

    Italy - Dominican Republic 3:0

    Serbia - Dominican Republic 2:3

    Italy - USA 3:2

    USA - Dominican Republic 3:0

    Italy - Serbia 3:1

    Russia - Germany 3:2

    Turkey - Japan 3:1

    Japan - Russia 3:2

    Turkey - Germany 3:0

    Japan - Germany 3:1

    Turkey - Russia 3:0

    Belgium - South Korea 3:1

    China - Thailand 3:1

    South Korea - Thailand 2:3

    China - Belgium 3:1

    Belgium - Thailand 3:1

    China - South Korea 3:0

    Bulgaria - Poland 1:3

    Netherlands - Brazil 0:3

    Poland - Brazil 2:3

    Netherlands - Bulgaria 1:3

    Netherlands - Poland 1:3

    Brazil - Bulgaria 3:0

    Thailand - Germany 3:2

    Poland - Italy 3:2

    Thailand - Italy 1:3

    Poland - Germany 3:1

    Italy - Germany 3:2

    Poland - Thailand 3:1

    Belgium - USA 0:3

    Bulgaria - Japan 2:3

    Japan - USA 1:3

    Bulgaria - Belgium 2:3

    Belgium - Japan 1:3

    Bulgaria - USA 1:3

    Russia - Dominican Republic 3:0

    Brazil - China 3:2

    China - Russia 2:3

    Brazil - Dominican Republic 3:0

    China - Dominican Republic 3:1

    Brazil - Russia 3:1

    Turkey - South Korea 2:3

    Serbia - Netherlands 3:0

    Serbia - South Korea 3:1

    Turkey - Netherlands 3:1

    Netherlands - South Korea 1:3

    Serbia - Turkey 3:1

    It would be so refreshing if De Gennaro got the MVP. It’s barely given to liberos.

    Congratulations to the whole team! Hope to see them winning in Berlin. :-)

    It's not that she isn't a team player.. she has a certain personality, as Logan does.. but guess what? They were both on the same team, maybe the best team there has been in recent years, and they managed to play together successfully.. but the coach is the one who has to make it work

    I remember Glinka and Świeniewicz also didn’t really like each other back then, but Niemczyk used this kind of rivalry so they won two ECh together and played amazing. So yes, as it’s been said plenty of times, Karch is a mess. :wavy:

    I don‘t get why Abbondanza is so stubborn with Mirković. Many sets are simply off even when the reception is good. Pleśnierowicz wouldn‘t do worse imo...

    Brazil took the 2nd time out.

    No, it was Poland actually... Nawrocki told the girls after the first time-out „Don‘t worry, I‘ll take the 2nd time-out just after you will be back on court. We need to take a risk.“ Pretty funny tbh.

    LOL There wasn't even a DOL for 2019 CL :D Last year Chemik had only 2 OHs and they won more than just one game :D
    I think Marlena Pleśnierowicz is really good setter. A lot of people won't agree with me but she can be better than Wołosz. I mean, she plays faster than Joanna and is really creative. I think the NT coach 'blocks' her and says 'We need to score points, play to Malwina'... I hope Abbondanza will help her and she will be even better.
    Someone was asking who will be the second opposite. As far as I know, Alex Holston still has valid contract but she is injured and won't be able to play the whole season. According to the rumors, they will have 3 opposites (So I think it will be Stysiak, Holston and Smarzek(probably?))

    Problem solved. Martyna Łukasik will be Chemik’s OPP next to Stysiak. :thumbup: This is a really young roster. That should mean that Smarzek is leaving for 100%...