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    Brait is better at defense than at receive, but playing with Natalia and Gabi is quite hard... I mean, both players are not "safe" on receive and Brait has to cover them all the time. I think that Brait can do it better with Jaque or Garay (or both) in the service line.

    After calling Angélica and Natália Martins for Montreux, I don't think that Ze chooses always the best players. :thumbsup:
    I still can't believe that Mayhara wasn't in that roster!

    Any rumors about the other MB? To become a competitive team Azeryol needs a strong one, because I don't think that Andressa can do it. :whistle:

    i havent watched Suelen much...just a few games...thats the opinion of mine about her...i didnt say anything offensive about her personality...a sportwoman should take care of herself first and should be fit...if she is happy with herself(i dont think she is) then no problem..moreover this is unhealty...

    I respect your point of view, but to construct your opinion, I think you should watch her more times to say something. Being over weight is not a big problem to her (and because of this a lot of fans from Brazilian Superliga considerer that Suelen is a good libero). She's not happy with her shape and she's working on it, but every metabolism is different! Suelen works hard in the gym with team and also when everyone is practicing, she has an special diet, but for of hormonal problems she has some difficulties to be in an ideal shape.

    I agree that she's not the best libero, that her shape is not good, but IMO she's good even with an extra weight. And if she can loose weight, she can be even better! I'll be cheering for her!

    EDIT: Some english mistakes! Sorry! :D

    Well, I think that judging a player because of her weight is quite rude. We need to see the players in court and then we can say if the player is good or not... Because of this I recommend (for those who insist to say that Suelen is not a good player because she is fat) to watch her games in all competitions this season.

    I prefer Suelen, that is over weight, instead of Michelle Daldegan, Verê or even Tássia.

    Oh, about Tássia... I am not sure if she is a good option at the moment. Her season in Praia was a filled season with mistakes. She was not consistent in receive or in defense. She was good in easy games but in crucial ones she was awful.

    Camila Brait has her chance to play in the team as starting six. She's better than the others liberos that our country has (except Fabi, because I think that both are in the same level). Now it is time to Brait grow as a player and we can't judge her too much, because Fabi (even playing badly) was a leader on court and by now I don't think that Brait can assume this role. Let's wait and see what happens now, but I am not too worried because I think that Brait can do it :)

    About the other liberos... Leia is a good player and I think she can improve a lot. BUT she's not a very experienced player. She's 29 years old but she's playing well only 2 seasons ago when she transfered to Pinheiros from Osasco. She can show her skills if she plays in Brazil's NT, but by now I don't think that she's a good option for WCH. She's useful, but not enough. About Suelen, I think that people judge her a lot because of her weight. She's not in a good shape, but she's a good libero and did a great season in Sesi this year. For me she was one of the best liberos in the season. By now, I think Suelen could be a better option for the NT, because she already had international experience with the NT.

    I am very shocked as every Brazilian fan! I thought she was retiring after the Olympics, and then she decided to continue playing for Brazil... I am quite surprised because I expected to have Fabi playing for NT until 2016. This is really sad, mainly because of her history in the team. But anyway, I wish Fabi all the best in the clubs.

    About Brait: her performance this year wasn't so good as everyone expected from her. She had a "so so" season in Molico, because she had a lot of responsability on receiving (since Malagurski and Bosetti were just awful) and she was overloaded in the team. I think she's a good libero and she can improve her skills until the WCH.

    Ana is a very good setter, but say that she's the best of the world... :whistle:
    I am sorry but I have to disagree with this. Fofão still playing very well, Dani Lins is playing very very well since 2012, Naz is one of the best nowadays and I think even Ognjenovic is better than Ana.
    This is just my opinion and I respect yours!"

    Now, let's go back to the transfers! :)

    Actually, Mari played as OH during half of the 03/04 season, including the finals. Paula was injuried and Erika and Mari were the OHs while Bia was the OPP. She was MVP that season, also receiving other awards. And during most of the following season (04/05) she also played as OH again until Paula got back during the playoffs...

    Oh, thank you for the information Sidney! Anyway, I still thinking that nowadays Mari could be more useful as OPP or without receiving. Her season in Praia was like this: attacking in the OH position and it was rare when she needed to receive in the team, because Monique used to do it well. Let's wait and see what Luizomar is preparing for the season.

    I think Samara would be a better option than Gabi

    Mari won't play as OH. I think that Osasco will work hard to keep her as OPP (and IMO they are right, because Mari's best years were in Osasco playing as OPP). I don't think that Mari needs to be the main attacker just for being the OPP... Carcaces will have too more more responsability for scoring the high sets, and then Thaisa, Mari and Adenízia can attack faster sets. About the other OH: Brazilian media says that Osasco is looking for a good receiver foreigner OH, but I don't know who could it be, mainly because I can't see this kind of player available in the market (maybe Logan Tom, but she was a disaster playing in Brazil, I don't think that Osasco wants her). For OH position they signed with Samara and Gabi as you guys said, and both are good receivers. Samara had a great year in Pinheiros and I think she's more prepared if Osasco needs her as a starting six player. Gabi is good but often she have a lot of mistakes in crucial moments (and this is completely acceptable because we are talking about a very young girl who had a lot of responsability to solve Osasco's problems since Malagurski and Caterina played just terrible). To conclude, I'm quite anxious to see how this team in going to play and I want to see Dani Lins playing with Thaisa in the clubs again! :win:

    Brasilia's biggest problem is Elisangela and Jessica as OPPs
    It doesn't matter if you hire better setters or better middles and the OPPs are still really, really bad...
    I don't know what's on Leila's mind on keep insisting on Elisangela...

    Totally agree! Elisangela is not playing well since 2011 I think, and it is a mistake to insist on her as starting 6 player. Another mistake is hire Jessica. She's not enough for a big team and Sesi know it :whistle:

    Rumors in Brazil that Sesi wants Jaqueline, but she doesn't want to accept Sesi's proposal. Well, my advice to Jaque: you should run because I can't see much space for you in Brazil's top teams.

    The same thing happened to Walewska: she refused Brasilia's offer and now she's without options. But, Wal's situation is easier than Jaque's, because Wal is "free" to go and play abroad again.


    - I´m really curious about the reason that Brasilia hired the they will be back up players, and generally foreigner players come to be starting six...

    Erika Carvalho is Paula's close friend and she's from Brasília. I think this is the reason that Brasilia signed with her and with her girlfriend MB, because I can't find other reason... We have better players available in brazilian market, IMO. ?(

    What an exciting match! Brazil and Japan did a good job today. Congrats for both teams.

    Gabi was on fire today. Fe Garay played well again. Thaisa is getting faster and faster in her blocks and that's a good thing for her as a MB.

    91 28-08 Serbia - China 2-3
    92 28-08 Brazil - United States 3-1
    93 28-08 Japan - Italy 3-2

    94 29-08 United States - Serbia 3-2
    95 29-08 Italy - China 1-3
    96 29-08 Japan - Brazil 0-3

    97 30-08 China - United States 2-3
    98 30-08 Brazil - Italy 3-1
    99 30-08 Serbia - Japan 3-2

    100 31-08 Italy - United States 0-3
    101 31-08 Brazil - Serbia 3-2
    102 31-08 Japan - China 1-3

    103 01-09 Serbia - Italy 3-1
    104 01-09 China - Brazil 1-3
    105 01-09 United States - Japan 3-0

    You are right, Manon's performances have declined very much during recent years....Though, her current performance is certainly not her best, because she is recovering from an injury, as Joana already mentioned.

    Anyway, I still believe in Manon's game. Go, go, go Dutch girls and Flier! :super: