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    Yes, about the Ingrid thing, I figured. I'm still a bit disappointed that Suelle signed with Sesi cause I wanted her to be a starter, even if it was in a smaller budget team. This year is in important, cause the possible new faces in the roster of the NT's will be based on how well they do in the clubs season.
    It's true that Sesi signed some players that can play in different positions, like Ingrid that you mentioned, as well as Tandara (OP/OH) and Roberta (OP/MB). I think I'd prefer a starter team with Sassá and Suelle as OH's and Tandara as OPP. I'm sure Lili can still do it, but I really don't like Tandara's reception and I think this could give more roster options for Sesi. They could rely more on their endless MB's, for instance. Don't think it'll happen but I reckon with this formation even Bia could be a starter, cause she's got such potential.
    The 6 MB's thing is bizarre, though. I was sure Natália would leave the team after last season and, also, it's such a waste having good young promising MB's like Francynne and Bia with no chance of playing. Also Juliana Paes as 3rd libero, seems also, such a waste. :| Sesi didn't need to sign so many players. I hope they can lend at least a couple of MB's.

    Me too. I think Suelle has a such potential and should be in the starting six. Well, she have chances to show her volleyball to Talmo (coach), 'cause SESI doesn't have Tandara and Sassá (injury) yet, and she played the SP CUP and on Wednesday, Sesi's team will play the "Paulista" and then she could be a great option for the future. I prefer Tandara as an OPP, and Lili in the bench. Last season she was terrible. About the MB, Bia has potential, and exactly like Suelle, she's one of the starting six in the last competition that Sesi played, but IMO Natália and Marina are more prepared then her to be titular like Fabiana!

    me too...I really didnt get it.

    Ingrid is the 4th OH in that list. By the way, last season she played as an opposite, but she was always working at the receive. About the setters, the coach Talmo was worried about Carol Albuquerque's shape, and then they prefer to keep Marcelinha. 6 MB is not necessary. I was surprised when they announced Fabiana, Marina, Nati, Fran and Bia, really surpised.

    Do you know where will play bold players ? Is anybody interested in them ?

    Fernanda Berti is trying the beach volleyball for this season, 'cause she had no offers from brazilian teams. Mari Paraiba will not play this season, and she will try to get a job as a tv presenter. Ju Odilon will play for Rio do Sul for this following season. Tiemi can go to Europe, but in brazilian sites I haven't seen anything about where she's going to play. Gattaz and Ana Cristina still whithout clubs and they can stop for one season and try to be back in 2013/2014.

    I don't think fernandinha played bad, how could she work with the central with such a bad reception? and all the times she left the OH with single block, the problem is that the OH wans't attacking well. I think her bigger mistake was to don't give more balls to sheila

    I respect your opinion, but if you watch the game again, you can see that Brazil had a good reception in some parts of the game, mainly in the 1st and 3rd sets, and Fernandinha prefered to set to the OH's, with a higher ball... Jaqueline is a good attacker, but she needs to receive a fast ball, and

    Fernandinha didn't set to Thaisa and Fabiana, and when she did, did badly. She's better than what she showed yesterday.

    IMO, USA is a really strong team, but they aren't perfect like everyone is saying here and around the world hahaha. Yesterday, Davis showed that she's not good at receive, and Berg sometimes get lost and makes a bad distribution. Brazil, Russia and Italy can beat them.

    About Brazil, I was so sad yesterday with my team's match against Turkey. We played terrible, Sheilla didn't worked and Fernandinha didn't showed why Ze choose her for the olympics in Fabiola's place. She insisted A LOT with the OH's, and the OH's were not playing well. Thaisa and Fabiana did not receive balls, and our middle blockers are so strong and important for the overview of the game. I hope that Ze makes the team play better against USA because we can't lost this match! :)

    They're considering Gattaz to come back. But Bernardinho really like Nati. I think she could be an option, 'cause Valeskinha hasn't 25 years old anymore. hahaha

    It's official now. Kaczor in Dąbrowa Górnicza.,16…wa-atakujaca-tauronu.html

    And Magdalena Wawrzyniak from Sparta Warszawa (2nd polish league) will play for PTPS Pila. They also talked with Lucia Fresco and Magda Piątek, but they decided to transfer Wawrzyniak.…rty-nastepczynia-kosmatki

    I really like Kaczor. IMO she make a good choice. Dabrowa will play the Champions League and still with Dirickx, Leys, and other talented players =))

    Vasileva can come to Brazil to play for Zé Roberto's team (Campinas). About Logan Tom, she's pretty close and she probably will sign with Unilever for this following season. Its like 99% of chances to come to Rio de Janeiro :)

    Serbia probably will lose all 3 matches at 1st week at lodz :S

    I don't thing so. Italy and Brazil are not with the complete team in Lodz. For example, Sheilla, Jaque, Fabíola, Fabi, Fabiana, Thaisa still in Brazil for this 1st week :)
    Btw, Serbia has a good team. Veljkovic and Rasic are good middle blockers!