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    I like Gabi, but they should try to sign with Érika. I want to see her back in Brazil! :(

    Whenever I enter this transfer room, my nose is broken with some odor still smelling badly. Thinking why and where this odor comes from, and now, let me point this sh*t below which was vomitted by his mouth of an as**. Eat your own sh*t now, voleielite. (also, remove your ads in your signature.)

    Get a job man, pleasee! I was rude with you, I agree, but you are always stupid in this forum, with all this "Vakif" things. You should try to respect other people who likes other teams and talk about something bigger: The Volleyball, and not reforce that your team is better than others.

    I hope you understand ;)

    Dont full yourself...people wont ignore you cause you are Vakif fan, there is not the reason..I dont know if you notice, but most people here actually admire Vakif...including myself...think twice about that. It has nothing to do with the team.

    There's no problem to be a Vakifbank fan! I love Vakifbank too, but they're not the only good team in the world. We will ignore you just because you're an asshole, got it? :wavy:

    acording to SESI page in facebook...Carol Albuquerque will remain as their second setter...and also Ju Costa really going there, so her and Daroit will most likely be their startins OH.

    They confirmed also Elisângela and Sassá are leaving.

    Sesi already have Dani Lins, Carol Albuquerque, Suelle, Mari Cassemiro, Dayse, Ju Costa, Pri Daroit, Neneca, Ivna, Fabiana, Francynne, Bia, Bárbara and Suelen.

    lol reception will suck forever :lol: but Montano is good choice best opp currently but without reception Gs is doomed expect repeat of previous season

    Agree. Rabadzhieva is good but she's not a good option with Neriman. Both aren't good on defense/receive. IMO they need a player like Aurea Cruz maybe...

    I was waiting for Gattaz in Rio. I can't see space for her in another team. Osasco, Sesi, Campinas and Sollys already signed with their MB. I wish all the best to her, a great player and an amazing person.

    Joana, do you have the link about those news? I want it to post in my blog. Thank you! :thumbsup:

    and Monique's wedding was in Buzios (Rio de Janeiro) and Sheilla was in Campos do Jordão (São Paulo) :thumbsup:

    Monique and Sheilla have a lot of friends in volleyball's world, that's all IMO! And it seems clear that someone can't be in two places at the same time, right? :lol:

    Just to know... Dani Lins wasn't in any of this weddings, she's Sheilla and Monique's friend, but Sidão was having a surgery.