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    This is just crazy: Kampa was weak almost every time, exspecially in the hot moments. Steuerwald is doing so damn well! :white:

    weak Every time? I didn't get such an impression. But is he still the starter in Modena? I don't see Seria A very often, but I found that he has been likely not to play since this year when I reviewed the information on Modena's website.

    Quoted from "bella"

    I still don't get it what is all about Heynen's unwillingnes to Patrick Steuerwald btw. what do you mean talking about Lebedew and his word in this?

    Well, "having a word in this" maybe was a wrong formulation. Lebedew is Kuehner's coach in Berlin, so he knows him very well. For Wch qualification they needed someone, who is ready to come from the bench, when he is needed. Kuehner is used to this situation in Berlin. I remember a match from last years play-off finals, when he did this very well and was a key factor for winning the match.
    Furthermore he is a tall setter (2,03 m), so no changes in block/defense system are necessary when he comes in for Kampa.
    I think, Heynen is a coach, who puts a lot of value to this and thats why 1,80 Steuerwald hasn't been selected.

    At least for this year, i hope that Simon Tischer will be fit and returns to the team.

    For the setters, I do think Simon Tischer and Lukas Kampa will fit. So if Tischer would like to come back, neither Kuehner or Steuerwald will have many opportunities. For the third OH, Robert Kromm derserves it much more than Sebastian Schwarz. If Schwarz could stay, why Kromm can't? Heynen should focus on the performance and set aside other factors when choosing his players. Max Gunthor has long been out of my view in NT. Is it his will not to join or there are other reasons? Seemingly, I had read an information that he'd like to finish his study after London Olympics, but I'm not sure whether I got it right.

    I don't understand this Germany Team. Why they always tackle with their opponents to five sets and finally lost the game! :aww: The most unbelievable thing is that everytime in the fifth set they would suddenly become an amateur team. What a tragedy....I bet they should be the ones who need a win in five sets most to overcome such a dilemma and make some breakings. :sos:

    but Moculescu might even experiment by offering Christian an OH position

    I don't think he will fit in this new position. He is tall and powerful enough, but, jumping ability, not enough. Besides, he could be limited in receiving. Opp and MB should be the two positions suit him best. As for other positions, I'm pessimistic.

    Zbigniew Bartman (OP/OH) and Lukas Kampa (S) will play in Casa Modena.

    Really excited to see these two guys playing in the same club. Hope Modena and other Italian clubs run smoothly next season. no more such things like financial crisis......

    Bjorn Hoehne (German NT, OH, 193 cm, Berlin Recycling Volleys) joins TV Ingersoll Buhl.

    I didn't get why he leaves Berlin Recycling Volleys. This club is arguably the most competitive one in Germany and he doesn't have to sit on bench too often due to some injuries and bad momenst from Touzinskiy and Kromm.He got many times being in the starting lineup in the past season. Is it Berlin Recycling is gona sign more competitive OHs that trigger his leaving? I guess that probably explains it. Touzinskiy is getting older, becoming less efficiency and suffering more and more injuries. I kind of believe they will introduce new OHs sooner.

    Germany vs France 2:3 (25-20, 25-20, 23-25, 16-25, 13-15)
    Germany: Lukas Kampa, Christian Fromm, Marcus Böhme, Philipp Collin, Dirk Westphal, Denis Kaliberda, Ferdinand Tille
    France: Benjamin Toniutti, Marien Moreau, Earvin Ngapeth, Guillaume Quesque, Kevin le Roux, Gerald Hardy-Dessources, Jenia Grebennikov
    Marcus Böhme (13), Dirk Westphal and Denis Kaliberda (11)
    Earvin Ngapeth (27), Mory Sidibe (15)

    At semifinals, Generali Haching easily lost the first game to Vfb Friedrichshafen. When you supposed there would be a big rebounce for Generali Haching and a huge collision between these two teams to compete a spot for the final, it ends to a disappointment of getting known who should be the most qualified one by yesterday. It is Vfb Friedrichshafen, yes, with only three games to garantee their victory in this best-of-five semifinals. I don't know what's wrong with this team... :aww:
    The other half, Berlin Recycling also have advanced to the final. Their opponent is TV Ingersoll Bühl, so, no sweat for the bellwether of the league.

    Russian Superliga open the door to 2 team from ex sovietic countries. These teams are Lokomotiv Kharkiv and Shaktar Soligorsk, from Ukraine and Bielorussia. Last season there was Minks instead of Soligorsk. Urkraine and Bielorussia still have their own championship. Lokomotiv Kharkiv, for example, is competing in national league with the team B.

    This practice is not only in volleyball. The "Russian" Continental Hockey League has teams from Latvia, Belarus and even Slovakia, so it's more of an inter-state championship. It also helps these teams from the foreign countries with weaker championships and provides them with an opportunity to develop.

    Thanks a lot, :)

    I've had here this question for a long time and couldn't remember to get it straight until recently: Isn't that Lokomotive Kharkov is a team from Ukraine? How could it be a member of Russian Superliga?Does Ukraine have its own league? Although I knew there ara many connections between these two countries because of some history factors(both of them were part of the Soviet Union), and I suppose it might have something to do with that. But I couldn't find any...
    Ok, not just one question here, but three... ;) Could anybody lend me a hand?

    Why not? He have tough season in Metalloinvest, playing all the time and there is no need to play WL. :) ECH starts in September :whistle:

    I was wandering there would be too long a time for him to take a rest if he doesn't take any part in WL. See, it's almost 4 months between the end of this season and the beginning of ECH. While it's far more enough time for him to have a good rest, he could possibly lose his shape and couldn't cooperate well enough with the whole team. So I just hope he could join the team a little later or stay with the team but do not have to play all WL matches. Obviously, with or without him, the team could be totally different. I hope he could stay, at least at some matches held in Germany, so that the performance of the team in WL couldn't be too bad. ^^

    I don't know personally about a conflict between Heynen and Kromm, but this might be the case. However, Heynen is known for someone to give chances to everyone in general, has never been linked to scandals before, none that I know of, can't be completely sure though. From one side - ok, he wants to bring in young faces, no problem. The more experienced players are taking some rest - also ok. Even if I never was a fan of Kromm, he has been having a great year in Berlin, Heynen could watch him more often this season now that he returned to Germany, so he surely deserves a spot in the NT this summer. I don't know if he rejected it or just never received one. Actually, he might be the German OH who has been enjoying the greatest season so far based on what Kaliberda, Andrae, Schwarz and the rest showed. I don't like him for the lack of technical arsenal and athleticism, but he has often been the main weapon for Berlin and played throughout the entire season until now. We'll see if the stars will come back for the Euro, but I still think Kromm could have helped in the WL.

    Yes, considering his great performance in the passing season, it's very strange not to see his name on the roster. Even though, I still don't think his ability meets the requirement of NT. So no more say other OHs...... :( . Maybe I'm just asking too much. :aww: Oh, just forget it. :mad:


    In interview for Belgorod site Grozer said he wont play WL

    Gosh! I can't believe that!
    By the way, it seems to be a truth that Robert Kromm will never be called as long as Vital Heynen is the head coach.

    I failed to get the DVL-live work last night, but I thought Generali Haching would get this champion without sweating much. It turns out being totally beyond my expectation!

    Well, I just roughly went through this thread and failed to find any messages about Zhou Suhong's retirement. So I'd like to talk a few words about this piece of "old" news and this excellent player. I don't usually follow women's volleyball now, but I did ever watch one(or two) Zhejiang's playing(s) during this season. She still kept a good shape, and gave much support to her home team, especially at the time when the young players couldn't continue their steady performance. As a comprehensive and experienced substitute, she could always show her best side when stepping on the court, with a steady reception, accurate defense and even getting key scores. It's those kind of players like her that always wins many respects and applauds from me. Last week, after her last match against Beijing and finally winning the 3rd rank of this season, she decided to retire. May her everything goes well, at least a stable life in future. :super: