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    Well I can't take your argument serious because Best Scorer ranks are pointless, if one player gets a lot of sets, she will end up high in that ranking in most of the cases. To call her best, attacking ratio and reception average are the criteria to check. Especially her reception stats (41%) is lagging behind of other offensive OHs in the league.

    Do you have any other counter arguments except “Best Scorer” (yes, it is not quite indicative)?

    Points/set ratio?
    Wing-spiker Attack Rnk?
    Wing-spiker Reception Rnk?

    I suppose you’ll be able to find these data and they’re objective enough.

    At least her reception is better than Guerra’s (33%) and White’s (31%).

    Thank you for overall statistics data but I’ve acquainted myself with it yet.

    Your reply looks a bit one-sided. You forgot some comparable data:

    #3 - So what? Guerra is better blocker while Markova is better attacker.

    #5 Markova did 5 mistakes and Guerra did 5 mistakes too;

    #6 Markova was blocked 5 times (for 4 sets) and Guerra was blocked 6 times in four sets.

    “To stop Emily” - how? - to substitute a player with 198 cm and 0.0068 block ranking for a player with 186 cm and 0.034 block ranking. Excellent decision for … Besiktas.

    I know where Markova’s played last four years and I know the specifics of the NCAA league.

    You are referring to Markova’s reception problems especially after NCAA 4 years experience.
    But your reason is not quite true.

    Let’s take one more look at TVF stat and now for reception:

    In Muratpasa:

    Markova has Pos% - 41 and Ex% - 27 (reception rank among all league OH - 0.2559)

    Guerra has Pos% - 33 and Ex% - 23 (rec.rank OH - 0.2125)

    (E.g. Fedorovtseva (she did never played in NCAA) has Pos% - 38 and Ex% - 19 (rec.rank OH - 0.1653)

    So Markova’s “weak reception” was not the reason to bench her in 5th as well.

    The real possible reason announced MTS higher above. Unfortunately.

    Markova's attacks are hit and miss nowadays. I think opponent teams are figuring her out. This is the time for her to show growth and show variations at her attack

    I appreciate your opinion but I couldn’t agree with you.

    As for now, according to TVF stats, Markova is the second best OH of the league, moreover her attack has the best ranking - 15 (e.g. Fedorovtseva has 12).

    She is on 2-3 positions among best scorers (points/set ratio) of the whole league.

    And she is the best points scorer of the league for now.

    It doesn’t look like opponents have found any real “defense weapon” against her.

    That’s why your argument is a bit illogical for me.

    Anyway you are right that she has a potential for improvement and growth.

    Markova had a lot of errors. 15 errors for 23 points are too much only from one player. And imagine that she did not even play in tie break. If she has probably she will has 20 errors. Maybe the coach believed that her errors could harm the team in the short set.

    It seems to me you’re a bit mistaken.

    You explain this substitution with points/mistakes ratio. OK, let’s take a look:

    4 sets of Markova: 23 scored points/15 mistakes = 1,53

    4 sets of Guerra: 19/12 mistakes = 1,58

    It’s not “a lot of errors”.
    Moreover their (Markova and Guerra) mistakes in attack after four sets were equal - 8. Markova had more mistakes in serve. But was it a problem to ask her to serve less risky or substitute her in 5th set for serve-receive?

    Then we could take a closer look at 5th set’s stat: more errors for Muratpasa - 5 (Markova did zero mistakes in 5th) against Besiktas - 2 and they lost their domination with wing spikers - only 7 against 5 (in previous winning sets 11-3 and 11-6)

    Thank you for your opinion but I can’t take your explanations as real reason for Muratpasa’s head coach actions in 5th set’s line up.

    Muratpasa vs. Besiktas

    Is there any explanation to Muratpasa’s head coach’s line up in 5th set?

    You have the best scorer of your team and second best OH of the league - Markova.

    You benched her in the 4th set and let her play only two rotations as a substitute in 5th.

    (Her stats wasn’t disastrous for that match)

    What was the reason? (To show your owners that you can win without her?)

    IMO it was a bit silly decision.

    Is he a well-skilled coach?

    There is quite a lot of noise about Markova Marina here.

    Two cents about new wave of prodigies from Russia.

    A helpful hint (for Turkish managers and powerful block fans):
    Burkova Viktoria, 2001, 196, setter.
    (it looks like her contract with Uralochka is getting over)

    We always criticize Malygina, but we always forget to criticize the person who invites her to the national team.

    In short, the root of the problem is the coaches not players or with other words, the lack of good coach at the national team level.

    Do you really think that decision of inviting Malygina was made only by the coach? By Busato? And five years ago, in Rio, by Marichev?

    I think you are mistaken about the root of the problem. These coaches (Kuzutkin, Marichev, Ushakov, Pankov, Busato) are the tip of the iceberg. They are a part of this “system”. They agreed to play this role. And now they may only propose a list of the players.

    Busato's contract will come to the end after Tokyo and who will head the team for European championship? Voronkov or Kurnosov? 😉 You know why these guys?

    And the last but not least: players are not the innocent angels. As you know some of them asked the federation to appoint Busato head coach.

    Does anyone know how serious was Goncha's injury? I hope it's only a minor one..

    Zinitchev said: “It’s ankle injury. She will miss next matches including Final Cup Russia.”
    Approximately till the end of the year.