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    Gs is a good serving team.they have good servers like Gamze Alikaya,C.Bosetti,Aslı Kalaç etc..Idmanocağı's reception is very vulnerable....i didnt like Y.Wang and Sonja N. performances..Pietersen was also not good but ok..Idmanocağı should play with setter Cansu A. ....Tuğçe H. is not a good setter..Wang is still far from being good..Newcombe should play better..Pietersen is not kind of a leading player therefore Wang and s.Newcombe should contribute much better. Damla Çakıroğlu should be on the court more than it is.

    GsD should have transferred Damla Çakıroğlu rather than C.Bosetti.this way they could use the spot for a better foreigner now.Meijner and n.Chentoni are good treansfers for GsD..Gamze Alikaya is ok.Middle Aslı Kalaç is a talented middle despite her height..the problems of GsD are C.Bosetti's and middle Melis's contributions to the team and Meijners' reception sometimes.

    I watched the match and agree with the comments mostly. I think Wang is very bad, she cannot receive and is not contributing in other ways. Idmanocagi should play with Damla instead. Also I liked Sonja's performance. GS wanted to avoid her and she had very few chances to receive but did very well when she did. Also Sonja receives all the worst sets and out of system swings but still manages to perform efficiently. I would like to see her get more of the good opportunities. Pietersen does not have enough shot variation and makes too many mistakes.

    For me if you could change Bosetti and Sonja then GS would be much stronger.

    I think Bartsch has had a very solid season in Vilsbiburg and deserves any positive recognition that she can get. However, I don't really think that she is at the level to play on the national team. I know Hill did not have a good first pro season, but I think that if she had played in Germany instead of Poland that she would have played at the same, if not better level than Bartsch. Having said that I am not sold on Hill either.

    Also Ultimately I think that the USA is going to have to replace Tom. I dont really see Bartsch being an option for this. I actually like some of the OH's that are currently on the team. Jordan is a clear number one. Kristen, Regan Hood, Sonja Newcombe are all really solid all around players that can fit the style of the US and fill a role that was occupied by Tom. Not saying that any of them will be Tom, just that I think they fit a little better than Bartsch and even Hill for that matter. The US also has really good attackers like Hodge and Klineman.

    I think what we see this summer could tell a lot because in my opinion it is the last summer to really try new things before really preparing ultimately for 2016.

    I don't think you can blame this season all on Buijs. IMO he is a good coach and he ran a good system in Schwerin, I think management made some bad decisions in transfers. I would give Buijs another season. I don't know that the players can be blamed too much either. It was a bad combination this year. I will comment specifically on Hill, it was unfair to expect much from her. For some reason she got a great opportunity to play with USA NT but never played all that well with the team. She really is an unproven player and not all that strong IMO. Unproven first year professionals like this are a bad transfer for top clubs like Sopot. Once again this is a management problem more than anything

    I think Kazan will play with best players the last two matches because they want to maintain the high level they have been playing at. Ufa is a much easier road trip than Hara Maureen. I think that is the most difficult in the league so it is understandable why they sent youth team.

    I am really excited for today's match ups. While German league may not be among the top leagues, especially this year, it is providing an exciting finish. I think that any team remaining can win the championship. It is not like other leagues where maybe only 2 or 3 teams can win. IMO there are at least 6 teams that can win the league.

    I like that the league is competitive. Despite not being a very high level, it is still good enough volleyball to be very entertaining! :thumbsup:

    What's wrong with Mamma? :white: She's avaiable for next match with Moscow?

    I think she has an ankle problem. I dont know how serious.

    Today Omichka vs Moscow. We will see if both Mamma and Carrillo play.

    Also Tyumen vs Kazan
    Fakel vs Ufa
    Proton vs Krasnodar

    Pretty much all of the training roster will not be there for the summer and actual national team events. The only one who I really see staying around is Natalie Hagglund.

    Also I know for sure that Nellie Spicer will not be returning to the National team. She has been there before, but I think she is done with USA NT. Which is too bad because I think she is extremely talented.

    Becky Perry was there last summer but was released after a month or two. After her injury I really doubt that she will return to the NT.

    Also I am about 99% sure that Sonja Newcombe will be on the NT. She was there last summer and was even on some of the preliminary rosters for NORCECA and other events. I am not sure why they don't include her in the updates, maybe because its hard to get her information from Russia.

    As for the other potentials I agree they are all solid players, but not sure there are really any openings within the current team.

    Krasnodar beat Praia Clube, which is the 5th team in Brazil. They even lost a set. And Vakifbank beat Unilever, which had many problems in the beginning of the season.
    If Brazilian teams played CEV cup, I'd bet at least two of them would be semifinalists and one of them could even win the championship.
    If Brazilian teams played CL, I think at least one of them would be in the Final 4 (at least 4 Brazilian teams are better than Vitra).

    I can understand the point you are trying to make. I included Brazil in my comment because I have a lot of respect for that league and I think for sure if Brazil competed in CEV competitions their clubs would advance far into the competition and even win.

    I made the conclusion I did based on the only thing that seemed fair which was head to head competition. Krasnodar is 4th team in Russia and finished 6th last year so I dont see much difference between them and Praia Clube. And Unilever is consistantly a top club no matter how they start or finish a season.

    All this being said, I certainly put Brazil in the top three with Russia and Turkey.

    I think Kazan will have little problem against Omsk in spite of just winning CL and I am almost positive they will send their bench players to play against Tyumen.

    I think it will depend on how the Omsk game goes. I am not convinced it will be so easy against Omsk. If Kazan does win and gets 3 points they will have a 10 point lead on Omsk, so it would make sense to send bench players to Tyumen. But, if they do send bench players I think it could be the first loss of the season.

    Also, Kazan has qualified for club world championships, but I think this will conflict with Russian league playoffs either semifinal or finals. I wonder what will happen

    I am interested to see how Kazan will perform against Omsk. I think this is a tough match with Kazan possibly suffering a Hangover following their Champions league victory. I still dont expect them to lose, but it will be an interesting match.

    Following this game they play 4 days later in Tyumen who is rising. I wonder if Kazan will send their top players to this match if they win against Omsk?

    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before, but with Kazan and Vakifbank having played today's final, we have a Turkey-Russia final match in all three European Cup tournaments this year.

    I think this clearly shows that Turkey and Russia have the strongest leagues in the world. Of course Brazil could have something to say about this, but it is hard to compare and with european clubs like Vakifbank and Dinamo Krasnodar beating out Brazilian clubs I think its clear.

    Italy has certainly fallen off, and Azer teams have some talent but not like previous years and they do not play well together.

    Not only do Russia and Turkey have great top teams, but also show great depth. Fener will certainly win CEV, but I am very interested in Challenge cup match up. :win:

    She is MB but also plays backrow attacks, Khimik's OPP goes out for the libero instead.

    Looking at Perry's career, I wonder if she never got offers from bigger clubs or if she denied them...she is such a great player!

    I have followed Perry's career a little. She has played very well for her Puerto Rico Clubs, and was a good but not great player at Washington. I know that she was fired from Korea, I also know that Pursaklar released her and she was fired in Puerto Rico all in the same season. I don't believe she has ever had an offer from a "Big" club.

    Becky was with the USA NT but was sent home halfway through the training period.

    I think that Perry is having her best year in volleyball. I think she is a great player but I think that she is limited. It appears to me that against the top competition she is not as good or consitant as she needs to be. She is a perfect player for German League or Puerto Rico. German league is not as strong as it has been in the past few years. I think because she is so physically talented she can take advantage of middle level leagues. I think she should stay in Dresden, it would be a perfect fit.

    She certainly could not play outside for a Big club. She can't pass. She still has potential as a right side though. I really like watching her, I just dont want to see her go to a club where she has to sit on the bench. In Dresden she can play champions league and win league Championships! Stay in Dresden Perry :drink:

    Yes, for some reason I keep confusing Blagojevic with Mihajlovic (joanamss probably remembers that ;) ). Althpugh I know that they are far from look-a-likes. ?(
    Kozlova is playing on the very mediocre level, I was expecting more from her. Yeah. she plays in a very strange team where half of the spikes are being played by Alisheva, but I feel it's partly her to blame - she's unconvincing in attack and together with Molosay they don't make reception good enough for Novik to make any combinations. Although I still have to admit that young Novik is obviously not Superliga class setter yet. Anyway I don't expect any better Russian team to sign Kozlova for next season.
    I haven't watched a lot of Tyumen this season, but from what I've seen I think Newcomb feels good in that team. It's not a star team and she's not a star player, but pretty solid both in reception and attack. Tyumen's games are being shown live almost everytime, gotta see more of them.

    I have followed Tyumen this season and I am a big Sonja fan. Tyumen might not be a team of stars, but Sonja is the star of Tyumen. Strange coaching this season though. Coach plays Sonja at Libero in first 2 matches, this is not her position. She has been the clear number one OH with Topic and Sazhina sharing time depending on who plays better.

    Sonja was injured 3 games and the team really struggled. Sonja is also new member of USA NT and I think she has game similar to Larson. Very solid reception and defense. Not overly powerful offense but can score when needed.

    I think she would be an interesting option for Moscow, or possibly for Krasnodar. She is certainly much better than Spasojevic. Maybe those teams try to copy Kazan formula

    Rumors are that Sonja Newcombe has started training with the USA national team, in addition to her signing in Russia. I believe she has the all around skills to be a solid contributor to the USA. I hope she does well

    It would be better for Newcombe to play in teams that compete in european cups so that she could be selected to NT hopefully. I am really surprised that she was not even invited to wide roster :what: She is such a balanced-OH :rose:

    I dont think not playing in Euro Cups has anything to do with it. Rote Raben competed this year. Also Kristen Richards played in Yesilyurt Turkey and did not compete in Euro Cups and everyone seems to love her. Sonja did much better than Kristen in Turkey.

    I wonder why she is not on the team yet. It seems that this summer the USA will have many players in the Gym and I wouldnt be suprised if Newcombe Joins them at some point.