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    And what do you think about come back of Mędrzyk? :) She was MVP of the last Police-Opole match so maybe Vettori has noticed her current shape. 😅

    Unfortunately for Algierska the level of our MBs is very good. The competition between Korneluk, Witkowska, Pacak, Gryka and Jurczyk is so tight. Anyway I hope Algierska will get a chance on VNL.

    I bet 13th player will be Fedusio. :)

    I bet on Smarzek. She really deserves to experience the Olympics after carrying NT for so many years. I hope that Lavarini won't give up on her without a reason like he did last season cause she is definitely more useful than Gałkowska.

    I totally agree.

    Talking about our MBs: Korneluk should be there, Witkowska is doing good job as well. But who else? Centka definitely not, Jurczyk doesn't convince me right now. Pacak and Gryka are performing better now :whistle: and Wasilewska isn't without chances as well... Stefano will probably take only 3 as we have 12+1 slots, so it will be tight fight for spots :box: but I'd like to see Korneluk, Witkowska and most likely Pacak.

    I really like Jurczyk but I'm afraid that on the international area she can't be so effective in block like Witkowska for example. The difference was seen in the POL-ITA qualification match...:whistle:

    Alagierska would be the best option. I hope she will return soon. Gryka is not so solid blocker in my opinion...

    Well, I need to say that we need this kind of slide (Kowalewska-Wasilewska) in NT.

    China played the same 2002-2004 and were unstoppable.

    Maybe Los Angeles 2028 it's a time for Kowalewska-Wasilewska duo? :whistle:Knowing Lavarini, it will be no revolution this year in our roster. :)Caroline Gattaz debuted in the Olympic Games at the age of 40 so everything is possible. 8o

    I would say the same as you, but after the last game Poland-Italy when Witkowska came in and made the difference in the block I have no doubts she will be chosen. She was always a brilliant blocker and she showed the team needs her arms. Of course if she will be in a good shape (no back issues).

    I think today Korneluk and Witkowska proved that they should be locked. :olympia: Wasilewska is still fighting too. She is so fun to watch.:super::love:

    For me it brings memories to so many lost olympic qualification tournaments. I remember how sad I was in 2004. Beijing 2008 was so exciting (I was so lucky that experienced players like Glinka or Liktoras can play at the games). And then painfull tournaments in 2012, 2016, 2020... And finally we did it. I really can't believe. ;( :woohoo:


    And of course I was on too. ;)

    What about after group stage?


    I think the rules after the group stage can be the same like in 2020 in basketball so:

    A draw after the preliminary round decided the pairings, where a seeded team played an unseeded team. The draw was held after the last group stage match on 2 August.[13] Teams qualified were divided into two pots:

    • Pot D comprised the three first-placed teams from the group phase, along with the best second-placed team.
    • Pot E comprised the two remaining second-placed teams, along with the two best third-placed teams.

    Draw principles:

    • Each game pairing had one team from Pot D and one team from Pot E.
    • Teams from the same group could not be drawn against each other in the quarterfinals.
    • The second-placed team from Pot D could not be drawn against the third-placed teams from Pot E


    Maybe having Smarzek as an universal player (O/OH) is an opportunity to take 2 liberos to Paris. :whistle::whistle: I see that Lavarini likes to play with Szczygłowska as OH and it's paying off.

    Seems like you didn't read above posts :D

    We were discussing about it since Saturday :D

    Looking at Fedusio's latest games, it seems possible that Grajber will replace her.

    I'm sorry. :aww:

    I don't like Heynen's idea to play with second team against BRA. It looks like he don't care about ranking points in the process of olympic qualifications. First team of GER is able to beat BRA, because without Gabi BRA isn't so strong in this VNL. Even one winning set in the match makes the difference in the FIVB ranking.