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    Sorry, but Alagierska is in Paris for over a week. The fact she plays each game says that clearly.

    And this week Alagierska even played as MB2 (as she will play in Paris next to Korneluk). For me it's symptomatic that in Arlington Jurczyk didn't play as MB2 as always.

    So I think for Lavarini:

    Alagierska > Jurczyk

    She can go whenever she wants, just not for the OG.:rose:

    And I think that Witkowska can go to Paris not only for a trip. :saint:8)

    For me Witkowska can be a "joker" player as Mędrzyk. And she proved it last year in the POL-ITA qualifying match. Even in the last match against Japan she was very useful in a difficult situation after Korneluk's injury. I really like how many rebounds and good touches on the net Witkowska had. :obey:

    Moreover she is the only middle blocker in our roster who uses one leg attack (and thanks to it with Witkowska as a substitute player we can for example change our style of playing during the game).

    This is why I think Lavarini will take her to Paris. In my opinion the 3rd middle blocker will be Alagierska or Jurczyk as they are similar type of player.

    Who do you think the 3rd mb will be? Diana or kudiess?

    I think that it can be Adenizia, considering her last stats. In the last league match she killed 10 blocks. And if I remember well not so long ago she killed 12 blocks in the match. 8o8o

    I was worried that she was just called by Lava to fill the spot, but she said in the interview that she still wants to play for the NT. So now its All about Stefano, please dont mess it up 🙏🏼 in Lava I trust ❤️

    Some days ago she said in an interview that "we" are going to appear on the training camp ("Na razie mamy się pojawić na zgrupowaniu i zobaczymy, jak to się poukłada".).

    So I think that she will train with the team. :):)…inal-nie-mogl-sie-zaczac/

    As for Natalia Mędrzyk... I'm simply delighted by her today's performance. She was so intelligent at the net. :white:Like Jelena Blagojević in her best years. :obey:

    Yes, in my opinion in this shape Natalia Mędczyk will go to Paris. She is our the best OH for a joker role, because she is very experienced and she is good in all the elements, even in block and dig. Her serve is perfect too.

    Definitely I will cheer her this year (especially that it can be her last chance for Olympics).

    And what do you think about come back of Mędrzyk? :) She was MVP of the last Police-Opole match so maybe Vettori has noticed her current shape. 😅

    Unfortunately for Algierska the level of our MBs is very good. The competition between Korneluk, Witkowska, Pacak, Gryka and Jurczyk is so tight. Anyway I hope Algierska will get a chance on VNL.

    I bet 13th player will be Fedusio. :)

    I bet on Smarzek. She really deserves to experience the Olympics after carrying NT for so many years. I hope that Lavarini won't give up on her without a reason like he did last season cause she is definitely more useful than Gałkowska.

    I totally agree.

    Talking about our MBs: Korneluk should be there, Witkowska is doing good job as well. But who else? Centka definitely not, Jurczyk doesn't convince me right now. Pacak and Gryka are performing better now :whistle: and Wasilewska isn't without chances as well... Stefano will probably take only 3 as we have 12+1 slots, so it will be tight fight for spots :box: but I'd like to see Korneluk, Witkowska and most likely Pacak.

    I really like Jurczyk but I'm afraid that on the international area she can't be so effective in block like Witkowska for example. The difference was seen in the POL-ITA qualification match...:whistle:

    Alagierska would be the best option. I hope she will return soon. Gryka is not so solid blocker in my opinion...

    Well, I need to say that we need this kind of slide (Kowalewska-Wasilewska) in NT.

    China played the same 2002-2004 and were unstoppable.

    Maybe Los Angeles 2028 it's a time for Kowalewska-Wasilewska duo? :whistle:Knowing Lavarini, it will be no revolution this year in our roster. :)Caroline Gattaz debuted in the Olympic Games at the age of 40 so everything is possible. 8o