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    Do you know the big suprise of Perugia?? Who will play there?? I know Glinka Togut Kim but who else??? I think Perugia won't win the Champions League 08/09. I wish it for Glinka because she has never won the CHL.

    Probably it isn't true about Glinka's transfer. Glinka said that she would take a break after Olympic Games. It may be only some months or over 9 months because she often mentions in interviews about baby. :)

    It's really a problem for Italy. I wonder who will replace Del Core on outside hitter position. Aguero, Secolo, Fiorin... :?:

    Don't worry. On European Championships 2007 Italy played without Piccinini and won gold medal so in Beijing all will be OK. I hope that there is nothing serious with her health.

    On Polish forum there are rumors that Del Core is under doping suspicion...Samba Player, do you know something about it? I don't think that it's true.

    OK, maybe you are right but... I think that it's impossible to play on best level through a whole month...Of course Brazil is very regular team but it isn't very good for me. I suppose that in 2004 Brazil played on this same level in Grand Prix and in Athens...At the Olympic Games they should play on highest level (like China - only 5th place on GP 2004). I'm afraid that this year may be similar to 2004...

    The medalists of GP 2004 were: Brazil, Italy and USA...All these team were outside the podium spots in Athens. So...

    A year ago the Netherlands have won the Grand Prix but on European Championships they were 5th...In my opinion it doesn't pay to play well in Grand Prix. :S

    Polish roster ("14")


    -Milena Sadurek
    -Katarzyna Skorupa
    Outside Hitters:
    -Anna Podolec
    -Małgorzata Glinka
    -Milena Rosner
    -Anna Barańska
    -Anna Woźniakowska
    Opposite Hitters:
    -Katarzyna Skowrońska
    -Joanna Kaczor
    Middle Blockers:
    -Eleonora Dziękiewicz
    -Maria Liktoras
    -Agnieszka Bednarek
    -Katarzyna Gajgał
    -Mariola Zenik


    Unfortunately we have a problem with Liktoras again :( She had a knee surgery and her olympic performance isn't sure. Luckily Masza already trains but she doesn't do all exercises.

    Brazil plays very well but I'm not sure that it's good for BRA...I'm afraid that they don't maintain their shape...Four years ago Brazil won the Grand Prix but olympic performance in Athens was disaster for them...

    There are no news about Świeniewicz... This summer she seldom gives interviews. In last interview I've read (10th of June) it was written that she has a lot of offers. She pay attention to good conditions for her son Julek. Dorota has contact with her former club Despar Perugia. Despar activists say that volleyball shirt still waits for her :P

    I'm pretty sure Russia will have an advantage in the Olympic Games, cause no one is seeing them playing and Russia is watching the WGP and seeing all its probable opponents in action.

    So..Serbia doesn't play in Grand Prix as well...In fact Poland didn't play too, because players from starting six stayed at home (on training camp). I hope it really will be an advantage 8)

    I'm not surprised by this results because Russia is very strong team and is one of my contenders for gold medal in Beijing.

    Thanks for answer. Maybe it's better that Gioli won't play. She is very important for NT and should rest... -----------> Only 30 days to Olympic Games ! :thumbsup:

    Facing Italy and Russia in the preliminary round will be tough, and I think Brazil's aim is finishing 1st in its pool so that we can face the weakest team of the other pool in the quarterfinals. I have this feeling Brazil will face Poland! LOL!

    Oh no :lol: Poland-Brazil in quaterfinal ?? No, no, no ! It would be the worse case for our team. We still don't know how to play against Brazil... Of course the best opponent for us is Serbia but Poland plays very well against Russia too.

    It would be nice to play against Brazil in 1/2 because olympic semifinales aren't good sides of Brazil :whistle:

    Milena Rosner
    Ivana Plchotova ---------------> Muszynianka Muszyna
    Joanna Kaczor

    Muszynianka 2008/2009
    S: Bełcik, Śrutowska
    OH: Mirek, Przybysz, Rosner
    O: Frątczak, Kaczor
    MB: Pycia, Plochotova (CZE), Pykosz
    L: Zenik, Targosz

    "The FIVB, meanwhile, can confirm that the Drawing of Lots for the Men’s and
    Women’s Olympic Volleyball Tournaments is scheduled to take place in
    Beijing on June 11 from 2-4 p.m. local time in the Press Conference
    Room of the Capital Indoor Stadium, the main Volleyball venue during
    the Summer Games.
    Under the supervision of FIVB officials at the public session, the 12
    National Teams in each tournament will be divided equally into Pools A
    and B." (FIVB)

    So..If I understand right groups aren't known yet