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    But You don't have time for that and for other combination.

    She need to work on her reception and on her attackibg from position 4., for that She has only 2 weeks. It is ok to do combination for ECH when you have so many time but for Ankara they simple just don't have time.

    Skowrońska played as OH during the Baku European Games. Moreover for some time she was playing on this position in Rabita Baku. So it's not to complicated to play with this system. I think it's almost sure that we will play with Skowrońska and Tomsia in starting six. We have nothing to lose especially that it's hard to imagine to win this tournament with short Werblińska and Jagieło as OH... :whistle:

    I don't believe that it can be a real explanation of her not playing in NT. For me she is simply not interested in playing in NT. I think that even Katarina Barun's fear of flying was more reliable explanation :p

    I'm pretty confident I saw her playing receiving opposite in a tournament where Poland failed a step away from the qualification. It was OGQ or WCHQ.

    It was the European Olympic Qualification Tournament in Ankara 2012. In this tournament in fact Poland played with only the two receivers (Werblińska and Maj as a libero). Skowrońska (as Opp) and Kowalińska (as OH) were involved in receiving but none of them were regular receivers.

    I think this time we can try to use the system with two receivers once again. In 2012 Werblińska were very confident receiver. As far as I remember she was named the best receiver of the tournament. It's hard to say if she can repeat it. And Maj is not so stable as 4 years ago... :whistle:

    Felix Koslowski will be head coach in Ankara with Andi Vollmer as assistant. No Alex Waibl...
    Bye bye last small chance for Rio :wavy:

    Don't be worry. :!:
    In my opinion there is so little time for the preparation that even the best coach probably wouldn't make the difference. And this affects all the participating teams. I think that this tournament will be a lottery. The players' shape will be built in the clubs and we will see what the coaches are able to do with the team in 2 weeks. :whistle:

    Please people, when in the last 5 years has Sokolova shown ANYTHING that justifies a nomination for NT??? :aww: It's like calling Maurizia Cacciatori back to ITA NT or Danielle Scott back to USA NT or Feng Kun back to CHN NT...

    In the quarterfinal match in London 2012 she was really great. That she is - in the most important match she showed all her experience.

    Of course it's hard to say if she would repeat it in Rio. :drink:

    Even with the two defensive OHs we don't play good (what we could see on EC)... Moreover according to statistics we were the best receiving team in Baku... :wavy:

    In my opinion we can't afford to let Zaroślińska sit on the bench. For me it's illogical to play with Tomsia in starting six and have Zaroślińska (who is our second best player) on the bench. Tomsia and Smarzek can be useful substitute opposites too. Of course Skowrońska is perfect opposite and it's her best position but in my opinion in Ankara she should play as OH. Simply it's better for our team. There is a need to fit the player to the team and not the vice versa... :teach:

    In Baku Zaroślińska was the leader of the team and she was as good as Skowrońska was on EC. Lets look at the Zaroślińska's attack statistics in the most important matches in Baku:

    Quarterfinal against Germany: 19/37 (51 %)
    Semifinal against Serbia 25/45 (56 %)
    Final against Turkey 14/27 (52%).