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    You're right, I just checked it. So, it's official now.

    I'm glad for her. I'd be glad either way. I still consider Dani the most emblematic figure of the OG, because of her role on the team, though, just as I had the same regard for Fofão 4 years ago. If you judge players on individual performance, though, Kim more than deserves this. Other contender would be Hooker, but her performance in the last match was disappointing. Though Korea played bad on the bronze medal, Kim's level of play didn't really drop, or dropped less than Hooker's, taking into consideration. So, it's all good. :)

    Great! Congratulations to KIM. You really deserved it. :rose:

    For current USA team anything other than gold is loss :win: Everybody will remember them as huge dissapointment nothing more .....

    Well, losting in OG final is always a dispointment, especially when you're #1.
    But honestly, the sliver medal is not that bad for me. I didn't support the team only if they won the gold.

    Good for her lol :lol: it is always nice to read epic sounding excuses :rolll:

    She said that because it's probably the last time for her in NT. For sure, everybody want gold but lost it doesn't mean you have gain nothing.
    Or the BRA players think it's meaningless to represent their NT if they can't get the gold?

    Press conference:
    -> Logan Tom stated,
    “I’m happy with it. It’s not too shabby. When you play for your
    country, it’s not for money or fame, it’s for your family, your pride,
    your country. You don’t do it to receive stuff.

    Always love you Logan! :heart:

    Of course, if USA let TUR win, BRA gone, this won't happen today.
    I'll still congrats them if they won gold by, but definitely won't have the same respect to this team as I do now.

    How they player performed in the final match as well how the coach plan can be criticized, but to criticize them about not trying to lose the match is absolutely sad for the sport.

    It's over now for the USA. :pinch: I'm really sad.
    But anyway, congratulations to Brazil. They deserved it.

    The big problem with the US team today is the OG newbies and Hugh. Except Foluke, the rest of the newbies really get nerve. Hooker can't kill, Hodge can't receive, Hamotto doesn't contribute much. Larson also did not contribute much to the team. And the big part of the problem is Hugh's substitution. It has shown that it was not working but he still kept Hodge until 6 point after the in last set. :down: Oh, yes, I forgot to mention how bad Davis reception today X(

    Tom played excellent. She did everything well both attack and receive.I'm so sorry for her as this is her last OG already. :(

    Congratulations USA :drink:

    The team has a chance to complete for a gold medal again, I'm so happy. :dance4:
    Even though it's a 3-0 win, it's a tight match. The USA reception was not so good as their usual level. Tom had some sub-par performance. But has to give a lot of credit to Korea.

    Kim prove herself again how good she is. Not only good hitting (35%, 18 points), the reception also very good 73% excellent today :rose: And I'm happy, there's more respect to the Korea team now. This is the team that come to the SF by beating Japan to get Qualification, beating BRA to survive from the pool of dead, beating ITA in QF. They really deserve respect. I hope they get bronze!

    Go USA!!! :win: