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    Maybe all that matters is not the approval of the federation, but decision of Kim. :whistle:

    Even if I have been watching her from her 2009-10 season, it`s quite hard to understand Kim sometimes, in a manner of "pro" sports player.

    She has the right to reject the call from NT, but she never does it.

    The reason might be somethings like patriotism or kinda responsibility.

    Although they might be seem such old-fashioned conceptions for the pro athlete to have, she really think those as important values.

    Unlike her, most of pro clubs in Korean league don`t want to let their players to the international competition because they think it only results in the injury and thus, bad result after the club season.
    They never expect the good result from the Korean NT also.

    Kim is a real patriot and she came back anytime if the NT wanted her, regardless of any horrible squad.

    Watching from the fan`s viewpoint, her interviews mentioning that it(sacrificing for NT in bad condition) was solely her choice and she only does her best as she is on the court, are respectable but sometimes so frustrating. :white:

    Also, at this point, Kim should do a maximum that the federation wants her, to get ITC somehow, so it`s quite complex situation.

    At first, I understood that the agency is making the press release about her injury and surgery to reveal that Kim is "unable" to play for NT and it`s not her intention.

    But as Kim wants to delay the surgery to next May, I cannot read her mind.

    Anyway, I really don`t want to see her in the AVC struggling among the bad squad made by uncooperative clubs. :down:

    What is the expected recovery time?

    Will she be able to play this season for Fenerbahce?Anyway, even if she lose this season for Fener, she should do the surgery immediately. :mad:

    4 - 8 weeks said by her doctor, but she herself says it`s not so serious problem.

    She says that torn cartilage is so common injury that many players carry during the season, and there`s no problem even if she plays this season with injury.

    Believe or not :huh:

    At the same time, she is saying that she is suffering with the knee pain that it is hard for her to sit on the chair for a long time with legs bent.

    Although there seems to be no any problem for her to walk, drive etc, chronic pain seems to exist.

    Indeed, because she is ambitious about upcoming season, I think she will somehow play for Fener this year.

    However only if all her transfer issues are solved. :down:

    Some news about Kim so far.

    Kim`s transfer issue is still in chaotic situation in Korea, but it is not to pessimistic.

    Due to the good result from the Olympics, many media are supporting on her side and she became a popular star domestically through London Olympics.

    Previously, volleyball being not popular in Korea, only few knew about her in spite of her tremendous achievements, but now Kim is so busy star in Korea also.

    She is going through many news interviews, popular TV programs, and doing so many activities to promote women`s volleyball in Korea.

    Kim throwing the first ball in Pro Baseball :lol: (No.1 pro sports in Korea)

    About her transfer issue, as all of you know Kim has already signed 2 year contract with Fenerbahce.

    Kim said that the Russian club(seems to be Dinamo Moscow) offered her with better condition, but she wanted to stay in familiar club.

    Still, KVA is revealing such a theoretical attitude, that KVA will work hard for both Kim and Heungkuk to benefit. :thumbdown:

    However, as many Koreans noticed this issue and many are willing to help her situation, the situation seems far better than before.

    Still far way to go, though.

    BAD News.

    Kim got a serious injury on her right knee.

    She had serious pain after the game versus Brazil, and she took MRI, told her meniscus(knee cartilage) was torn.

    However, she pushed ahead to further matches, with her knee taped.

    Moreover, in the qurterfinal vs Italy, she failed to land properly, worsening her knee problem.

    She endured the pain throughout the tournament, being MVP and the best scorer, making Korean team to achieve 4th place in the Olympics, 36 years after Korean women`s volleyball recently achieved.

    No words to say. :obey:

    It is her fourth knee surgery during her 7-year pro career. :(

    She has always been overused in her natinoal team and club.

    2006 Right knee - Removing fragments of bone

    2007 Left knee - Torn Cartilage

    2008 Right knee - Torn Cartilage

    2012 Right knee - Torn Cartilage (Meniscus)

    Although she is told that it is so serious situation by a doctor, she is hesitating to get a surgery immediately.

    It takes 4 - 8 weeks to rehabilitate and thus she is concerned about her next season in club.

    She is willing to take surgery in May next year, after the Turkish League ends.

    (She said the Turkish League Champion and MVP are her goal this season.)

    However, the doctor is insisting on the immediate surgery.

    Without knowing anything about her, KVA asked her to participate in Asian Volleyball Federation Cup held in September. :what:

    What a sucking behavior of KVA, not even letting Kim ITC and only asking her to play for NT:mad:

    She says she is going to decide in 2 or 3 days whether she will take surgery immediately.

    Many are concerned of her knee condition and her career.

    She said playing until 30 is really big hope, because her body is quite seriously injured now.

    I hope she gets the surgery immediately and recover soon.

    It ain`t over till it`s over. -Heungkuk :whistle:…?newsid=20120716192503971

    Heungkuk, "Kim`s contract with Turkish club is not true."…?newsid=20120716191506865

    Heungkuk, "Kim Yeon-Koung`s contract is invalid .. It`s shaking the whole volleyball world."

    What a club! :down:

    They are still insisting that the contract without their approval is invalid.

    It seems now it is the matter between two clubs, so I hope Fenerbahce`s lawyers win against Heungkuk.

    Since KVA plus its politician president are not so trustworthy, there`s also a possibility for Kim to fail earning ITC from them.

    She will call for FIVB`s mediation then.

    Anyway, farewell Heungkuk. :wavy:

    Plus, Kim`s salary is said to be few more than €1,000,000. :super:…?newsid=20120713065603670

    KVA president LIM Tae-hee, "Kim`s transfer issue, priority on the volleyball development and national prestige."


    KVA held a ceremony for Korean women`s volleyball team in London Olympics on June 12.

    There, KVA president Lim said, "There are many questions on my SNS asking about Kim Yeon-Koung`s transfer issue. I hope the conversations to be continued in constructive manner. Players are the precious property of the nation."

    Concerning his words, emphasizing "We must make much of a person first," it is expected that KVA is going to continue further procedure of Kim getting ITC.

    Kim also said, "I hope the problem to be solved before the Olympics. I want to play in a team where I can learn a lot and adapt well. It`s true that there were offers from Baku, but I`m now thinking of Turkey. When the president Lim visited the training camp on June 10, I had a long converstion with him. KVA is also concerning a lot about my situation, and they are thinking in a way in favor of me."

    The situation is going better and better. :drink:

    I hope that Lim`s words are not a mere lip service as a politician. ;)

    based on how i understand this letter, heungkuk will no longer be doing business with fenerbahce, particularly regarding kim yeon koung (or kim yeon gyeong, whatever). it's not a termination of contract between kim and heungkuk, but a termination of an agreement between the two organizations. in other words, kim is still tied to heungkuk. if i understood it right, then it doesn't make sense to me why fenerbahce would still want to take kim given their terminated contract with heungkuk.

    It`s a long story to explain. :white:
    I`ll try to be short, but it`s so headaching explanation so read it if you want. :wall:

    The main point Kim`s agent is insisting on is that that paper which is sent to Fener has no effect legally.
    There`re two reasons here.

    1. The official contract made in Kim`s rookie year actually expired by the date of June 30, 2012, depriving the right of Kim from Heungkuk.

    However, Heungkuk is insisting on, that although the contract has been expired, she has to play 2 more years in Korea to get the right of Free Agent.

    But this claim of Heungkuk also has some problems.:

    -First, they are not counting the years Kim was loaned, but indeed belonged to Heungkuk.
    Counting all the years she played in foreign leagues(4 years in Korea+3 years in foreign leagues), she already fulfills the requirement of FA right.(6 years)

    -More fundamentally, the basis of Heungkuk`s argue about FA is KOVO`s local rule, so it doesn`t matter for Kim to sign a contract with foreign teams.
    Only rights to intervene belong to KVA(which could let Kim ITC, International Transfer Certificated) and the foreingn team itself.

    This is a highly controversial point so I don`t know how the judges will conclude.

    2. Heungkuk has violated the regulation first.

    These are some violation done by Heungkuk:

    -Made contract soley without any discussion with the player. (They sent the paper to Fener, and made an agreement with Rabita, and finally announced to Kim, back from OQT)
    -Asked and took player`s personal money. (For instance last season, Kim was asked to "donate" 25% of her annual salary to Heungkuk. So thankfully, they discounted it to 20% when her parents complained. :whistle: )
    -Now threatening her to come back to Korea or go to the team which gives Heungkuk lots of profit, with her career as a hostage by kicking her out of the team.

    All above are just legal violation they`ve done, but there still are so many unfair treatments Kim has beared through years, which cannot be compensated by law.

    Conclusion is that it is true that Kim has broke a regulation of KOVO banning the employment of personal agent, but the contract is expired and Heungkuk has commited lots of violation already before.
    Thus, Heungkuk has anyway no right about Kim.

    I don`t know if it would make sense, but that`s the brief summary about the dispute.
    Heungkuk was the team with lots of legal and ethical problems before, so some kind of punishment should be sentenced anyway.
    Kim is now even thinking of taking a break for one year if inevitable, but resolved firmly to win against Heungkuk.
    This affair will be one of the greatest turning points of Korean pro volleyball, concerning the biased and unfair current regulations which only benefits the teams.…07&oid=311&aid=0000136175

    Kim says she is not going to Azerbaijan anyway.

    Kim says she has decided where to go.

    Only the agent reveals that it is the club of big league in Europe, not Azerbaijan he says.

    Actually, all the rumors about Kim in Azerbaijan club was what Heungkuk, her previous Korean team tried to push ahead, seeking money. :down:

    It has turned out to be true that Heungkuk terminated the contract and announced it to Fenerbahce without any discussion with Kim.

    The team she is going to make a contract promised to solve all the problem related to Heungkuk, when the contract is signed.

    It seems like Turkish League team, Fener or Eczaci.

    There was an article that it is Fener yesterday, but not certain yet.

    What about Kim Se-Young who played for many years as a starting six player? She was a tall MB (around 190cm). She didn't play both in Japan Qualificaion tournamnet and Grand Prix. :whistle:... Se-Young is rather made of wood but she isn't so bad to be out of the Games :lol:

    She has retired and now she is pregnant.
    Although she wasn't so nice in attacking, she was a nice blocker. :)

    Kim should argue to KOVO that stopping her care
    er will lower her level and damage the National Team. They should look out for her best interest, as it is the interest of the national team.

    It may be hard to believe but KOVO is never interested in the NT.
    KOVO is the organization which deals only with the pro league, and there's another org, KVA which do a job related with international competition.
    Due to this strange system, Korean NT barely got the chance to gather the best member. :down:
    Even it happened in last Olympic and this year also.
    Sorry to be off topic. :offtopic:

    Actually KOVO and KVA's interest were in antagonistic relationship for a long time but in this case of transfer of Kim, it seems they finally found the common interest :tzz:
    There only exist numerous rumors and guesses about black relationship among KOVO-KVA-Heungkuk.

    Congratulations on returning to Korea :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll:

    You seem to be so joyful about Kim`s bad news :thumbdown:
    Nothing certain, so no need to be joyful yet.

    Something tremendously irrational going on, so we`ll see.

    What a horrible translator :down:
    It`s hardly delivering any message.

    but we don't miss her. Get out Kim.. Happiness to her with a million dollars :wavy:

    I want to make a long explanation for Kim. Because no one seems to be well aware of her real situation.
    Hope it makes sense anyway.

    First of all, I`m really sorry about FB not getting a wild card from CEV.
    There must be something totally wrong in this situation that champion not participaing in next Champions league.
    If FB got the wild card, the possibility of Kim remaining may have been really big for sure.

    I have not participated but I have watched this forum for quite a long time.
    Especially, FB being a first team for Kim in Europe, I and many of her fans sincerely supported the team and appreciated all the great favors from FB players, supporters and staffs.
    Also Kim never missed mentioning gratitude toward all the teammates, team staffs and supporters.

    I don`t wanna say anything FOR SURE about your posts which was totally disappointing at a first look, cuz I don`t know what you have heard about and know about Kim of this transfer season and I don`t want to be rude.
    However, this occasion and what you have wrote about her makes me somewhat annoyed.
    I even imagined if there is an official that Kim is transferring to Galatasaray reading your over-resentful posts.

    To talk about the "fact" for short, Kim was not exactly involved in her transfer after she left Turkey for her NT.
    She was not so aware of her transfer as she was concentrating soley on NT.
    She said about this in many interviews and I also heard from her directly.
    Even after there was "confirmed" news about her transfer to Azerrail few days ago, she interviewed at once that there is nothing certain.
    Even, she said she doesn`t know anything and has not yet talked about transfer with her agency and original team(Heungguk Life Insurance), back from OQ.
    Only thing she knows was the brief info about the teams that have made offer to her.
    In sum, she has nothing to be blamed in terms of transfer, as she has never been included in this situation that she is leaving FB(this is not even clear yet).
    All discussions made priorly were done between agency and the team, not by Kim herself.

    Everythig will be clear this week as she said that she will decide before WGP.
    I think this discussion started from not knowing well about her situation at all.
    However, I want you to know that this forum is such an opened place and some people who dislike her(indeed by no reason) take some posts written here in advantage to attack her personality.
    What you have said can be easily misunderstood.
    This is the only thing I am concerned about.
    I`m not sure how well you are aware of the situation of the team but please be more careful about your words, as this forum is even more influential than you imagine. (Maybe especially you?)
    I still have no idea why you are saying bad about Kim "Not as a player" ?( , but I can say this for sure that she CANNOT be kinda rude person without sense.
    She is remembered in such a good manner from her former teams and fans and I don`t think that it is different with FB also.
    If you tell the reason you wrote like that and it`s true, I would really appreciate to know her duplicity for the first time. :whistle:
    For sure, I think that there`s some misunderstanding actually.
    Without saying anything certain, speculation grows only.

    Actually IMO, it might be annoying for the fans but there is no way to blame pro players to pursue $$$.
    So even if she makes decision judging the salary, it could not be blamed either.
    But I`m making such a long excuse for her since I can`t stand saying sth before the official and making her a bad person.
    To say more, her original team in Korea is quite influential in decision making than you think, that the matter of money has to be more with them.

    Plus, on the day she arrived from OQ, she was asked if she will remain in FB or leave.
    Although I even think that the possibility lowered due to the sponsor problem and CL problem, she answered that "All the possibility is opened. There`s also a chance to remain(in FB)."
    So why not wait more for her dicision?
    Of course as her fan, I want her to be in a stable team that has good teammates regardless of which team it is.
    Fenerbahce 2011-12 was the very team I imagined and I expected Kim remaining next season before some problems appeared.

    Anyway, everything is up to her and her original team.
    Fans are concerned cuz her first and new agency that she belongs to now, is mainly a soccer management and she is the only and first volleyball player.
    I hope she makes a good decision and also FB`s successful season even if it is released in official that Kim leaves. :roll:

    For last, these are all the recent FACTS about her:

    -not decided nor discussed about transfer further after coming back from Japan.
    -want to stay in Turkey, if salary does not differs in great extent compared to offers from other leagues.
    -Of course money is important, but being young, she wants the team where she could learn volleyball far more.
    -She will decide this week.
    -the teams that have made offer : Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Eczacibasi(TUR) / Rabita, Azerrail(AZE) / Dinamo Moscow(RUS)