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    Match could've gone either way for both teams.

    Leon did not play well but Mikhailov sure did. No movements wasted.

    Novosibirsk played well but Leon may not have played at his best... he almost always bail them in out of system situations. Mikhailov only neutralized Grozer's points but none on the side of Novosibirsk can really do what Leon is doing for Zenit Kazan.

    It was a rather stupid mistake by Novosibirsk libero Martynyuk at 22:22 in the second set that let Zenit get into the saddle. Grozer had served very well at that point and Novosibirsk had a transition ball but Matrynyuk was in the way of Grozer, between zones 1 and 2, so the latter couldn't spike. Zenit side-outed and then Novosibirsk was struggling with Leon's service.

    I also noticed that Zenit had silenced Savin (who was the main scoring power of Lokomotiv last season) pretty well. At the same time the 36-y.o. Panteleymonenko was actually not as bad as one would expect from a player who spent last two years essentially off the sport.

    I agree that Leon is a special one but I wouldn't say Novosibirsk gave him lots of space - 6 kill-blocks is a good number. You see, the Novosibirsk OHs might not match Leon's firepower but there is an opinion that they (Rodichev, Divis, Savin) are the best all-round OHs in the league.

    Frolova is there to sustain Kosheleva's energy and free her from reception and attack exclusively on the first rally. Unfortunately for Kosheleva... receiving has been the worst aspect of her career in recent years. Frolova will probably start until Kosheleva improves on her reception or someone better than her is able to receive in a two-person passing unit while remaining an attacking and blocking force.

    Kosianenko can just be a part of the coaching staff if she want to impart her experience and leadership abilities. She's a liability from blocking, setting, digging etc. since a few years and counting. :white:

    "Improves her reception" must be a joke. Kosheleva is not a newbie or someone who started playing volleyball in her late teens (examples of the latter: Ilya Vlasov, Dima Ilinykh, Sergei Baranov). She's been playing since 12 or 13 y.o. and went through all "classes" of the sports school. So, she has already improved her reception by now and not going to improve in her late 20s; at this age players may improve at aspects like service (which she did - she's jump-floating now) and work with the block and tipping. Also, she's got quite long legs, which doesn't help receiving well (no joke intended). In many ways, she's a white elephant of the team, as long as the opponent smartly destroys the two-people reception (set 2 in the Ukraine game). By the way, Kosheleva's face looks a bit unusual at this Euro, as if she's sick or so.

    Pankova accused of being fat is another joke. She's from a sports family: her late mom was - I think - an Olympic champ, her dad is a coach and her little brother is a starter with Zenit-SPb. That is, she knows well she needs to be fit from her early days. Now, she's got married... guys, do you realise she will never get fitter than what she is now? Whatever we say or do, that's her very best :). I disagree only regarding her digging- she's a good defender overall. Her serving was OK too.

    Frolova's digging/defense impressed me a lot but she's completely impotent against the organised block. Her Yenisey team-mate Peretiatko (Ukr setter) ate Frolova completely in the first game. I am not against short OHs but short doesn't always mean unable to work with the block: there are block-outs, tips and tactical offense - but not for her. Essentially a libero. Don't get me wrong I really appreciate her coordination and she does a good job for Yenisey... but cynically speaking, she is 30 now, won't grow any taller and that bizarre position when she is in four and Pankova is in two is always going to be a trouble. What on Earth is she doing in the NT in the post-Olympic year (when younger players can be given a chance)? This is as ridiculous as bringing Sivozhelez and Spiridonov into the NT back in 2013, which I was very critical about. People who would clearly not help at the Olympics/WCh although both very able players, nice chaps.


    It's good to know that you read my post, I mean *that* post about the territory short of intellectual oil resources, south of BLR. I know a lot about that and happy to share my thoughts separately. Next time, please feel free to complain to moders instead of releasing this flow of conscience here that makes people laugh - but note that it's not me who jumps into the ad hom path. In fact, I have never done that in here at all and shared quite a bit of expertise/insight - not just random kilobytes.

    As for the episode, the vast majority here are rooting for Tur, so no wonder they saw the ball in. But even the schoolkids know the golden volleyball rule - "the play lasts until the Ref whistles". In the real world of this match, it was a childish mistake for the Tur team who started hugs/kisses without hearing a whistle instead of finishing off the free ball that they were given after the football. An episode like this can compromise the confidence - we all know that for sure let alone a pro coach like Guidetti. He understands well that a Ref of Mokry's level is not going to change his point because of the pressure from one side, as long as this can't be officially challenged. But the team needs a break - and Guidetti has a reason to protest, so why not? He's done this many times before, his reputation carrying him safely through any of these ordeals. Note that upon seeing the cards, he obediently walked away, the show was over. Noone rocked the ref's stand.

    I would also not concur with the point that this episode was a decider for the game. In fact, it wasn't a decider even for that set as Tur equalised at 23:23, whilst being six points down at the second TTO. In fact-2, the game would have been well over in four sets, had Tur made a break at 23:23. Rus has clearly added from the service line in set 4, and Voronkova did very well. I am still very puzzled with Frolova (essentially, a second libero) whereas Pankova is valued for her experience at Euros and with Moscow, as well as her captain ability and defensive skills.

    Amd now Turkey is falling apart.. When will Guidetti understand that his yelling to the judge has always hurt his team

    He's just overdone it a bit. Don't forget that all the Champ League titles do not help to remain down to earth... especially someone who has never seemed to be down-to-earth :)

    I don't understand how can Turkey not use Russia receiving with both Kosheleva and Voronkova on court..
    Hande off to a bad start

    Voronkova did play opposite in some games but she is actually a good receiver. A bit overweight but very well coordinated. Btw, her dad (a 205 cm tall MB) used to play libero for Rus NT - it is familial.

    You guys should rewatch this match if you truly believe the ball didn't touch the ground. I can rewind and Im telling you IT DID TOUCH! Just because he is angry doesnt mean he can not be right guys

    Everyone understands that was a football - the sound is important - but Guidetti sets a performance to arrange an extra time-out at no cost. Nobody is angry, he's just looking for a side-out option. Luckily, the ref had balls to stop the show.

    Ukraine is playing really good.. reliable attacks from Kodola, Chernuchka and Trushkina, while Bulgaria is struggling too much in reception and can't get over Ukraine's defense!

    They've lost their best chance in the first set that they've narrowly lost. Things are more complex for them now as they get out of steam - tired after y-day's five-setter, I bet.

    Isn't it a bit too risky to change coach so close to ECH?

    ... but nevertheless keep the old (sacked?) coach with the team, sitting on the bench with an angry face?

    I don't think "risky" is the right word for that as I sense things are a bit complex over there. I agree that Ushakov hasn't proved he could manage a decent level team as he was, frankly speaking, pretty poor with Krasnodar. He definitely has lots of friends in the Federation... or possibly they're considering more distant goals. It is also unclear how good physically the team is. In the first game, the reception was way better than it usually is but the attack was at times very erratic and teh setting wasn't very stable too.

    Ukraine must be one of, if not the one, heaviest powderkegs when it comes to assuming risk for future withdrawals or defections among the hotbed they have nurtured. The examples of players who left are endless. I presume the cause is a combination of factors such as a poorly organized federation with a chronic shortage of funds and permeated by corruption, additionally spurred by the existence of functional, relevant substitutes, which shares similarites concerning language, ethnicity, mentality and political background with their native country, but still with superior economical circumstances, enabled not thanks to to any superior organization or structure but better access to natural resources (oil, gas). We have examples of defectors in Mammadova, Samadova, Goncharova, Anna Makarova, Krivets, Maryuiknich, Tatyana Mudritskaya (representing Kazakhstan, ex. pro for Schweriner in Germany) etc among players in the current generation concerning women´s game, apart from Rykliukh (+perhaps some more) in latency and Bakun, Pavel Moroz and Muserskiy etc when it comes to the "traitors" who has defected to the male Russian NT at the expense of UKR NT. Both Russia and AZE (for women) keeps themselves floating with such a high level of consistency by working as an organic entity with inherent smaller parts, ie satellites/agents, in line with a multinational corporation, which combs out or dusts up the raisins in the cake among the marionette-states in the former Soviet block. Except Ukraine we are able to recognize the same diluted pattern in Belarus, which fed Russia with Kosheleva - although a bit of a twillight case since she departed early - and in Uzbekistan, which did the same to AZE and RUS while providing them with Polina Rahimova and Tetyukhin respectively.

    I think you're slightly mixing things up here, apart from the obvious point of Ukraine being a powderkeg - I assume in the Colombian sense :)? Let us face the fact, it is a poor country and it will clearly remain so for next 50+ years. Oil, gas... Plenty of Ukraine's neighbours have none of those and yet they're doing better or much better. It's not that I would blame it all on hardcore right-wing parochialism of local people, with their IQ well in double digits, no... I guess bad climate is the reason.

    Ukr has some legacy in various sports somewhat akin to that massive Antonov plane that only exists in one or two copies, the one that was originally developed to transport a spaceshuttle. Those coaches that would train 11-y.o. boys and girls, they're mostly alive in Ukr and do their job OK. The problem is the lack of a decent competitive youth/adult league, an essential factor for player's development. Yes, oil and gas money is important but Muserskiy, Poltavskiy, Bakun and Pavlov would have never reached the Rus NT level, had they elected to pursue their career in Ukr. This may appear very confusing and indeed it may be tempting to see corruption as main reason for the insufficiency of sports funding. In my view the confusion comes from the prominence of Ukr football league, which made into world's top 10 some time ago. This league was quite a bit overfunded by a small group of tycoon owners of the clubs which naturally raised similar expectations for other sports. A well-doing football cub is not just a matter of pride for an oligarch but also a decent bunch of motivated paramilitary fans, which can also be quite handy, as we know. I am afraid a volleyball team doesn't tick all these boxes.

    Regarding all this hand-waving about "defectors" etc, you're (intentionally or not) ignoring the fact that Ukraine is a native country for none of the people you mention in your post. The communistic nationalistic Ukr brainwash doesn't work particularly well with people born before 1992-1993. Give it another 20 years and we would be able to assess genuinely Ukr school of volleyball. Btw, Kosheleva was born in Blr but grew up mostly in Tula where she started playing vball together with her best friend Spiridonov. Saying that Blr fed her to Rus is like saying that Angelina Gruen is a Tajik player taken by D-land.

    I can't believe Ukraine did not add Aleksandra Bytsenko to their roster, their best OH and plays in Bursa BBSK (Turkey) I will not root for Ukraine until they start getting some sense and add this young talent to their roster. Imagine how much of an offensive power Rykhliuk + Bytsenko could be :wall: Aleksandra was like MVP of delegation round last season in Nilüfer, she saved their asses and now they have Buijs + Carol and she got awarded as well as she plays in one of the top 5 best teams of the league now however her NT decides to ignore her :thumbdown:

    I read that Rykhlyuk is out too.

    Russia will lead Ushakov on the European Championship as a coach. Kuzyutkin is no longer with the team, his new role should be a consultant.

    The Russian Volleyball Association admitted that it had made a mistake with Kuzyutkin.

    This has not been posted anywhere, I learned it from my source.

    This hasn't been posted anywhere apart from four major Rus sports sites, about five hours prior to your post. :)
    They're trying to wrap this up nicely, as if they originally planned to do this rotation but I agree with the opinion that they're disappointed with Kuzyutkin (alternatively, something funny could have happened at the Cup, behind the scenes). Ushakov is mystery at the moment: three or even two years go he was a poor coach of an excellent roster at Krasnodar, however he's still a young coach so things could have improved since then. The biggest puzzle is that they didn't appoint Pankov instead, who's essentially got all what's needed for coaching. I may assume that this is linked to some kind of politics but his daughter seems to be in the roster, so shouldn't be a problem.

    Konstantin Abaev (Russian Youth NT, setter, 18-year-old, 195 cm, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk) and Kirill Kletc (Russian Youth NT, opposite, 19-year-old, 208 cm, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk) are said to join Montana in the Bulgarian Superleague for the new season. The players are said to arrive in Montana in the middle of September, the link is obviously their head coach Plamen Konstantinov. We are most probably talking about loans.

    Montana playing in BUL Superleague? I bet Konstantinov told they guys they're going to the US.

    Thanks! I fully agree about Grankin. He is one of the overlooked setters in the game, even some people here don't have a super high opinion of him. To me, Grankin is surely one of the world's top setters and one of this generation's best. I would put Butko in that list, too.

    I would surely love to watch Belogorie's opener, as well as their next games. Mostly, I want to see Konstantin Semenov indoors :) Where I would slightly divert is Belogorie's roster being the best. What bothers me is their OH selection. I think Tetyukhin missed the perfect time to retire, he can't just be super useful for a whole season. Unfortunately, I don't see how Spodobets, Semenov, and Iereshchenko would challenge Zenit for the title. Biryukov is no monster, but with him things could've been a bit brighter indeed. In my opinion, among all real title contenders, Belogorie has the weakest OHs. And I put the newly created Gazprom project in SP in that list immediately because of the players they gathered. They won't become champions probably, yet I think they have more class than this year's Dinamo Moscow. It was a bad timing for them to meet already in the opening round, the return game (hopefully, with a fit Berezhko) will show whether they are better indeed.

    Well, obviously Belgorod is not in possession of the likes of Leon and Anderson (and Biryukov was supposed to be a big part of their plan) but things are not that bad. Tetyukhin and Yereshenko carried them through last season pretty OK in terms of reception. From what I could see, Semenov and Spodobets can work against teams like Dinamo LO or Ural. Theoretically, the opposite Danilov can receive too. The two big pros are that Belgorod is by far the best team in the middle and the firepower from the service line should be pretty colossal. This obviously depends on various factors, they wasted 26 serves in the first game but in theory they can bring tons of trouble. The weakest link of Belgorod - as for me - is the same as it was last year. They are being coached by Bogomolov this year who is being assisted by Kazakov so there's great chance of various idiocy going on and opportunities being missed, just like it happened a year ago. I can't believe it: the guys signed essentially a NT squad but failed to employ a pro coach!

    The matches are recorded and available at tv start if you're curious:

    According to World of Volley, THE Polish OH is likely to be Mateusz Mika. If he does come, Belogorie would be more crowded and competitive. Given there are already two oversea players in the club, Mika would surely put someone onto the bench, but I am sure Nikolay Nikolov would be fine.

    AFAIC, the other overseas player, Yereshenko, is not an overseas player anymore. Mika makes sense as they may want someone tall (replacement for Khtey). Unclear though how healthy Mika is - Belgorod clearly doesn't need someone as sick as Khtey.

    Ok, so I opened the stats sheet from Belogorie's game, played a day later than the rest, and I was shocked to find out that Grankin had signed with Shipulin's team :huh: How, when, and why? powsoff, we need you. I am wondering how I missed probably the biggest internal transfer in Russia this summer. I saw both Antipkin and Strilchuk in action for Dinamo against Zenit SP and thought that Grankin had been given a few days rest. Although all the other NT members seem to have played over the weekend. Which leads us to the second question - where is Berezhko? Is he still a Dinamo Moscow player or is he only enjoying a few days off? He is the only only missing from the golden ECH starting team.

    Grankin moved in June, the key reason being the conflict he has been having with Marichev since the 2016 cup. Apparently the issue was the amount of workout Marichev expected Dinamo players should do. The other important transfer from Dinamo to Belgorod was Bakun. Dinamo has also sold Biryukov to Belgorod but Biryukov got injured whilst at the NT so he's off till February. Berezhko stays with Dinamo - yes, he was given some rest.

    The bottom line is that Belgorod and, possibly, Novosibirsk are in clash for gold with Kazan. Moscow and SPb compete for CEV cup spot. On the paper, Belgorod has the strongest roster. It's been long since Belgorod had a setter of Grankin's level - I guess Khamuttskikh in his golden days was a comparable asset. The two "newsomer" OHs they used in the opening game (Semenov and Spodobets) looked nothing but superb with Grankin's sets. Muserskiy had 17 out of 19 in attack. Bakun is obviously not weaker than Grozer, Obmochaev is a top notch libero. Don't know, this can be the end of Zenit's Gazprom funding dominance. There's also a goss that Belgorod is in talks with some Polish OH. Who would that be?

    How about more information about Zenit St. Petersburg? They won their first match against Dinamo Moscow.

    St Petersburg looked like an OK team overall with decent team spirit. Apart from the obvious heroic characters, I was impressed by the setter Pankov and the libero Komarov. They look as a solod top 5 team but who knows how it goes? The game is stored here, welcome to watch if curious :…mpionat-rossii-muzhchiny/

    I wouldn't.

    Poland just won the U21 world championship. Come on, build your own talents! :whistle:

    And I agree with Matthias: Grozer, Travica, Zaytsev and other cases like those are totally different than stealing volleyball players to a small island with an amazing tradition in this sport. Do I need to remember you Juantorena was just the Plan B? FIPAV wanted Simon at first, but he always refused. This is ridiculus!

    Let's face the fact, Juantorena's case has opened this Pandora's box, when he took an average team through the world cup and olympics to win the silver. Grozer, Travica, Zaytsev, Muserskiy are indeed a very different case (Divis is not though!) I think that this is the reality of modern global world and there's nothing super-special about it. I don't see why Poland wouldn't want to call Leon for the NT, unless the political situation progresses deteriorates there and all the migrants are kicked out of the country.

    The only truly sad thing is about Cuban NT, as things are not bad in there but rather a bit stupid. I wish they qualify for WCH and OG with their younger generation and kick some <censored>.

    But in the end, most important thing is that we saw a great development with the german team in almost any volleyball related aspect and it is obvious that good work had been done in the training gym. This, in the end, is what defines a good coach more than his language skills. I think we completely agree on this.

    No offense, but I'm not particularly sure what development you're talking about. It's not that I follow the German team closely but what D-land has now is a shadow of their Berlin OQT-2016 team. Very impressive defensively against Rus at the SF, fantastic teamwork - one can easily find a video on youtube. The only caveat... well, quite a big "caveat", was the condition of No9. Very predictable back in 2016 in Berlin and a major deciding factor at this ECH final. By the way, I bet that tragic world champ qualifier happened in his absence?