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    Ceren is a special player. Obviously she is very young and need more time to develop her skills, however she will be the next Darnel of Turkey. I even believe she is going to be better than Darnel. I like to see her how she plays against Aachen a much more solid team than Kazanlak.

    Vakifbank with international Stars is one of the favourites to win CL. Uralochka in roster has half farm Players. It is clear that Uralochka will lose to Vakifbank and Someone thinks that Uralochka's Fans will enjoy the game. What a non-logic thinking.

    Ok. You have a valid point. I was being little sarcastic. Hope no hard feelings. :)

    I just quit reading the comparision between Turkish and Russian league when the poster draw the conclusion Russian League is weaker since Moscow and Kazan is so superior. The fact is that both Omsk and Krasnodar has a stronger roster this season than Moscow. Omsk won both matches against Moscow last season and is stronger this season while Moscow is weaker. Uralochka will also have a decent chance against Moscow this season in my opinion. There is also many highly decent teams that can be threats against topteams when they are in a bad mood. Fakel will be pretty strong with Joycinha, Fofinha, Alimova and Pisarenko, and Zarechie with Del Core, Angeloni, Konstantinova and rising star Natasha Malykh. And also Severstal with Vesovic and Alajbjeg, Tyumen with Bondar, Topic, Zhitova, Babeshina, Bruntseva for ex. In my opinion, this makes it even impossible to compare the different leagues.

    Anton thank you for your info. Especially Krasnodar looks like very strong. You may have some valid points. Regardless. I'll be happy to watch some good games. :)

    It looks like there is a debate going on about Seda. Seda is a role player, however she is a very good role player.
    I remember watching Rockets in NBA final of 1994 or 1995. A long time ago, I was young but I still remember they won the world championship with only one star player Olanjuwan and very good role players; Smit, Thorpe and Mr. big shot Robert Horry. (Wow I still remeber their names). A year or two later Houston decided to trade their role players so they can get two more super stars; Drexler and Barkley and that year they couldn't even make the final. (They lost the western conference final.).
    The point I am trying to make that a good role player has tremendous value for a team, especially for a volleyball team. If Fb could get between 10 and 15 points from Seda and Paula (or any two of them between Mari, Eda, Seda, Okunevaska, Paula) then they'll be just fine. Everyone knows that Kim will get her points, Even Uralochka Ekaterinburg fan knows that Kim will get her points. :)

    Only stop Kim during match and Fenerbahce will lie and squeals :lol:

    Kim will be probably Best Scorer ever in turkish league after the season because in the Team is Amazing Player as Her and Other only average.

    Well well, at least Fenebahce has Kim who needs to be stopped before the other team could win. The Uralochka-NTMK Ekaterinburg doesn't even have single players in Kim's level. They just lay down and squeal automatically! :lol:

    Fenerbahçe ISTANBUL:Impel Gwardia WROCLAW: 3-2 : 19-25,19-25,25-22,25-22,15-11

    Wow! Fb came back from two sets down and win the game in Poland. I am impressed :) . Fb is going to be just fine. However they do need some practice time, especially now that they lost Naz. Which in my opionion effected Fb negatively the most. They do need thier setters to feel for the game.

    I was reading some articles and come to conclusion that arguably the Turkish league is the best women volleyball league in Europe at the moment. I say arguably because Russian league is a strong league as well, however in Russian league there are only two very
    strong teams; Dinamo Kazan and Dinamo Moscow and one of them will be the champion this year as well.

    Every good Italian player is left Italy for the current session; they are in Russia, Turkey or Azerbaijan at the moment. I think Italian league as a whole drop one level down from previous years.
    Polish league is also strong, one of my favorite league. They are very solid as the most Polish peoples and they could inflict upsets
    against any teams in CL. But they don’t have a single team that could go all the way in CL, unless causing major upsets for more than couple of times which is highly unlikely.

    Azerbaijan league contains very strong teams such as Rabita, Azreail and Igtaidci. But I have a hard time understanding their philosophy.
    Their teams made out of highly paid players from all over the word to win championship. This is ok if they could create a unified team from those individually great players. Volleyball is a more of a team sport than basketball or other sports.

    That brings Turkish league. This year four very solid teams and any one of them could be champion. And unlike Azerbaijan, the Turks have system in their club structure. For instance, Fenerbahce or any other club teams in their league have players that constitute their skeleton. In Fenerbahce, Seda, Eda, libero, naz (before she left this session) they have been playing for years with each other. Kim
    will be her second year in FB. So they know each other and when a new player comes in it is easier to integrate them. However this year Fb lost Naz and need some adjustment period with her replacement.

    Also it used to be two level difference between Big four and mid-level clubs (Ilbank, Yesilyurt, and Ted kolejliler) . But this year the deference is probably only one level because of these teams investment and growing up.
    So I am looking forward to watching some of those games. :super:

    But good news is that AZS Białystok has got licence at least after half year.

    By the way the Club will play in traditional Tournamet in Belarus vs Atlant Baranowicze and Uralochka NTMK Ekaterinburg.

    Is that the Clubs That Are Bankrupt In This Decade Tournament. Well in that case I am sure that Uralockia NTMK Ekaterinburg will do just fine. :lol:

    Loca We must keep together because when Fenerbahce Fanatics with Their Boss from San Diego will come here We won't have easy time :rolll:

    Oh my!! Come down! Don't get youself too excited!!! We are just starting; it's not even any offical games played yet. By your reaction you showed today, you will be jumping from the third floor when Fenerbahce wins against Uralochka Ekaterinburg :lol: