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    And in that schedule i think there are two teams that will have hard times 'Turkey,Thailand'
    They have come to the finals wth facing easy opponets and now they have to play wth usa china brazil too ... Eventually fivb could make a fair schedule :super:

    I guess there is someone who have to be fair and thats is you :win: u also know that china did not play as they did before :read:

    Poland captain Katarzyna Skorupa: "Congratulations to Italy. Although we knew we could go to the World Grand Prix finals before playing this match, we still wanted to win."

    Maybe she wanted to say they knew they could NOT go to finals...and Bracci and Ortolani just congratulated her because they didn't notice her mistake...

    or maybe she just wanted to say yep we r in finals but we want to win this match too u know some teams dont care its matches cause of they r in finals even if they lose

    So maybe Germany is in final round and doesn't even know? :lol: But right now I guess final 6 with 2 pools is the most likely, that's what's written on WGP formula section.

    actually i was very angry when i heard that poland in finals though being not in 6, but if germany play in finals too that would be ok for me :lol:

    omg what? are they in finals ? :mad:

    something more about german team i guess they miss angelina grün in wgp too much... especially in the important and hard matches like with usa and brazil , germans couldnt take crucial points so they couldnt win if grün had been there evrything could be more different :cup:
    u know if germans had taken one match from brazil or usa they would be in finals :aww:

    i really dont understand some users there, it is really obvius that germany has deserved the finals more than thailand or cuba and im sure that if u dont accept this u have some problems wth german or germany :what: