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    So who will suck it now? :whistle: it was really ugly that an user said this to another user :thumbdown: As i said yesterday beating brazil doesnt mean turkey will be champion or medalist and now japan beat them 3-0.Perfect game for japans their defence system is just crazy and just teams should respect :obey: And one more time i want manabe will be germany's coach with him germany can be successfull 10 times more than with guidetti.

    Can someone ask to guidetii that japan players are such athletic,powerful attackers or the reality is so much different to beat russia :rolll: losing 12 times in a row to russia is definetly cant have any explanation,im sure even dominic can beat them at least once :aww:

    He is surely good coach but he likes so much hiding behind excuses :whistle:

    And one more thing now turkish team is really a team as leadership of neriman and gözde but when darnel returns it cant be lets wait and see :gone: i hope they will go on with this current roster

    Big conrats to the turkish team completly deserved win.i already dont like brazilian team so this game was really good.I think turkey could finish it 3-0 also but they couldnt keep the concentration.Neriman and Gözde were outstanding its so funny how they collapsed brazilian defence.Their agggresive game style helps them so much and i think the turkish stuff works perfect on tactics thanks to vakibank 8) But i think this game doesnt mean they will be champion or medalists here russia,japan and maybe china can make damage and i guess they r on their top form which is not a good sign when the most important tournament is just away 5 weeks :S

    i dont know why lisa was not on the court but even without her belgium didnt play so bad.When there is van hecke leys is not problem and coolman is there for help.The only thing i dont like in belgium they dont use middles as last year.I think its so important for them.Anyway for their real performance just wait WCH ;)

    Do u think is there any possibilty to see hippe as OH last year they tried in the final match ?(

    Or i think guidetti can try kozuch as OH,she was not that bad in azeryol and cant be worse than brinker on reception if germany really has problems on OH position with no hope.Lippamnn can do good things just she is not experienced enough.
    But i really think that the survive for german team is trying new variations on attacking all of the players are capable on it,not new players.If guidetti is right on his words thailand or japan cant win anything these tournament and we all see its not like that. ;)

    Its official that saskia hippe returns to the team for train WCH good news but lippmann also plays good enough.I really wonder how guidetti cuts so easily brandt and izquierdo :aww:

    Especially izquierdo is the one what germany needs for attacking :tzz:

    She only gets blocked when she stops thinking, most of the times she easily hits OVER the block. Like Calderon in her best days...

    I think its not that easy,bahar or turkey can block her cause they jump in the right time cause stuffs help them so much in the game if u listen they always talk and give tactics to the players even the game is going like guidetti.The problem of german blocking for me timing.They jump in same time so its impossible reaching kosheleva's height.As barbolini said just wait and catch her in the right time.For sure u cant block her everytime but at least u can try to skim the ball for counter attack like japans do.Also i think its a shame cant blocking such a slow player like diouf,she hit and won the game for italy and germans just watched it. :gone:

    And one more thing for fürst she is still bad at blocking free balls.Especially in the match against turkey germany serves so well and turkish players just keep the ball hardly in the game but neriman can hit all the balls so she hits full of her power and ball goes out from fürst hands cause she knows fürst tries to reach her max height on blocking everytime no matter the position and she uses fürst :aww:

    And i guess all users should be aware that this is just grand prix which starts ever year again so teams dont show usually their top performances.So talkig about WCH success is so early,so many things will change especially weaker teams :)

    And i guess all users should be aware that this is just grand prix which starts ever year again so teams dont show usually their top performances.So talkig about WCH success is so early,so many things will change especially weaker teams :)

    Lol! I was just meaning that you guys love her for some reason that I'm not aware of. But anyway you can be Theo part-time and Lenka's manager in night shifts :drink: Besides that, I did not watch her for such a long time but during this tournament, I think Thomsen deserved to play more. I remember some guys here again talking bad about Nihan for instance but her case is pretty similar of even worse than the German liberos because she had to receive together with Neriman and I believe Brinker is a better receiver than Neriman. I don't say that Durr should be successful although she covers Brinker's part as well but when Thomsen is in, Germany played better during this tournament.

    Mate these are exactly my thoughts thanks for good explanation :D and when i said dürr isnt ready still i meant she isnt on her best.But we have to accept that she isnt a perfect receiver so covering someone else is big for her.Guidetti already said he learnt what are the wrong parts of NT and he will correct these. 8)

    Grün now has a baby and she is happy on this living already she cant help germany for this problem.Guidetti is smart enough and even they cant have powerful players they can make better variatiosn which taller teams cant.And a good news germany wont face with russia in WCH probably the only team they cant beat

    That's exactly the problem, Germany has no such player. Kozuch is good in system but you can't feed her high balls. If you have Brinker, the chance is 50-50, either she gets the block-out or the no-block-out, on crucial points the 2nd option is more likely. This year our MBs are the most reliable attackers, but none of the wing hitters has been any solid. Each of them has had a couple of decent games but nobody showed any stability in their performance.

    Already if germany can solve this they can beat aynone they compete with russia so hard and lose 27-25,26-24,26-24 its not a shame losing like this on the contrary it shows they can compete with them even they have so many weakness compare russia.I still believe kozuch sometimes she gets me surprised how she can be good if she really wants.Maybe guidetti tries lippmann and her height advantage but in this tornament she also seemed so unconfident 8|

    And germany should decide who will be the first option on crucial points like turkey gözde,russia kosheleva,belgium van hecke in germany there is no one.I think it should be kozuch but today apitz tried two times in a row weiehenmeier and she unfortunatley got blocked by tripple russian block.I dont think any teams tries as hard as germans do but when they play so amateur in crucial points it has no sense you lead 22-18.They also should solve this problem on attacking

    And i agree no one can say germany deserves more than turkey being in finals.Turkey is more stronger or more aggressive and they dont let the opponent takes control so easy as germans do what is so annoying.Turkey deserves to be there although i dont think they will be better with main roster this roster is better for me

    How will pool composition be for finals. If they would use serpentine system, It should be like;

    Pool A: Japan (1)-Turkey (4)-Russia(5)
    Pool B: Brasil(2)-China(3)-Belgium(6)

    I hope Turkey would manage to compete against either CHN or BRA since they are the only good team we haven't met ye this summer and it would be better to play with them at least once before WCh

    Isnt final six like every teams play eachother like league system ?(

    First of all thanks for your long explanation but i dont agree most of it.I can see that u r fan of her or loves her so much but i really dont think things are like that u said.Lenka waits middle of the court and ball comes directly to her not anyone but she still cant decide how she takes it.Not always but usually its like that and opponets know this so well and they disturb her so much.Yes maybe she tries to cover brinker on sme positions but i sincerley think this is not good choice cause she is not capable to do it for now.It doesnt work guidetti should find another option otherwise every team knows they can lock germany on reception and when reception is not good that means germany loses cause their game stule depends on fast sets and middles :) On this level serves are so hard to receive i accept ot but lenka can do it better,just it comes to me she isnt ready still.When its a free ball for counter attack usually libero takes the responsiblity but today and most part of grand prix lenka has problems on it.And im sure guidetti also saw that she is not that good and let thomsen play in third set.

    Anyway i just want germany comes better i dont try to make bad comments about any player just i say the things which should improve for me until the most important tournament :flower:


    She cant decide if the ball goes out or in so usually she has hard times on reception even when the ball goes directy to her she doenst have perfect rececption but its so hard on this level.And i dont know what i can say the last ball on 21-20 her set to weihenmeier or to the net :thumbdown: