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    First set for Poland. So far, I think that their weakest link is Drzyzga. He isnt involving his MBs in the game. And they arent not bad players at all. He is basing all in the strength of his pins. Sure, you have Leon and Kurek there, but it is too predictable.

    He could call a spike for the MB and then set the ball to the pins, but he barely does it. If Slovenia blocks find the way to cover Kurek, the match will change. Sort of, Slovenia defense is controlling Leon, but no Bartosz.

    Ropret > Drzyzga

    Don't forget that Guliani is Drzyzga's club caoch. He knows everything about the setter. Drzyzga played the middles a few times in the beginning but Bieniek was not able to finish. Drzyzga set to him 4 times and he didn't score a single point. Kochanowski got 2.

    A very interesting match-up. Kaczmarek-Sliwka-Kubiak-Kłos - Łomacz- Bieniek short but very technical line-up against powerful Slovenians.

    Btw guys, what do you expect for the last match of the day?

    I think Brazil could close it in 4 (maybe 3 if the OH duo is Lucarelli-Douglas), but it would be a tight score. I would be surprised if USA brings the match to the tie-break.

    I agree in every respect. Without Russell and with Sander in not such good shape 3:0 is quite likely, maybe 3:1 for Brazil.

    Poland hast won anything since Leon arrived either. That was just not my point.

    I got your point and you may even be right that Drzyzga is the weakest link in the Polish NT but not because he is over-relying on Leon (That was your original argument). However, he is capable of playing really well, at least well enough to win WCH.

    IMO he is the weak link. Zakza works really well this season. IMO Toniutti made a lot of impact.

    Of, course he did. Zaksa was a perfect machine, a very technical team. The Polish NT is a completely different team, they have big cannons and therefore, they can play a different kind of volleyball. Drzyzga is not the best setter in the world, no doubt about it, but he is twice the world champion. Speaks for itself. If Leon is the only deciding factor why didn't Perugia win anything this season?

    Kurek 23 attacks, Semeniuk 28 attacks, Leon 17 attacks, Kochanowski 13 attacks, Huber 9 attacks. Do you call it relying on one player?