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    I have been doing the advanced stats for the Olympics. Take a look.


    Very interesting. Does it mean that Stanley, Bartman and Atanasijevic are the most efficient players and Poland and USA the two strongest teams?

    Should Serbia have 91 or just 9?

    Camillo Placci Italian coach.

    1stly set ratio, point ratio or wins betwean team is the crucial to see who will be first in groups?

    2ndly to be 2nd or 3rd is the same in this phase as there will be new draw between the secomd and thirs of the two groups?
    Please i want official answer if possible from a link

    Question 1 page 16-17
    Question 2…de/volleyball/#/29/zoomed pg.29
    If you don't feel like reading the documents here are the answers:
    1. points for matches - number of victories - set ratio - point ratio
    2. yes you are right it doesn't really matter whether you are 2nd or 3rd.

    I wouldn't say Bulgaria is weak. They just didn't find enough motivation to make an effort. British coach shouldn't have made the double change at the end of the third set. Pipes seemed to be much more creative. British libero did great job towards the end of the match - 4 or 5 saves in a row.

    In Poland there are 2 MBs who can play it - Daniel Pliński and Marcin Nowak ( 2m15cm) but they do it very, very rarely. There must be a reason why they don't play it as often as female players. One of the reasons is that men's block is much higher than women's and the hitter uses one leg to jump so the jump is not very high. Another thing is that they can use this form of attack only after perfect reception and statistically it is more effective to use a quick hit. I have never seen Argentina playing slide attack but they definitely play double quick hit.
    During the last Wagner's Memorial Tournament in Poland Zagumny played it with Barman (after a save he happened to be where a MB should have been and Zagumny set a very quick ball to the antenna. They had a great laugh when it worked so obviously it was creative setting on the part of Zagumny rather than something they have prepared in advance.

    I think Berruto has decided to take two liberos because he has 2 very good players for this position and nobody really good to substitute Lasko as an opposite. No problem if all three of his offensive players - Lasko, Savani and Zaytsev are fine but if one of them gets injured or has a bad day, he has a limited choice. I think it is quite risky to sarcrifice an offensive player for a libero but we will see, he must have had his reasons.

    I get these two libero tactics, but it seams to me a high risk as now they have to sacrifice one left- or right- side hitter from the roster. So now in the roster or 3 left or 1 right side player... In case of injury it gives quite a big pressure for the other players, as then the lefts has to play all matches without substitution or a left has to go and solve the right side hitters job...

    I can at least understand why Alekno has decided to take 2 liberos as all his hitters are strong and neither of his liberos good at both digging and receiving. I cannot see any rationale behind Berruto's decision though. What's the point in taking 2 liberos if you have Papi in your squad? ?(