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    Also does this mean that the Rio 2016 silver medalist will be relegated to Grp 2? And Grp 2 1st to be moved up to Grp 1?

    No, they won't. FIVB are considering a new WL format and Italy will have a place in the 1st division for the next 7 years.

    I know well what I'm talking about. Tailored the WCh for the home team - to be fair, as it usually happens. The real results, on the neutral pitch, are somewhat different though.

    This is the high-level competition, nuances matter here. Pack your belongings, check out, drive for a couple of hours or so, check in - half day is gone. Try the pitch, play tomorrow and here you go. I guess we realise that some teams booked the tickets to Rio in advance whilst the others go through additional tourney end of May. Just note the shape of the teams, that qualified via that tourney, in Rio. One would say, why would this matter. It does, believe it or not.

    Yes, you are right and Poland had to do it 4 times during the 2014 WCH.

    Your second comment about qualifying to Rio and a physical condition of some teams (Poland, France, Canada, Iran ) is a different story and I agree with your opinion.

    As a good OPP should but the key is that it was only in some matches. In the final Mateusz Mika was Poland's best player and scorer.

    Poland played good volleyball during WCH2014 and that's why they won. Not because they had one great player or played in a venue of their choice (as someone said). Volleyball is too complicated a game for such factors to play a vital role.

    Lets be honest Poland won the wch because both Wlazly and Winiarski are in good shape and they are so consistent throughtout the whole tourney. (Wlazly with 30+ points in some matches and Winiarski - passing and defense and he's a decent scorer)

    I am so happy usa won! I was extremely nervous about the jump floats from Poland but it seems that Poland had even more service errors than usa

    Wlazly didn't score over 30 points in any of the WCH matches.

    That was a good set to watch.
    Credit to argentina for not leaning back and let it happen. Gonzalez was great in 4th set, while Kurek slowed down a litlle bit but however he got that microtouch at matchpoint. Really liked the way Lomacz played with the middles. They were dangerous, even from 4th meter. I suppose their stats will look great tonight. :thumbup:

    Unfortunately, Kurek has this problem of slowing down with time. There must be a reason for that. It is either physical or mental. In my opinion he cannot stay focused for a longer period of time.

    I watched the argument just now. the funniest part is that Mousavi that usually is part of these fights this time is very calm and while Iranians all went without shaking hands came and shook hands with Polish players alone. link

    It seems that both Mousavi and Kubiak treat it as part of the game and enjoy it ( I saw their little provocations already during the game) but after the match they shake hands and forget about it. The problem is when other players or fans or journalists take it seriously and move it to a different level.

    Mamdani, you have missed my point. I only wanted to say that a lot is going on between teams at the net and we see only the most emotional manifestation of it and it is not enough to judge who is the guilty one.

    My problem with Kubiak is that he simply loves it and looks for opportunities.