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    I follow this sport since the 90s and Italy for example never used them (and also USA for example), by the way it's not Poland's fault if Kubiak is what he is (dicks are everywhere). Maybe some day also in Italy we'll have a bad behaviour guy like Kubiak, at the moment (and at least in the last 20 years) we have not

    I agree with most of what you have said. What you probably don't know or don't want to admit is that Italian players are famous for their verbal aggression at the net. The difference is that what Kubiak does is seen by many and what Italians say is heard only by the opposite team and stays among them. Are they really better?

    Difficult to make a prediction right now, both Canada and Australia will meet teams that have zero motivations left as they're already in or out of Rio.

    Which brings the big subject: the serpentine system will allocate teams into the two main groups according to world ranking.

    Is Poland going to take a look at the possibilities and decide whether or not they want to help Australia qualify?

    Poland has already started preparing for LŚ and that's their main focus now. The most important players Kubiak, Kurek, Mika are going to get some rest for a few weeks so our second six will get more opportunities to play. I think that they will focus on carrying out their plan rather than on whether to help Australia or not.

    A similar situation in POL vs VEN but not at a crucial moment. The ref stops the game and shows that Kubiak has touched the net. Antiga takes a challenge which shows that he has touched it but the ball was already in the court. The point goes to VEN because they don't check whether Kubiak has made a mistake, they check whether VEN has touched the next, which they hasn't. So, nobody makes a mistake (apart from the ref.) 8| but the point goes to VEN.

    I hope Canada manages to make it to top 3. :win:

    They have a real chance. All they have to do is win against Japan, China, Australia, and Venezuela and if they keep playing the way they played against Poland and Iran, they can achieve it. There is of course one condition. Poland, France and Iran need to win against these teams as well. And of course Iran needs to be in the top three. Then the fourth spot will go to Canada.

    What could you say about the Polish team? How did they look? Things will probably run otherwise in a competitive match.

    The Polish team didn't look good during the match against Bulgaria. Our service didn't cause any trouble to the Bulgarian team, even our float serve was received with ease. We didn't block well enough and didn't take advantage of counter-attacts. Our team was slow whereas the Bulgarians look surprisingly fresh and even Antiga said that he hadn't expected such a high level of competition at this stage of preparations. The Bulgarians looked as if they had been playing with this setter for years. He was very composed and focused.

    Some Polish commentators ( former setters Wojciech Drzyzga and Jakub Bednaruk) had quite favourable opinions about his technique, focus and ball distribution). He was chosen the best setter of the tournament and he really deserved it. Everything ran smoothly in the Bulgarian team. Bulgaria did a very good job at the serving line and Poland really struggled at the reception. Sokolov and Penchev were very effective attackers.

    Poland didn't cancel the project. Poland was not awarded a place in 2016 EL - at least that's what I have read on the Polish Volleyball Association website. CEV gave priority to the teams that do not take part in other international competitions (WL, OG)