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    According to Karch, USA's setting performance in the Grand Prix was quite strong.

    If he is thinking that way, I don't expect we will see Lloyd in travel rosters in the near future.

    Similar sources are saying that Karch cut Berg, Tom, and Kim Glass from the team even though they wanted to continue playing for the NT.

    Who are these sources? Berg's knees cannot handle 4 more years of high level play. Tom wasn't cut. Kim Glass has been off the team for a long time now.

    hmn how many teams who are bad during their 1st 2 years became title contenders in their 4th-5th year?

    The last two USA teams under Lang Ping and Hugh McCutcheon.

    Weak in 2005 and 2006. Medal contender by World Cup 2007 thru 2008 Beijing.

    Weak in 2009 and early 2010. Started to be really good mid 2010 and medal contender up to London.

    The talk about player-coach drama made me remember something Hugh McCutcheon said about his time coaching.

    McCutcheon said he knew there will be many different players on a team. So it was important for him to make sure that in the team he put together, there isn't more than one dysfunctional player. But he'll tolerate only up to one, because that's all he can afford. Because if there are two or more, then those dysfunctional players will surely get together and destroy the team.

    Sounded funny but over time I understood what he meant.

    Anyone else heard it? That was a little of Hugh's philosophy in handling dysfunction anyway.

    Question: Why does USA team use backrow hitters to set the ball as opposed to using the MB or libero?

    Hugh picked Tom and Larson to set out-of-system balls because they did it better than the others (Akinradewo, Harmotto, Davis)

    I'm joking cause I'm still not ready to accept that she probably won't play in the NT anymore.

    I understand and it's fun to speculate even for me.

    But I totally get how Bown, Tom, etc. can choose not to play anymore. And in Tom's case, she has played for USA for many years and has started every Olympic match in 4 Olympics. That is unreal. :white: I can't even remember many Olympians who do that. Maybe Gamova? I don't think Piccinini and I'm not sure about Lo Bianco. And in London, Tom had to play every point of every match. She's the only US player who did that, never getting to rest. So I'm glad she gets to rest now if she wants. :)

    So, she will be the second biggest libero in the future after Sokolova who is over 190cm :lol: Liubov Sokolova also said she would like to play as libero when she gets over 40 yo.

    Interesting! Tom has not said anything about her future plans (and I do not think Tom will do it) but if Sokolova plays libero, I will watch that match!

    I don't know if I can stand another season with Davis as a main libero. About setters, well Logan once said that she'd like to try herself as a setter, soo... :lol: She could probably easly play as libero too, heh.

    I know you are only joking about it but Tom at libero could be very interesting. Give her one or two seasons to train at that position and opponents will not be laughing.

    Pool L (Russia, Germany, Puerto Rico and Thailand) for August 16-18 will be in Bangkok, Thailand. Different venue than last year. It will be at Hua Mark Indoor Stadium.

    Thank you to kind Thai posters like Mihoko and volleyball fans like Naa from last year's Grand Prix. See you again in the future :wavy:

    Don't know if you'll remember but we met as well. I was in the FIVB Media room while you were interviewing the coaches and players.

    Your inbox is full but feel free to send me a message to say hi if you remember or if you'll be doing Grand Prix later this year. :)

    I would be surprised if Berg pursues competitive volleyball again. She isn't the coaching type either. Will be interested to see how she stays in touch with the sport.

    But they understand and respect, I never said the word 'agree'. ^^

    The author of the article actually tried to make the title sound controversial, like the US team had bad things to say, when that is not the case. :thumbdown: :aww:

    I'm sure portuguese translation of the article will try to make it sound controversial also :down:

    To be honest, it was hard to watch Larson get pulled by Hugh during the Olympics. After being a starter for USA, it looked like Hugh lost some confidence in her. I understand that Larson struggled with her consistency in those matches where she got subbed out. It could also be due to Hodge closing the gap between her and Larson heading into the Olympics.... but I thought Hugh would stick with Larson in these close matches.

    Larson has been the starter over Hodge for the past 2 years for a few reasons, but most important is that she gave them better ball control. Larson got subbed out during the Olympics when she couldn't pass and hit. If she was doing at least one or the other at a high level, she would have stayed on the court.

    I don't blame the coach for using Hodge in the China match. They needed a spark and she gave it. But Hugh choosing to start Hodge in the next match might have messed with Larson's confidence a little.


    About the future, while many seem to think Jordan will fill Tom's departure, I actually hope Jordan does not put the mental
    burden on herself to be the next Logan Tom. That is an unfair burden to carry for any one player and I want Jordan to have the mental freedom to
    be whatever kind of player she wants to be.

    I also read a lot of people hoping Larson will be the next Tom. While I think that would be great if it happens, I am not sure that is what Larson is aiming for. She just seems to have different priorities than Tom when Tom was at her age. It will not surprise me if Larson is not in a USA uniform during her prime.

    I posted in the Olympic thread that Berg and Tom will be very hard to replace. Not just their play but the leadership they gave to this team will be huge losses and I think the players who will return to the US gym next year will feel the difference in the gym without them.

    I agree. Hugh did great work in the past 4 years and so did the whole team. Just look how many great new players USA found in the past years, they could have played with two teams in this OG easily. It is really unfortunate that their journey ends with one of the weakest performances since a long time, and considering that they worked so hard all the time to win Gold, it hurts even more. But at the ceremony most of the players (except Berg) looked well recovered and seemed happy with Silver too. I hope Logan Tom can stay with the team some more time, she is such an important player for them!

    Among the veterans, I think Berg and Tom will be the hardest to replace. Maybe Tom more so than Berg because USA has quite a few talented younger setters. It will be interesting to see who steps in to fill Tom's shoes.

    It is too bad that Hodge could not follow up her nice performance from the China match. She struggled hitting and shanked some passes and Hugh put Larson in after a little over a set.

    Good for Larson to know that Hugh will go back to her though.

    Hooker, Tom and Akinradewo led the team in kills. The same three led the team in blocks.

    USA started slow but when they got going, Serbia could not do much to counter.

    Well done, USA!