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    Agree! Brasil has the best Opps and OHs.. As well as Thaisa-Fabiana.. Also if they could add Priscila Daroit, Sheila-Tandara-Priscila killer combo

    Brazil claims second title in Pan Am Cup

    MIAMI, Florida, July 4, 2009.- Olympic champions Brazil claimed its second crown in the history of the Women’s Pan American Cup by scoring a convincing straight set victory over Dominican Republic in the gold medal match at University of Miami on Saturday. The score was 25-18, 25-20, 25-14.

    The previous Brazilian title in the event was in 2006 when the competition took place in Puerto Rico. Dominican Republic was the defending tournament champion.

    The Brazilians’ serves and subsequent blocking were the keys for the triumph of the South American representatives. The winners out-blocked their opponents 14-5.

    Sheila Castro led the balanced attack of Brazil with 15 points including four blocks and Natalia Pereira had three blocks en route to her 10 tallies. Fabiana Claudino added nine points and Mari Steinbrecher and Thaisa Menezes contributed with seven apiece.

    Milagros Cabral topped Dominican Republic with 11 points, Lisvel Eve added 8 and Bethania de la Cruz was limited to only seven points.

    “I am happy we won the game and tournament,” Brazil Head Coach said. “This is not the team from the 2008 Olympic cycle, as we are starting a new Olympic cycle. This is the second tournament we have played this year, and we have won both events with this roster.”

    “I am extremely happy in winning this tournament, our second of the year,” Brazil captain Danielle Rodrigues Lins said. “We started today’s sets slow, but were able to serve and block well.”

    “We had a sub-par performance and played different than we have the whole tournament,” Dominican Republic Head Coach Marcus Kwiek said. “Brazil put pressure on us through its serve and we had trouble with our service reception.”

    I enjoy this year's Brazilian team.

    Carol Gattaz - great blocker, 9 against China and 5 against Poland!
    Ana Tiemi - fierce setter considering it's her first senior national callup
    Danielle - another setter I like, I think Ze Guimaraes will not be having a hard time finding a setter considering these 2 and Brazil always produces great setter (eg Venturini, Fofao, Mauricio etc)
    Adenizia - I really like her in the 4th set against Poland
    Natalia - the future of Brazilian volleyball

    I can't wait to see Camila Brait.

    I think they're perfecting their serves. Sassa, Fabiana, Adenizia etc

    Is there in your press any info which lineup will Brazil coach use as starting six vs Germany? Thanks

    Brazil Twam against Germany
    Setter: Ana Tiemi 187/188 cm
    Blockers: Thaisa 196cm, Fabiana 194cm
    Opposite: Sheilla 188cm
    Hitters: Mari 189cm, Natalya 187cm
    Libero: Fabi

    Where is Paula?

    I think this will test the 2 setters, team will rely on the Brazilian block: Carol-Fabiana-Thaisa

    as long as Mari, Sheilla & Fabi are playing they'll be okay

    Wow, Ana Tiemi is tall for a Brazilian setter, hope Fofao mentors her.

    Is Valeskinha retired?

    i love their talented settes. Fabiana-Thaisa-Carol blocking wall.

    Brasil 2009 Team

    My Picks:

    Carol, Dani Lins, Ana Tiemi

    Fabi, Camila

    Paula, Jaqueline, Mari, Natalia, Regiane

    Sheilla, Joycinha

    Fabiana, Thaisa, Caroline, Adenizia

    The Brasilian team will be better this year. Saw Superliga and the Dani Lins, Carolina, Ana Tiemi are great setters. Add to the fact that they have Rezende as Rexona's coach.

    are they any good?

    blockers: Malu (196), Natasha (196), Luana (196)
    setters: Betina Schmidt (185)
    spikers: Thais (190)

    They have Ana Tiemi who is a tall setter and Dani Lins or Marcelle.

    Ana Tiemi & Dani Lins for sure.

    Brasil has good middle blockers: Thaisa, Fabiana & Caroline Gattaz