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    Well, there's nothing to say, except that Brasil is the best team in Beijing, and they're the favorite for the gold medal.
    They played an excellent match, Mari was great, Fofao was fabolous, everyone played wonderfully. Italy just couldn't win against this team.
    So, congratulations to Brasil :thumbup:

    It is time for the Brazil women to win the gold. Hahaha @ Brazil men's team.

    What the hell is wrong with China?? 2 losses in front of their people....

    Brazil is very very good, sometimes Paula will be the star of a match, then Fabiana Sheilla Mari. They are the team to beat, they just do not really on one player, hell evan Thaisa, Jacqueline & Sassa can score a point. FOFAO sooo deserves the GOLD. Hope she gets inducted in the HOF. Fofao > Fernanda

    We might see Caroline-Ana Tiemi as setters for Brazil after Beijing. Or Fernanda Venturini-Caroline.

    <3 The Brazillian Block

    I hope they shit their pants the same way they did against Russia these OG, not like the Russian players did against Cuba in the final match of the Sydney Olympic Games.

    Fearless Forecast:
    Gold Medal Match:
    Brazil vs Cuba 3-2
    Bronze Medal Match:
    Italy vs USA 3-2

    Brazil & Cuba are scary right now! Fofao is the best setter right now. Fabiana/Walewska/Mari/Sheilla/Calderon/Ruiz are all scary in all aspects. The only difference is FOFAO

    And Mari isnt playing in the best of her abilities yet. Just like in the WGP2008, Mari was more utilized in the Final stages of WGP2008. Russia & China really upset, they arent playing well. I thought China might have the homecourt advantage just like in WGP2008 but Italy/Cuba/Brazil/USA played better than them. Applaud those 4 teams for being brave playing in Beijing. So no homecourt advantage just like in men's basketball huh?

    who in your opinion is # 1 ? :D

    Fofao is #1
    Feng Ken is the next best setter

    Fofao needs the GOLD medal, then she can be inducted to the HOF just like Regla Torres.

    After Beijing, we will see more of Ana Tiemi Takagui in the Senior Team. Carol-Ana Tiemi. And lets not forget Natalia.

    Yep, Brazil is scary (the starting 6 + Fabi).. Especially Mari & Fofao


    BRA vs ITA 3-2
    CHN vs RUS 2-3

    I do believe the gold medal match will be RUSSIA vs BRAZIL. Brazil will win imho. Fofao sooo needs a gold medal. She is truly a legendary setter. Every setter in every country idolizes her. After Beijing, I see Fofao, Valeskinha, Estes retiring...

    Team Japan having 4 players with awards??? that is sooo confusing...but they are only 6th!

    Fofao should have been the best setter, Mari should have been the best scorer. i mean Kurihara?

    BRA def KAZ 3-0 (25-10, 25-17, 25-19)

    Nice lineup for the Brazilians. Valeskinha is out, replaced by Caroline Gattaz.

    1st Round:
    Blockers: Thaisa, Fabiana
    Setter: Carolina
    Libero: Fabi
    Spikers: Sassa, Jaqueline
    Opposite: Sheilla

    In the 3rd round, Carol replaced Fabiana, Paula replaced Jaqueline.

    Thaisa is the star player of the match. 17 points. she has 7 blocks.

    I like the combinations of Ze Roberto.

    Sometimes, he puts Mari & Sheilla at the same time, Mari for Paula as Hitter, then on the next match Mari replaces Sheilla as Opposite.

    I like the Brazilian team...

    They change their lineups alot... Samuel is a pretty good player, so is Murilo..