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    The team that will play in Pan American Cup in Mexico

    Wing Spikers:
    Regiane Fernanda Aparecida Bidias
    Fernanda Rodrigues Garay
    Silvana Fernandes Pappini
    Natália Zílio Pereira
    Michelle Marinho Pavão
    Dayse C. de Oliveira Figueiredo

    Barbara Louise BruchAdenizia Aparecida da Silva
    Natasha Odara Azevedo C. Farinea
    Natália Aparecida Martis

    Juliana Valongo de Castro

    Camila de Paula Brait

    Danielle Rodrigues Lins
    Ana Tiemi Takagui

    i think the Brazil lineup is wrong.

    Guimaraes should have brought 3 setters/2 opposites

    Have Natalia start the game instead of Jaqueline
    Caroline/Thaisa instead of Walewska/Fabiana

    They should brought MARI

    The team should be like this:

    Setters: Fofao, Fabiola, Carolina
    MB: Thaisa, Caroline
    Hitters: Natalia, Mari, Erika, Paula
    Opposite: Sheilla, Renata
    Libero: Fabi

    Brazil needs Mari! Think the team should settle their differences with Mari

    Here's my take on WC:

    If Brazil beats Italy in the 4th Round, then its USA for 1st, then ITA & BRA tied for 2nd. Then, if ITA beats USA also in the 4th Round, its a three way tie.

    I really hope Brazil wins this tournament. And i also wish RUSSIA was in the WC

    why so much hate on Brazil?? I love them!

    they're not overrated. Still, they can win the WC.

    i think Cuba is not humble at all. So is Italy. USA is humble though. My favorite teams are Brazil & USA.

    Brazil fans are not humble?? Which fans? The brazilian fans? or the internation fans?

    The Brazilians has numerous players who are very talented its impossible to put them in the NT

    After Fofao retires, I hope the setters will be Fabiola & Ana Tiemi. Ana Tiemi is pretty tall for a setter. Fabiola, Ana Tiemi & Fernandinha.

    For opposite attackers, I'd like it to be Sheilla/Mari.. those two are unstoppable

    For libero, its either Fabi or Veridiana Fonseca

    I'm already content with Brazil's 4 Middle blockers: Walewska, Thaisa, Caroline, Fabiana. I have a feeling that once Walewska retires, it will be Fabiana, Caroline, Thaisa & Maria Lourdes (of Junior Team).. thats one tall group of players.

    Jaqueline, Paula, Natalia for outside hitters. They could also add in Regiane Bidias