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    China disappoints me a lot. The opposite hitters are so terrible. They have no reception, have no defense,and have no attack. I don't know why they can be chosen as one of the members of Chinese team. What delights me is the MBs. Their attack is very good, especially Yuan Xinyue,..Although she is a MB, she ranks No3 in best scorer and No3 in best spiker as well as no8 in best blockers and No3 in best server. Amazing statistics for a MB. She is promising.Haha :lol: I hope they can win in the match versus Thailand.

    I think you mistook Lin Lin(the outside hitter)for Ju Wanrong (the opposite), Ju Wanrong is good, Lin Lin is really terrible.(我觉得你把林琳错认为居婉容了。居婉容小接应还不错,一传防守进攻都还行。林琳小主攻才真的让人眼瞎,昨天和阿根廷的比赛,12扣0中1失误,和波兰的比赛,林琳和刘梦彤联手贡献4局0分的壮举)