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    Actually Brazil is the side which should complain about todays result between China and Korea, not Turkey.. If Turkey wins today with 3-0 or 3-1 ,the result of CHN-KOR game will carry Turkey probably to the Final game as they will finish group in 2nd position and this means they wont face USA till the final. And if they cannot win it is still ok as this will show they are not yet good enough to compete for medal as they cannot win in such an important game.

    If you know Turkish characteristics in any sport event, you will say Turkey has exactly a chance to win as they never get easily what they want. They choose always the most difficult road to go but they usually get what they want. Turkish NTs are not systematic like teams like Germany but they are very emotion driven and they can do crazy things during tournaments. They put a mark in every tournament they participate being a dark horse. Actually this is the biggest problem of Turkish sport as they are not stable and thus they do big surprises meanwhile they cannot get the title at the end. I see Turkish NT beating USA with a clear game in this stage.…l-competition-format.html

    NBC says sets ratio will decide..

    It will be exciting to watch Turkey playing to win against USA. They definetly have potential and i believe they will.

    And hopefully China and Korea will not set match to 3-2 which is enough for both teams to qualify.…l-competition-format.html

    now this is interesting.. if turkey wins today with 3-0 or 3-1 they will have a huge chance.. cos their W/L sets ratio will be higher than both Kor, Chi and Brazil before last matches

    Which team do you prefer to stay? Brazil or Turkey?

    I like both teams.. But i would prefer Turkey as their qualification would be meaningful for world voleyball.. whoever eliminates , i will be upset for them..

    If China beats Brazil and Korea beats Turkey, this will be another interesting story as Serbia will have a chance to qualify when they win against Brazil in last match :) THis would be hilarious if both Trukey and Brazil were eliminated.

    oops congrats to South Korea.. Im impressed by their victory.

    Now things are getting complicated and im so excited about 4th games. I think we will likely have certain qualifiers. China - Brazil match is the key match as if China beats Brazil 3-0 or 3-1 then Korea will guarantee QF before Turkey match and Turkey will play for survival. Against a relaxed Korea it wont be difficult for Turkey to win the match and Turkey will get last spot for QF before last matches . So lets wait and see. 2 wonderful matches are waiting for us on Friday. And its Brazil performance which will decide who will go through.

    Turkish team has been a big disappointment so far considering how they performed in WG 2012. I wont be surprised if they loose point(s) today against Serbia. However, the dense emotions they have for this tournament will show its positive effects in coming matches and im expecting a surprise win against USA from them, especially in case they have to win at last match in order to qualify to finals. If Turkey manage to qualify, I strongly believe that they will go all the way to the final.

    Poor Brazil.. They lost 2 most critical points in a row from services and lost the match.. It somehow reminded me Turkey finishing both matches with service errors.