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    disagree, we lost against Thailand because of our focus at the beggining of sets

    I played a little bit and believe me sometimes opponent team is playing over standard level. Additionally everbody incl. players expects win, you make few mistakes and suddenly other team is very dangerous till the end. Thailand is not bad and has always well defence. Polish team doesn't like to play against them, Japan and Dominican Rep.

    Congrats to all medallists. Semi-finals and final were just great. Italy played good but missed their chance in 4th set and ended outside top 3. Serbia and Turkey are on the same level but both teams are not perfect and can play beautiful volleyball or with a lot of unforced errors. Netherlands is a solid team if they are mentally prepared for hard game. Poland was on lower level but with some luck /other draw/ could go higher.

    PS - sorry I really do not like behavior of Karakurt. She is female Zaitsev from Italy.

    I agree, but this is classic Soviet-style or "old school". The coaches are trying to use very authoritarian means - such as screaming highly in the face - in order to inject a superior discipline in the team. Teams from the so called eastern block, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus, are the ones mostly famous for employing such tactics or strategies within the context of volleyball (and sports in general).

    For Poland ended few decades ago ! Exclude us from Your list.

    Last real example of such coach was Russian Karpol. He screamed to all players during Uraloczka game against Police. It was strange because after gane he was very calm. I don't remember anybody similar to his behaviour.

    Looks like we are finally partly back in OG qualification system 80' :

    1 host USA

    5 Continental champions 2026 (old system)

    3 World Championship 2027 best teams not yet qualified (v.good idea - in the past World Champion was always directly qualified)

    3 World best FIVB ranked teams (Nation League will be also important)

    My personal feeling - Continental Championships and World Championships will be finally on high level motivation and no additional qualification tournaments consuming time and decreasing value of core Championship tournaments.…ved-by-the-fivb?id=100917

    I rememer Bulgaria was co-host with Italy and now Slovenia is also co-host !…t-relocated-fivb?id=96851

    When I saw her walking some steps again I thought maybe it's not that serious after all, but then I remembered a teammate of mine who tore his Achilles tendon in a match many years ago and drove to the hospital with his own car with that injury because nobody else from the team was old in enough to drive :white: But coming back to Wasilewska, I wish her all the best and that it's less serious than it looked. Cansu Aydinogullari had a similar looking injury in Turkish league some weeks ago and is back on court now so maybe there is hope :flower:

    I have had the same during volleyball match I could walk but felt pain. I even drove myself home and next day got message Achilles and operation within max 3 days.