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    Current roster of Polish NT for next World Cup matches (except Nowakowski and Konarski this is the strongest roster):

    • Fabian Drzyzga, Marcin Komenda
    • Łukasz Kaczmarek, Bartosz Kurek, Maciej Muzaj
    • Norbert Huber, Mateusz Bieniek, Karol Kłos, Jakub Kochanowski
    • Bartosz Kwolek, Wilfredo Leon, Aleksander Śliwka, Artur Szalpuk, Michał Kubiak
    • Damian Wojtaszek, Paweł Zatorski

    Now I see some details and I understand some points.

    1/ I saw kyle7in1 compliment (after SF match) and it's more than ok.

    2/ I think Paris hall left 3/4 audience just after match except Polish fans and officials, media etc - please do not not say people often leave hall after match (before Ceremony) BTW - v.strange ceremony - no other teams, no podium just red carpet

    3/ accreditation - it's hard to say something as I didn't hear anything in the past / if you say I accept it and say (on behalf of fans) sorry but I think i's more procedures problem / PIC than arrogance

    4/ excuses for the defeats = I personally blame own team but I see also their "body language" and if it observed in all players in one particular match something happened. When I stated Poland played 70% nad Slovenia 110 % what it means ? It means Poland skill level/efficiency was 30 % below standard level and Slovenia 10 % over standard level. Nothing else. I didn't say Slovenia was not better in this match. Why arrogance means for you I asked for Slovenia volleyball level abroad or in other competition ? I need proof Slovenia is a good team within longer time not only one competiotion or two matches

    5/ Kubiak - it was his interview and he shouldn't say anything but he said what he feels (maybe it's more general feeling in volleyball) - I strongly say it shouldn't be address to Iran or Iranian people. Additionally have you seen audience behaviour in Iran ? Have you noticed what happened Polish NT this year on the way from sport hall to hotel ? Is it a standard in volleyball ?

    PS - I dislake Zaytsev and for me he's arrogant but It's my private feeling

    Last but not least, you blamed all Polish fans, media, Federation etc so I feel bad. Is it because our teams won something finally, our organization and support volleyball is sometimes better in comparison to other nations ? I had to wait 20 years (1983-2003) to see success back but never left volleyball.

    Sorry, I have to write something here. This is the Polish arrogance people here are talking about, coming from fans, players, media, and their federation. You can 'see' whatever you want in Paris, the rest of Europe/the world saw it already years ago, regardless of how the final will end. I would be waaaay more humble if my team lost 3 times in a row at, in this case, consecutive ECHs.

    Arrogance … it's easy to say.

    I saw today what means real arrogance peaple.

    Have you seen bronze medal ceremony in Paris ?

    Almost all French fans left hall before ceremony !

    You blamed Polish fans, Federation, media. Have you ever seen Polish fans left any hall before ceremony even Poland/Polish club lost ?

    PS - I was present in CEV Champions League Women 2015 - Chemik Police lost both games and all audience were inside the hall till the end.

    Have you ever seen in Poland empty halls when our team was not present (ECH, WCH, club competitions' finals) ?

    PS - as volleyball fan I was present in such matches in ECH 2017 Italy - Germany, Czech Republic-Slovakia and hall was almost full.

    Have you seen bad organization of any tournament in Poland ? Is it arragance to arrange Government plane when CEV and Dutch Federation couldn't arrange anything except hotel ?

    and finally have you seen any congratulation or positive comments on forum to Polish team ?

    They played much better totally different game focussed to win medal. Kubiak and both liberos were great.

    Poland got Bronze. Jenia, as the No.1 active libero, had a reception error at match point. A dramatic ending for France.

    Poland played so relaxed today. Obviously Heynen told Drzyzga to pass more balls to Leon to train his chemistry with the team.

    If healthy Kurek comes back, Poland is still the contender in tournament.

    Now I am curious Poland will send what team to WC. Kubiak will play for WC, maybe Leon as well?

    WC - team B (but with Kurek, Łomacz and Kwolek) is now on the way to Japan to play first two matches.

    11 players from ECH will fly to Japan in 2 days (without Konarski and Nowakowski - they decided to cancel participation).

    Kubiak will fly alone and join team at later stage. After WC he will stay in Japan and wait for league season.

    Sorry, I have to write something here. This is the Polish arrogance people here are talking about, coming from fans, players, media, and their federation. You can 'see' whatever you want in Paris, the rest of Europe/the world saw it already years ago, regardless of how the final will end. I would be waaaay more humble if my team lost 3 times in a row at, in this case, consecutive ECHs.

    No, you don't need to write something is such arrogance way.

    I don't care what you say about us but it must be more diplomatic if you pretent to be forum expert.

    I'm volleyball fan and I played volleyball for years so I'm happy Poland is back among top 4 even they lost once again Slovenia.

    One game or your comments cannot cancel previous achievement of team and federation.

    Time will tell ...

    What matters is their most recent performance. They didn't win only against one favourite, they did it TWICE! It wasn't like a lucky draw that could allow them skip strongest team. They have beaten two so-called strongest teams in this tournament with a convincing performance (not even playing a tie-break). It is very unfair to call their success as luck.

    In history each team has one bad day in tournament (see Poland-Argentina or USA-Poland last WCH) and together with exceptional high level of opponent means surprise. I do not underestimate Slovenia but we have to see their real strenght in Paris without home crowd ???

    Why is it so difficult to admit their opponent was just better? This is the reason Poland is becoming more and more disliked, they always have this idea that they're going to win everything just by showing up. Heynen's ego is not doing anything good to this team either. If they don't take a humility pill soon, they will be taught another harsh lesson at the Olympic games, where I have no doubt they will be crowned champions months before the actual tournament starts.

    We've seen it happen, an easy 0:3 in the QF and 4 years of "nooo, we learned from that defeat, we're going to win gold next time for sure."

    Sorry, I dislike your comments at all !!!

    I sent congrats Slovenia and I expressed what I observed.

    Each set was so close and Slovenia won that all. Have they played on similar level except ECH ?

    PS - I do not like behaviour of one European federation (who always added strange rules on WCH) and expecially one of their player but … it's my personal feeling not published on forum.

    If Slovenia finds the way to play at this level outside of the ECH they're going to do some massive damage at the OQT :white:

    I don' think so except Slovenia is nominated as host of OQT.

    Congrats to Slovenia. Slovenia played today at 110 % (better than game against Russia) and Poland max 70 %.

    All Polish team looked tired and too nervous. I do not know reason = transfer, own crowd or first game in new hall.

    Maybe it's good Poland lost SF today. It will be good lesson for whole team before OG.

    There will be always dissapointed team(s).

    It doesn't matter because of referee, schedule, injury, long fly, tactics (2nd squad playing) or tournament strange system (see WCH 2010 "better to lose" Brazil-Bulgaria 0:3 or ECH 2011 Poland-Slovakia 1:3) etc.

    Unfortunately, we'll not change it !!! Please send petition to FIVB/CEV etc instead of blaming one or another federation. There is a right place where rules are agreed and FINALLY accepted.

    If you want to comment it once again go ahead but I prefer to comment pure volleyball and qualification.

    Every host sets the schedule or the draw as per their best interest. But a demonstration of fair play and sportsmanship requires them to beat their opponents fairly and to provide them with enough time to prepare for the matches in the best possible way. This is a principle not only in sports but in life as well. Poland, as well as the ones mentioned by you (for which I don't know and can't say anything), failed to do so, thus breaking major, granted postulates. Neither Poland, nor the ones back then should be left unnoticed. The fact that it happened to Poland already in the past doesn't make it alright. It happened to many teams in many countries and qualifiers, yet the schedules are mostly fair. And last, as I said earlier, the outcome is still unclear because these are top athletes but also people who might react accordingly in such scenarios. Even this schedule guarantees Poland nothing, yet it is wrong for a number of reasons.

    Have I cried on the forum last year ?

    WCH 2018 - Bulgaria set group stage schedule in such way to take the whole day rest before Bulgaria - Poland match and pushed Poland to play in the evening before against strong Iran.

    Was it fair or not ? I have so many examples but ... it's enough.

    Dear Yavor,

    Such discussion is too long.

    As organizer Poland had a right to set schedule accordingly. It was accepted by FIVB. France did not spent money for bid.

    What I remember from "old history" of OG qualifications :

    -1992 Netherlands as organizer lost against Poland but there was such new system Poland had to play once again with them next day in Final so v.strong Netherland qualified

    - 2004 Portugal as organizer set aircondition system to such high level /or switched off/ ball was wet and game interrupted many times finally Poland qualified