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    I rememer Bulgaria was co-host with Italy and now Slovenia is also co-host !…t-relocated-fivb?id=96851

    When I saw her walking some steps again I thought maybe it's not that serious after all, but then I remembered a teammate of mine who tore his Achilles tendon in a match many years ago and drove to the hospital with his own car with that injury because nobody else from the team was old in enough to drive :white: But coming back to Wasilewska, I wish her all the best and that it's less serious than it looked. Cansu Aydinogullari had a similar looking injury in Turkish league some weeks ago and is back on court now so maybe there is hope :flower:

    I have had the same during volleyball match I could walk but felt pain. I even drove myself home and next day got message Achilles and operation within max 3 days.

    I'm surprised I thought Novara is much stronger team but they play nothing special except serves. Novara roster is very good so I expected much more. Brakocevic is weak today and there is huge difference.

    Brakocevic might be a fighter but stability is her issue at this point of her career. Last year, she played good in WCCH and then her performance had decreased visibly. I still think she might be useful with her experience and sprit to fight to Serbian NT or any team she plays for, but it is obvious to me that she is not an elite opposite anymore that will win or help you win cups. She also is not willing to sacrifice her summers for NT so it would be unfair to join NT before important tournaments.

    It was first time I watched Chemik this year and I have to admit I was surprised positively. It looks like I am not the only one lol. I am not sure I would enjoy Chemik if Ferhat was there. lol

    I hope we will see a good fight between Novara vs Chemik today.

    I agree with Your comments ! It was the best Chemik match in last few years. I also expect fight today - Novara is clear favourite but hope to see good game.

    first two friendly men matches in the world after COVID-19

    22.07 Poland - Germany 3:2 (18-25, 23-25, 25-17, 25-22, 15-10)

    23.07 Poland - Germany 3:0 (26-24, 25-16, 25-21) additional set 25-27

    Poland : Piotr Nowakowski, Maciej Muzaj, Bartosz Kurek, Wilfredo Leon, Damian Wojtaszek, Fabian Drzyzga, Grzegorz Łomacz, Paweł Zatorski, Bartosz Kwolek, Tomasz Fornal, Bartosz Bednosz, Jan Nowakowski, Karol Kłos, Norbert Huber

    Germany : Christina Fromm, Tobias Krick, Ruben Schott, Tim Stohr, Moritz Reichert, Marcus Boehme, Julian Zenger, Anton Brehme, Simon Hirsch, Moritz Karlitzek, Jan Zimmermann, Linus Weber, Konrad Thole, Lukas Maase, Johannes Tille, Florian Krage

    Poland - Czech Rep. 3:0 (25:14, 25:19, 25:19)

    Additional set: 26:24 for Czech rep..

    Poland: Julia Nowicka, Weronika Centka, Magdalena Stysiak, Marta Ziółkowska, Zuzanna Górecka, Marta Łukasik, Maria Stenzel (libero) oraz Martyna Świrad, Monika Fedusio.

    Czech Rep.: Andrea Kossanyiova, Veronika Trnkova, Gabriela Orvosova, Barbora Purchatowa, Katerina Valkowa, Michaela Mlejnkova, Veronika Dostalova (libero) oraz Eva Hodanova, Pavlina Simanova, Simona Bajusz.

    I do not understand it - men forum is much more concentrated on volleyball. Maybe I'm not fan of such NT or particular player but ... we're on forum where the king is ... volleyball nothing else. We need to support Your team/player but it doesn't mean to hate opposite team/rivals. Real fan means support own team and ... appreciate others.

    Btw, Turkish volleyball did not start yesterday, it started in 2003 women's european championship which Turkey hosted and came 2nd. After that, women's volleyball has always been popular in Turkey which explains why new girls keep coming with potential and Turkish league became so popular in world.

    Still remember this tournament, semifinals, final and totally unexpected results. :win: semifinals and final were similar to this qualification Tur-Ned 3:0, Pol-Ger 3:2 and finally Pol-Tur 3:0

    i agree turkey was clear favourite against to polansd. that also makes the result predictable. isn't it?

    the reason for this equal match is about very poor meliha's attack performance. and at the same time lack of middle blockers attack. during whole tournament turkish middle blocker did not show such miserable attacking performance. and that cause such result which makes you proud..

    Result could be predictible as I wrote BEFORE tournament but not before this game. Equal match was because Poland played better and Turkey below their level. That's all. In Your way of thinking I could say match was equal because of lower performance of Smarzek and Polish MB.

    Its an observation, not an opinion but Yes..I saw all of that. And you know what else I saw? Hesitations, break down of communication and lack of iniative at a very crucial point of the game. Poland is a good team with a chance and/or maybe on the verge of being a great one. But that aspect needs to be addressed for them to breakthrough.

    I saw some hesitation at Turkish team too but It doesn't change my opinion and observation both teams left heart on court. I'm proud of Polish team and their fight because as player I noticed huge progress in last year. Mistakes, lack of communication etc etc - nobody's perfect especially for such young players as Stysiak or libero. Turkey was clear favourite before tounament and nobody expected such equal match.

    attacks of smarzek and stysiak could be stopped well by blocking. especially by turkish blocks. as mentally these two attackers are not solid. and smarzek could not conceal her attack choice. so todays result is predictable in many ways. and if turkish middle blockers could attack we would not watch 5 set game.

    Result was unpredictable. One killing point and your comments should be opposite. Block was good from both sides.

    The problem with Poland is that their best offensive weapon didnt show up. That didnt happen in a vacuum of course and Turkey has a lot to do with that. The difference between the two is that Turkey fights for every ball while Poland gets cought standing around a bonfire a lot of the times. Congrats to Turkey and I hope for another exciting match in less than 24 hours.

    I do not agree!

    Poland played with fighting spirit see 4th set 12-17 and finally first match ball 24-23. So many defences like "football" Stasiak etc. Have you watched the same match ?

    Congrats to Turkey. Fighting game with so many mistakes. Smarzek lack of scoring in the end of 4th sets was crucial. As I expected that was totally different match on neutral field and Turkey did not played anything special. I think fresh Germany has more chances to win !


    I feel this moment as right time to support crovolley in his a wholehearted fight for rights of european volleyball.

    Maybe Fivb will see this.

    I remember I sent even letter to FIVB in 2004 and nothing changed. I can say present qualification system is less fair for strong volleyball Europe in comparison to 8-12 years ago.

    V. old system was the best :

    automatic qualification Host, OG Winner, WCH Winner + 5 continental winners /championships/ + 4 spots for International tournaments.