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    Hey polish users,
    anybody of u already bought tickets for the GP?

    Edit: I just did :whistling:

    Unfo - in present year tournament is far away from my home and add. I was (two years ago) in local WGP.

    Therefore I bought today tickets for World League 2008 Poland - Egipt ! I'm quite sure you will find some forum members from south Poland ;)

    Qualification tournament for WGP 2009 will be played.
    Qualification tournament for WGP 2010 won't be played (best 4 teams of ECH 2009 get qualify)

    I still don't understand why they wrote different infos in all media (even in PZPS)

    Now I noted so in 2008 will be played qualification tournament to WGP 2009 :

    Poland is already qualified , best 6 teams (except Poland) from ECH will play for 3 tickets !

    I totally agree but I feel Germany will have a lot of problems against Netherlands. My tip of second semi Russia-Netherlands ;)

    20-22 June 2008

    Group A (Kobe, Japan):
    USA, Japan, Turkey, Korea

    Group B (Ningbo, China):
    China, Brazil, Germany, Thailand

    Group C (Alassio, Italy):
    Italy, Cuba, Poland, Dominican Rep.

    27-29 June 2008

    Group D (unknown place of tournament)
    Brazil, Turkey, Korea, Germany

    Group E (Wrocław, Poland)
    USA, Dominican Rep., Poland, Thailand

    Group F (Hong Kong, China)
    Italy, China, Japan, Cuba

    4-6 lJuly 2008

    Group G (Bangkok, Thailand)
    Cuba, Korea, Germany, Thailand

    Group H (Hsinchuang City, Taiwan)
    Italy, USA, Turkey, Poland

    Group I (Macau)
    China, Brazil, Japan, Dominican Rep.

    Final World Grand Prix 2008 in Japan 9-13 July

    "xopxeech" wrote:

    What is the reason Dominican Rep. will take the south american spot?..... do they have a special crown or what?

    Dominican Republic will play the Norceca Preolympic tournament next month along with Cuba, Canada, P.Rico and others in Mexico..... why they would get a second chance playing in Southamerica in January 2008?

    I know this happened in 2004, but it was a ridiculous FIVB decision..... one team playing two continental qualification tournaments ....... again why??!!

    Nobody knows what rules will be applied by Mr Acosta :shock:
    Don't be surprised.
    I know it is not fair but .... many times Dominican Rep. had add. chances in history. Frankly speaking they have no chance to qualify via Norceca tournament. Cuba is too strong. Oppenents like Peru or Argentina are on similar level.

    my tips who will qualify to OG :
    - China
    - Italy
    - Brazil
    - USA
    - Cuba (Norceca)
    - Kenya (Africa)
    - Russia (Europe)
    - Deminican Rep. / Peru / Argentina (South America)
    - Japan (Asia)
    - Serbia
    - Poland
    - Korea

    Netherlands is a big question mark but they have to win hardest European :?: tournament.

    "Celso" wrote:

    It's difficult to predict what will happen in the European Tournament... I strongly believe Russia will take the European Spot and both Poland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Turkey and Germany will have to play the World Qualification Tournament that will be played in Asia.

    I agree Dominican Rep. can be qualified via South American Tournament :roll:

    Don't believe in miracle - in World qualification in May as always will be present 8 teams whereof :
    4 Asian teams (Japan and Korea should qualify to OG - best asian + 2-3rd best in tournament)
    2 European teams (both should be qualified to OG nevermind who will have this chance)
    1 South American team
    1 NORCECA or African team

    European Qualification tournament which will be held from 14th to 20th January 2008 in Halle (GER). Eight teams will compete for one Olympic spot:

    Germany - Organizer
    Serbia - 2nd of the 2007 European Championships
    Russia - 3rd of the 2007 European Championships
    Poland - 4th of the 2007 European Championships
    The Netherlands – 1st ranked team of the pre-qualification tournament organized in Eindhoven (NED)
    Turkey - 1st ranked team of the pre-qualification tournament organized in Ankara (TUR)
    Romania -1st ranked team of the pre-qualification tournament organized in Gabrovo (BUL)
    Croatia – best 2nd team of the three qualification tournaments

    "Konrad" wrote:

    I don't like Bełcik either, but this decision seems to be controversial. Śliwa was (is?)a great setter, but she haven't played in NT for a long time. I'm not sure about her shape in World Cup, but I hope Bonitta knows better.

    Konrad - we can see Sliwa today in Szczecin 18.30 - she is playing against our local team 8)

    I like Sliwa - she is still my fav. setter !

    "Nastja" wrote:

    so... does she finish her career for sure now? or she stepped out of nationalteam just (for now)?

    She stopped for a little time (World Cup) playing in national team as she cannot take her baby to Japan (long tournament).
    It's agreed with Bonita :shock:

    "Konrad" wrote:

    Bulgaria is my favourite too, because they are hosts and they don't have real opponents. Maybe Belgium...but I think Bulgaria - which I don't like at all(AFROMAN :wink2: ) - will win.
    In the tournament in Ankara, I would bet on France. I think this team is in better shape than Turkey.
    And in the first The Netherlands is a clear favourite for me.

    Even we are living in the same city I cannot agree :
    1/ Belgium and Slovakia are quite on the same level as Bulgaria but host team should win
    2/ Turkey at home is min 50 % better comperting outside competitions - see ECH 2003 , l2008 WGP qual. and WGP qual. few years ago !
    France - I don't believe they are enough good having Turkish fans everywhere :shock: