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    "Nick" wrote:

    There's a lot of unfair decisions, it's time to get used to it. Poland is favourite of fivb nowadays, so it's not a surprise.
    BTW the easiest pool usually plays a bad role for a team before final six, you don't have practice with strong teams. This year drawing is just a joke))) But it's Poland, what did you want? :wink2:

    Frankly speaking I like such group with Poland inside why :
    - we have to pass most probably Intercontinental qual. OG and ECH 2009 qualif. (May, June next year)
    - finally not so strong opponents like for several years ago

    Yes all other groups are much stronger but final four top teams from present year WL - each team in other group !

    "AFROMAN" wrote:

    Mariuzc and Konrad, it's nothing personal, but you said something about the man teams, I know that here is not the place, but how can you said that poland deserves wild card when they won only one match and finished 11th? And i don't think that poland made a better euro than Bulgaria. about women I think poland can receive wild card, but for dominicana is not so strange, because the aim of acosta is to increase volleyball popularity all over the world, so it's good for dominicana to play, in women volleyball every team could beat every other, so it will be interesting. I wanted to say that nomatter how Acosta and FIVB give the wild cards, i think they are trying to do it for the benefit of volleyball and they try to be honest.

    I don't remember any of my comments regarding men team - my opinion Polish men team should not come to WC but is Korea better choice ?? Bulgaria was better in ECH and they are but why not Serbia or Finland ... as always "wild cards" not depends on current position of team - it's combination of marketing/TV contracts and finally Acosta and Japanese's decision.

    BTW - link to World Cup 2007

    "NaLuAh~C" wrote:


    Nice :? old :?: from Mexico :P who sent volleyball to other level (much higher) :lol: changed systems of classification, qualification etc (+ set with 25 points , 2 techical time out - now it is obvious but ten years ago :shock: ) ,father of World League , WGP :lol:
    one word more GODFATHER of volleyball (or /and BIG BROTHER) :roll:
    you can hate him or love

    "Nick" wrote:

    While he is president Russia will never get wild card, number one in the world (in present moment), world champion, we succesfully held men's EC, our ligas are second after italian, our TV always show main competitions in last years, bronze medalist of EC, Russia is one of the favourite teams in Asia, people there love russian team, what else... I think these arguments are enough to give Russia wild card but no.... again and again, that's why I told you that fivb makes crazy decisions, sorry, I'm sad :cry2: an mad :evil: .

    I agree one of wild card should be sent to Russia but ... some years ago Russia was excluded from WGP qualification and ... I think Acosta still has no mercy for Russia.
    Nick - I'm quite sure Russia will be in OG (if not after European qualification for sure in last qualification tournament in Japan)
    Dominicana got already some wild cards to different FIVB comp. so I'm not so surprised :?

    "Nick" wrote:

    It's not yet know, everything may happen, don't be so sure.
    Fivb usually makes crazy decisions...

    I agree Nick,

    FIVB sometimes sent team from one continent to play in other continental OG qualification !
    Nobody is sure - can you remember wild card to World Grand Champions Cup ? wild card given Korea instead of Russia or Italy !

    "Nick" wrote:

    OMG, Serbia led 23:20 and lost the first set 24:26 (I think I saw the same situation... yesterday with Poland leading 23:20).

    You are absolutely right - first set was (from mental point of view) most important in both matches !

    Unfortunately I feel Polish team will not qualify to OG.
    Why - they need World Cup "wild card" together with Russia,
    if not Italy and Russia or Serbia must qualify directly from World Cup,
    and Netherland or remaining team above Poland in FIVB ranking must qualify from European Tournament otherwise Poland will not go to International Tournament in Japan next year. :cry2:

    and about rules in FIVB - there are no rules
    see qualification to OG
    I'm quite sure R.Acosta will invite counties to World Qualification Tournaments only acc. to his own idea ???
    I remember even I sent letter to him before OG 2004 - of course no answer or comments.
    Please don't expect clear rules in FIVB.
    What about World League - how teams are selected without any qualification (TV, money etc) ?
    Poland couldn't participate for so many years !

    Luxembourg, August 29, 2007. As a consequence of the FIVB decision that the team of Poland has directly qualified for the World Grand Prix 2008, the CEV was obliged to completely modify the organisation of the European Qualification Tournament in Ankara (TUR) which will run from 3rd until 9th September 2007.

    In view of the new situation, the CEV has made every effort to develop a competition formula guaranteeing the sporting code of ethics, taking into account that now only three teams will benefit from the three vacancies for the FIVB World Grand Prix 2008.

    The seven participating teams of the European Qualification Tournament will face one another in a single round robin. The teams which have competed at the FIVB World Grand Prix 2007 in China, i.e. Italy and Russia, need to present at least nine players from their team roster in Ningbo in order to assure a high quality of matches. At the end of the seven competition days, the best three ranked teams of the European Qualification Tournament will be qualified for the 2008 World Grand Prix.

    As Poland is directly qualified, Italy (European Vice Champion 2005), Russia (World Champion 2006 and European bronze medallist 2005), Serbia (World bronze medallist 2006), Bulgaria, Germany, Azerbaijan, as well as organiser Turkey are the seven teams who will compete for the three places in the FIVB World Grand Prix 2008 during the European Qualification Tournament in Ankara (TUR) from 3rd until 9th September 2007.

    Ankara is staging this event for the second time after 2004 when six teams fought for the three free places in the World Grand Prix 2005.

    For more information on the European Qualification Tournament for the FIVB World Grand Prix 2008 please view

    FIVB World Grand Prix 2008
    European Qualification Tournament

    Match Program

    Monday, 3 September 2007
    ITA - SRB

    TUR - AZE

    RUS - BUL

    Tuesday, 4 September 2007
    AZE - ITA

    GER - RUS

    SRB - TUR

    Wednesday, 5 September 2007
    BUL - GER

    TUR - RUS

    AZE - SRB

    Thursday, 6 September 2007
    GER - ITA

    BUL - AZE

    RUS - SRB

    Friday, 7 September 2007
    GER - AZE

    SRB - BUL

    ITA - TUR

    Saturday, 8 September 2007
    AZE - RUS

    TUR - GER

    ITA - BUL

    Sunday, 9 September 2007
    SRB - GER

    BUL - TUR

    RUS - ITA

    Is it the same Serbia team ? Or Germany are too strong !
    I feel their present potential can be seen at WGP qualification in Turkey
    three good other team can show us what happened

    FIVB news :

    2008 FIVB World Grand Prix Finals awarded to Yokohama, Japan

    Mr. Jizhong Wei, FIVB First Executive Vice-President, during the press conference after the World Grand Prix Council Meeting
    Ningbo, China, August 25, 2007 - The right of hosting next years FIVB World Grand Prix Finals has been awarded to Japanese city of Yokohama in the FIVB World Grand Prix Council Meeting here on Saturday.
    The FIVB World Grand Prix Council Meeting was held Saturday morning in the Fuchun International Hotel of Beilun. It was decided in the fruitful meeting that the 2008 FIVB World Grand Prix will kick off on June 20th and the Finals will be held in Yokohama, Japan from July 9th to 13th.
    The first weekend of the preliminaries will be played on June 20th to 22nd in Ningbo, China, Kobe of Japan and Poland. The second legs are slated for June 27th-29th in Russia, Italy and Hong Kong, China with the third legs to continue on July 4th-6th in Bangkok of Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Macau, China.
    Seven teams, namely China, Japan, Brazil, the United States, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Poland, have already qualified for the 2008 edition of the World Grand Prix with two more teams from Asia and three more from Europe to be decided through qualification tournaments this September.

    Netherlands is good (but not great) team.
    Good service and attact - also just few own mistakes per set.
    Poland played not bad but ... beginning and end of each set terrible
    2:7 , 4:9 etc.
    Swieniewicz and Rosner were not good. Both can play much better.
    and reception ...
    maybe next time at ECH :wink2:

    I expect great game tomorrow Poland - Netherlands.
    Why - Bonnita would like to test the best possible team against Netherlands.
    Poland can meet them at ECH.
    I've seen Bonnita he knows Russia style and today match was not very importnt for him - additionally two key Polish players didn't play today.

    Brazil - Denmark 3:0
    South Africa - Canada 0:3
    Turkey - Russia 1:3
    Slovakia - France 3:1
    Chinese Taipei - China 0:3
    Serbia - Italy 3:2
    Spain - Poland 1:3
    Japan - Thailand running