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    Please stop it.

    I saw/remember so many OG qualification. You should just wait and see. Now discussion is useless. Strenght (mostly mental) and team spirit will decide. Additional do not underestimate hosts. So many hosts finally qualified but before qualification they were absolutely not favourites.

    What the heck!:what: OG and WCH are done only in every 4 years, they need something more updated. I understand that they don't want to include continental championships to prevent imbalance but VNL should definitely get points for ranking. Indeed they can decide a coefficient for each continental championship based on the strength of teams and number of the participants and calculate the world ranking points accordingly such as 1.0 coefficient for Europe, 0,6 for Asia, O.4 for NORCECA and south America, 0.1 for Africa or something like this. Then the imbalance between continents can be compensated.

    I agree with your way of thinking ! What means lack of FIVB ranking points ex VNL and/or contental championships ? Both tournaments will not be as important as WC in the near future. Ok so next question why WC is counted into ranking ? Teams (only 11 except Japan) are selected from top teams ex previous WCH or by Confederations' system/decision but there is … no qualification. Most of the teams will not have any chance to get points. As per my opinion VNL (succesor of WL and WGP) and/or Continental Championships with strenght factors should be applied into FIVB ranking. And final word why there is no points reduction by 25 % every year for WC / WCH / OG ?

    Giving world ranking points for an invitational tournament like VNL sounds a bit shady to me, so i could see a reentry of continental championships.

    If you say "VNL an invitational tournament" how they counted World League or WGP into FIVB ranking ?

    I remember so many "strange" decisions in history of FIVB so everything is possible ...

    Fivb is probably waiting till the end of the WCH to officially announce the OG qualification process.

    I agree they have to wait , calculate final ranking, select event. hosts of international tournaments and … announce it !

    What I really hate - continental championships will be useless to get good result. Most of the teams unqualified will be fully concentrated to get ticket in continental tournament.

    IMHO the best solution would be what was the plan of the CEV president, using the continental championships (not continental qualification tournament) to assign a spot for every continent. At the moment the continental championships are less important than a random qualification tournament for the Olympic games, which is absurd.

    Of course, they would have to move the dates of the continental tournaments within reasonable distance after the World Cup replacement to avoid participants playing completely gassed out (remember the France-Slovenia final). To be honest I don't see anything improved, just the destruction of the World Cup (reschedule it in any European country, it would be packed with spectators) after the destruction of the World League/World Grand Prix brands. And why on Earth doesn't the World Championships automatically qualify to Tokyo? It works this way in every other sport in the world.

    This would allow: 3 best teams in the world from World Cup; 1 world champion; 1 host; 5 continental champions qualifying; 2 tournaments left, preventing another Mexico or Puerto Rico.

    I fully agree !

    Today, local press informed as per Mr Przedpelski (Polish member of FIVB) interview - there will be TWO steps of qualification :

    1/ August 2019 - 6 tournaments each four teams selected as per FIVB ranking serpentine system = 6 tickets

    2/ 5 continental tournaments/championsips = 5 tickets

    /for CEV looks like seperate tournament to ECH as CEV do not want to have OG qualifier in place 4-5 in ECH - eight teams non qualified - tournament in January 2020/

    World Cup is planned for November 2019 - I do not see reason to participate for teams non qualified by first step. It might be too difficult to be well prepared for WC and Continental qualification !

    It is very simple;

    If the continental championship will be held first: Most likely USA, BRA, CHN, SRB and Kenya will qualify. Other top European teams such as ITA, NED and TUR will get top 3 position in World Cup (or whatever FIVB wants to call it). 3 other positions can go to other CEV teams such as RUS, AZE, POL (GER or BEL or even BUL with their full roster). With this order, there can be 7 strong European teams in OG. However, if World Cup is held before continental tournaments, CHN, USA and BRA will get the 3 spot (SRB might grab BRA's slot indeed). Then, THA, DOM and ARG will win their continental tournaments. This means only 3 spots will be left. Even these 3 will be taken by european teams there will be only 4 CEV teams in total. Thus, the order of the tournament will make a big difference in the composition of qualified teams

    Forget about such changes first tournament (World Cup or other name) will be the first one as FIVB needs motivated teams and strong competition.

    There might be (I guess) only possible change between 3 world FIVB tournaments and continental qualifications.

    I wish it was other way around. Best teams from each continents should qualify and then the leftover teams should fight at the WQT and other tournaments. Otherwise, Argentina, Dominic Republic and Thailand would qualify instead of European teams although they don't deserve it

    I do not understand your way of thinking.

    I do not see difference as most probably the same number of CEV teams can be qualified but please think twice.

    Best three teams from WQT will be qualified let say each from other continent (1x Norceca, 1x CSV and 1x CEV), three other best teams can get tickets from 3 FIVB tournaments (I bet 3 x CEV) and finally one more can be added via continental tournament (one more from CEV). It means 5 CEV but the last CEV ticket can be granted for non qualified team (at least 4 strong European teams are already excluded). In the past it was the other way max 1-2 CEV teams got tickets and Continental tournament was second chance for most of teams and it was too difficult for middle class teams as strong Russia, Italy, France, Poland or Serbia participated. These middle class CEV teams have no chance to participate in any other step of OG qualification due to low ranking.

    Unfortunately, FIVB is such unpredictable ...

    As per latest news :

    1 ticket host Japan

    3 tickets WQT (12 teams = host , WCh, 2 best teams from continents)

    3 tickets 3 tournaments = 12 best (not qualified) teams as per FIVB ranking based on 1st January 2019

    5 tickets Continental tournaments (terms/rules - unknown)

    Such combination with last step Continental qualification looks ok as stronger qualified teams will not participate.

    FIVB and IOC have to announce final decision with all dates latest in Feb. 2019.

    I still cannot believe why FIVB use such unclear systems modified for each OG qualification ?

    Congraltulation to all teams in Finals especially Poland who well deserved title as a strong united team.

    Kurek played the best tournament since World League 2012 ! I'm proud he's back after so many "weak" years.

    I'm happy to see him alive in Stocznia Szczecin soon. :rose:

    I heard following qualification system will be used for OG 2020 men :

    - 1 ticket host Japan

    - 6 tickets = 6 winners of six world tournaments in mid August 2019 (each tournament four teams) selected according to FIVB ranking on 1st Jan 2019 - serpentine system

    /FIVB ranking will not cover Volleyball Nations League/

    - 5 tickets = 5 winners of continental tournaments in January 2020

    We have to wait for final FIVB decision/confirmation but what it means in practice ? More strong teams in OG ! There might be in theory even 7 teams from CEV.

    I see its a standard that coach of Polish nt cant coach more than 2-3 years...
    President of Polish federation should look at own decisions in the past and think of resignation from this function.
    I dont want to judge if De Giorgi s fired is correct, but for me for sure wrong decision was let Antiga go or even Anastasi before. :read:

    I agree with Anastasi - he lost just OG 2012 but earlier won World League and his team was always on podium of diff. competitions.
    I disagree with Antiga - his team was really lucky to qualify from ET for final step of OG 2016 World Tournament.