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    Eczacibasi announced recently that they don't intend to host final four despite what is said in social media.

    By the way, you guys are underestimating Eczacibasi, they had so far the thougest group in this edition. Pomi, Chemic could be number 2 in any of the groups besides I'm sure Agel could be the best 3rd if they were lucky and placed in another group.

    I agree - that was def. the thougest group in present CL.
    Regarding Final 4 host - remember last year - Chemik also didn't confirm anything till official news.

    Not only for her height but generally for a setter.. she is one of the best blocking setters together with Naz.. I can't remember many more great setters in that skill..

    For me as fan at Azoty Arena it looked as symptom of recent OG qualification.Wołosz was out. Werblinska, Jagieło and Bednarek + Montano not prepared for hard game or too tired. Chemik played totally other game against Turkish team one month ago with fighting spirit from first to last point. Frankly speaking Pomi was lucky even their fans were surprised in end of 3rd set. They didn't play anything special.

    Handball is infinitely more Euro-centric than volleyball. There are basically two good non-European teams, Brazil and South Korea, and they're both going down recently. It's totally different in volleyball, it's much more spread out globally and thus the qualifying system can't be the same.
    Not to mention, if the handball system was used in volleyball, Poland for example would not even have a chance to qualify for the Olympics.

    if handball system is used Poland (men) already qualified as WCh and Poland (women) no qualification to final tournament

    Ok but please check other sport - basketball fair qualification system:…_the_2016_Summer_Olympics
    WCh, Continental Champions and tournament(s) where best not qualified teams from each federations fight for last spots

    I still feel present qualification volleyball system for 2016 is the worst one in history.

    That's not completely true. All the continents will also be represented in handball as well. In fact, you'll see Argentina there as well even though they are less competitive in handball than in volleyball.

    In handball 6 best teams (not qualified earlier) from WCH participate in final world tournaments + 6 teams from all CONTINENTS (not qualified earlier - two teams from best ranked continent on last WCH, 1 team from from other ...). I think it's correct. All federations are present in OG. Best teams in the world have real chance to get a ticket.
    In 2016 you'll see in Rio (women) - Angola, Argentina, South Korea, Brazil (as host), Norway, Spain and most probably 6 other European teams from international tournaments.
    WCH and Continental Championships are the most important to qualify to OG (or to be present in final tournaments) !

    Could you, however, tell me what is the excellence in a qualifier between Mexico, Chile, Tunisia, and Algeria? And who defines this "excellence"? Let's forget who develops volleyball and who doesn't. One of the building principles of the Olympic movement is equality. And how do European teams receive equal chances to qualify in comparison to other continents?

    Yes, I am also against the same countries being granted rights to host certain tournaments. It is more common in club volleyball, as it seems. But even on national teams level it still remains unclear how Berlin always gets European Olympic qualifiers, how Japan always gets practically everything, etc. Do we really want small countries/clubs to be granted international acceptance immediately? Or to be invited to tournaments more easily when they clearly have a long way to go before finding their way there?

    Fully agree !

    Well, do you know how will countries be split into the two pools for these Olympic Games ? For instance, how can you assume that already qualified Brazil, Italy and the USA will be in the same pool A ? :-)

    Serpentine system and ranking FIVB will be used :

    Pool A Pool B
    host 1st highest ranked team qualified
    3rd 2nd
    4th 5th
    7th 6th
    8th 9th
    11th 10th

    Current ranking FIVB :

    We can expect some minor changes after WL 2016. Unfortunately, I couldn't find info what date of FIVB ranking will be final one for distribution but as I remember correctly first one after WL finals.

    Egypt qualified to OG 2016!
    African qualification final match Egypt - Tunesia 3:2

    Tunesia and Algieria qualified to Intercontinental qualifier (4 teams - Algieria, Chile, Mexico and Tunisia). Winner will be qualified to OG.
    I still and once again cannot understand why FIVB created such "strong" tournament without any European team for instance Germany.

    It continued in the bar ... :drink: but it was also vice versa.

    Alekno is a little bit like Karpol in former days: off the court he is such a nice and warm person !

    Please do not compare Alekno and Karpol.
    I saw Karpol's "match attitude" few times when he was a coach of Uraloczka and Russia.
    His screaming was too loud and some players didn't look at his eyes in any technical break.

    Tim u said good thing, Heynen's decision to put subs in 3rd set completely distracted Polish players, even surprised Antiga and his staff. That's why I admire Heynen, he is great coach but also psychologist. It was great to see Hirsch, Strobach, P.Steuerwald outplaying Kubiak, Kurek etc..

    Somehow i feel, that Antiga today went into Heynens trap. Polish starters looked really ennoyed when Heynen began his substitutions and somehow completely lost focus. Then he subbed as well and somehow these guys did even better (until fifth set)...

    But lets give some praise to german benchers as well. Hirsch really looks like a good promise to the future. The way he played the fifth set was sublime. Strohbach should change club/league after this season if he wants to improve further and reach international level. If he only wants, he can get there.

    I agree with your comments. German "2nd team" played very well and without any pressure (and/or too high expectation).
    Now we'll see how each team is prepared for real fight and ... stress.