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    Congratulations to Slovenian team.
    They played on the same level as with The Netherlands.

    Poland looked very tired / without standard performances of Kurek and Bieniek. Jarosz is needed.
    I think it's just Polish rhytm one v.good year and next one totally oposit.
    So next year has to be better. I still strongly believe in this team.

    PS - Poland tried to avoid in next round RUS/ITA and ... they achieved it.


    Czech Republic 3-1 Netherlands

    Bulgaria 3-1 Germany


    Netherlands 0-3 Germany

    Czech Republic 1-3 Bulgaria


    Netherlands 1-3 Bulgaria

    Germany 3-1 Czech Republic



    Croatia 0-3 France

    Italy 3-0 Estonia


    France 3-0 Estonia

    Croatia 0-3 Italy


    France 1-3 Italy

    Estonia 3-2 Croatia



    Slovenia 3-2 Belarus

    Poland 3-0 Belgium


    Belarus 1-3 Belgium

    Slovenia 0-3 Poland


    Belarus 0-3 Poland

    Belgium 3-1 Slovenia



    Slovakia 0-3 Serbia

    Russia 3-0 Finland


    Serbia 3-1 Finland

    Slovakia 0-3 Russia


    Serbia 2-3 Russia

    Finland 3-2 Slovakia

    Up to now nothing special happened except Azerbaijan v.poor performance and Hungary qualification.
    Real ECH will start as from Wednesday.

    Netherlands team is not as strong as they showed against Italy. Italy played without fighting spirit with a lot of mistakes (plus Dutch fan support).
    Serbia may suffer soon because of World Cup long tournament.
    Unfortunately, I couldn't see any Turkey or Russia match so cannot comment their performances.

    I like it (especially world league ticket) !

    You aren't better than FIVB.

    You wrote sometimes. For FIVB that would mean sometimes Vice from Europe one time per 12 years and always Vice from NORCECA and AVC.

    Rules must be clear.

    Rules are clear !
    see examples :

    World Champion fm Europe and the same European Champion fm Europe means European vice Champion goes to OG /instead of add. continental tournament/.
    World Champion fm South America, World Cup winner other team fm South America so even third team fm continental Championship is able to qualify to OG

    well, as i said before, the last intercontinental qualify. tournament is very stupid. instead of holding that one, they could have just given the 3rd spot in WC a qualifier to rio (in this case, POL men and US women).

    there's no reason necessarily to make world champion an automatic qualifier to olympics, that's what the 2 (or 3) top spots at WCup are for.

    they should just have the following formula for olympics: host country, top 3 world cup, 5 continental representatives, then 3 qualifiers from a world qualifier (they could hold 2 or 3 separate tournaments, with proportional representation from 5 federations -- they did have 3 separate qualifiers in 2012 for men, i think).

    I disagree regarding world champion. It was in force for years. World Championships are the most difficult competitions and there is no "lucky champion" because there are 24 the best teams and difficult system/long tournament. World Champion always gets OG spot in handball or basketball.

    World Cup is created only for OG qualification with limited representation of strong teams (valid as from 1992 as OG qualification with 1 spot only).
    I think the best system was in the past (I proposed below for present format with 12 teams):
    - previous OG title holder 1
    - World Champion 1
    - Continental Champions (or sometimes vice Champion) 5
    - Intercontinental tournaments 5

    - previous OG title holder 1
    - World Champion 1
    - World Cup 1
    - Continental Champions (or sometimes vice Champion) 5
    - Intercontinental tournaments 4

    Before every OG qualification in volleyball we have the same questions :
    - why (like in basketball or handball) World Champion is not promoted automaticly to OG ?
    - why continental championships are not part of OG qualification /it means all of them are not so important in year before OG/ ?
    - why special continental tournamets are added instead use of continental championships ?
    - why always Asian qualification is combined with world qualification and always held in Japan ?
    - why European strong continent has always only two places in world qualifications /see how it goes in handball or basketball - World/Continental Championships determinate teams participated in final qualification ?
    - and finally why FIVB rules are changed in every four years ?

    (of course we could talk about unexpected changes in FIVB World League or World Championship formats ...) - it's hard to follow them

    This edition of WC surprised me.
    First of all - (without presence of Brazil) all top 4 teams didn't lose any game against other lower ranked teams.
    There were only few 3:2 results and no one in top 4.
    First time we seen (once again) new rules presented by FIVB where 3rd team didn't qualify to OG and ... bronze medalists crying - shame FIVB !!!
    Congratulations to USA, Italy, Argentina and Japan. Good job. Last game of Italy was their absolutely best game in WC so Poland cannot be blamed. I didn't expect 10-1 will be not enough.

    Poland looked great also today, with a good come back in the third and then controlled the match in the fourth. They need one more win...

    Italy will face three tough opponents in the last turn, let's see how we'll arrive there!

    I agree with you - we'll know much more on Saturday after USA-ITA, POL-IRI and RUS-ARG.
    I think there will be the same as for women WC 10-1 enough to qualify. Last three days of competition are crucial (ITA-RUS, POL-USA, USA-RUS and POL-ITA) however do not forget Argentina and ... Iran. Both teams are able to grab some points (or even win) from favourites.
    So far I'm surprised how bad play Australia.

    Yes Iran can, recently Iran B team won Australia A team in Asian championship, and last year they smashed Australia in W CH. By the way, Asian qualifiers is a really easy way to qualify. imagine a tournament with Iran, Australia, China, Japan, Serbia, Italy, Venezuela and Cuba or Canada. 4 teams will qualify through this, I think even with a bad performance Iran can be at least 4th in that tournament. even I think we will have more than 1 Asian in Rio.

    Ok, it's much easier but still we do not have all participants. We'll see more (Japan, Australia, Iran) after World Cup.

    Wolosz-Skowronska-Veljkovic-Bednarek-Werblinska-Mihajlvoic-Zenik, this line up looks quite competitive but I just hope that they get a better MB than Bednarek, or she would play better with Wolosz, because Ognjenovic didn't really like setting to her due to the fail of trust.

    I agree with your comments however Glinka is still one of the best players (and she will not participate in NT so she will reserve more energy for next season). I also like Bednarek - she is able to win some sets by service and block.

    :what: What a strange way of thinking is this??? Gryka was born in Poland but grew up in Germany and started to play volleyball here, so when she was in junior age nobody in Poland knew about her :roll: That's certainly not the same as "not being interested" in playing for Poland...but then, I'd be glad to have her in Germany NT...

    I agree with you Matthias